Letter to Dr. Libia Gil Regarding Rick Werlin's Behavior
September 27, 2001
Libia Gil
Chula Vista Elementary School District

Dear Ms. Gil:

I feel I should, as indicated in Article 14 of the
contract, report that Rick Werlin has behaved in
an extremely hostile, aggressive, and threatening
manner toward me, and I believe I am at risk for
bodily harm when I am on district property.

Werlin called the police to close the school grounds when I
was scheduled to tutor children on a Saturday.  I did not go to the school that

A member of the community asked me, "What
would the police have done if you were there?  
Arrest you?"   

I had to say I didn't know.

Werlin also called the police to detain my husband when he politely and
harmlessly asked for our property.  

I feel these arbitrary and escalating demonstrations of power are particularly
dangerous to me because Werlin also has a habit of making serious false
accusations against me.


Maura Larkins
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regarding Werlin's
2  Offer to meet
with Dr. Gil
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regarding ban
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regaring ban
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Did CVESD violate
A couple of years after
this incident, Rick Werlin
caused a second-grade
teacher in Richmond,
California to be
and held on $900,000 bail
for "holding hostages"
because when he placed
her on administrative
leave in retaliation for
speaking to the press
about bullying at the
school, she remained with
her students instead of
going home.  After that,
Werlin resigned from the

It now seems safe to say
that Maura Larkins was
correct in believing that
she would be in
immediate danger from
Rick Werlin if she put
herself in his power.
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