July 2013
In other action State Council:

* Elected Gilda Bloom as NEA Director (District 17, Higher Ed)

* Re-elected CTA Board members Don Dawson (District B), Cynthia Peña (District G),
and Bonnie Shatun (District I); Marc Sternberger, NEA Coordinating Director; and
Myers, NEA Alternate Director [see photo at left].

* Re-elected CTA ABC Committee Members Patrick Riggs (District A), Michael Harrelson
(District N), and E. Toby Boyd, Member-at-Large; and elected Greg Bonaccorsi (District
B), Mike Patterson (District D), Robert Lynch (District E), and Rick McClure (District K).
California Department of Education
Executive Office
SBE-006 Specific (REV. 05/2009)        ITEM #WC- 10



1 Specific Waiver

Request by Waugh Elementary School District under the authority of California Education Code Section 52863 for a waiver of Education
Code Section 52852, allowing one joint schoolsite council to function for two schools: Corona Creek Elementary School and Meadow
Elementary School.

Waiver Number: 32-6-2009

1   Action

1   Consent


0  Approval   1 Approval with conditions  0  Denial

That the joint schoolsite council (SSC) which will serve during the period of this waiver, be composed of the following sixteen members: the
shared school principal; three classroom teachers, one other school employee and four parents or community members selected by
parents representing Corona Creek Elementary; three classroom teachers, and four parents or community members selected by parents
representing Meadow Elementary School.


Specific authority is provided in California Education Code (EC) Section 52863 to allow the State Board of Education (SBE) to waive the SSC
requirements of the School-Based Coordination Program (SBCP) Act that would hinder the success of school-based programs. These
waivers must be renewed every two years. All waivers of this type have been approved by the SBE for schools too small to meet the SSC
composition requirements of California EC Section 52852.

Pursuant to the SBE Waiver Policy: Schoolsite Councils for Small Schools Sharing Common Services or Attendance Areas, available at http:
//www.cde.ca.gov/re/lr/wr/documents/schoolsitepolicyr.doc, schools must have small numbers of students and teachers, and have a
common site administration, curriculum, or other shared services; or, have a geographic proximity or similar student populations. Since the
population of the schools are over 400 students this policy does not apply.

However, this district meets the criteria for the SBE Streamlined Waiver Policy available at http://www.cde.ca.
gov/re/lr/wr/documents/sbestreamlined.doc, achieving an Academic  Performance Index (API) of 800 or above in the current scoring cycle.


Therefore, this waiver has been scheduled for the consent calendar as Waugh Elementary School District has a 2008 API of 898.


The Waugh Elementary School District has two small elementary schools located less than a mile apart from each other and serve similar
student and parent populations. There is a common Parent Teacher Association, a common English Learner Advisory Committee, and a
common educational foundation. All curricula are identical. All teachers meet for planning staff development. Since the primary purpose of
the SSC is to advise on instructional improvement, it’s reasonable to address issues jointly. To have separate SSCs would unnecessarily
duplicate efforts and fractionalize employee, parent, and student constituencies.

The student population at Corona Creek Elementary School will be 464 and Meadow Elementary School will be 453, so they do not meet
the Waiver Policy criteria.

The SSC has approved this request. The California Department of Education recommends approval with the above conditions.

Demographic Information: Waugh Elementary School District has a student population of 917 and is located in a rural area in Sonoma

Authority for Waiver: EC Section 52863

Period of request:  July 1, 2009, to July 31, 2011

Local board approval date(s):  June 16, 2009

Bargaining unit(s) consulted on date(s): September 1, 2009

Name of bargaining unit/representative(s) consulted: Waugh Teacher’s Association/Marlene Scholz

Position of bargaining units:
0  Neutral                       1  Support                     0  Oppose

Comments (if appropriate): None

Advisory committee(s) consulted: Waugh Schoolsite Council
School culture
is unhealthy at
many, if not
most, schools.
Maura Larkins is not
fighting for herself.  
She has an exciting
new life outside the
classroom.  She is
fighting for kids--and
for teachers.

Many excellent
teachers whose rights
have been trampled
by CTA needed their
jobs to survive.

Maura Larkins was
able to survive
financially without her
job, but one younger
teacher from Castle
Park Elementary,
Heather Smith, who
lost her job because
of the unhealthy
teacher culture at
Castle Park
Elementary, became
seriously ill and could
not support herself.

Let's face it, Castle
Park Elementary is
not presently a good
place to work, so it
didn't break Maura
Larkins' heart to leave
its toxic environment.  

But it broke  her heart
to watch the school
she loved as a child
spin out of control.  
That school continues
to circle the drain.  
The PTA closed down
in 2005  because
$20,000 disappeared
from its accounts.

Castle Park
Elementary should be
a good place to work.
Maura Larkins will
continue to work to
see that it and other
schools become good
places to work.
If you worked at
this place, with
people like
once you got over the
initial shock of losing
your job, you wouldn't
really be sad to be out of
a deeply dysfunctional
Coach James "Ted" Carter's students needed him.  

Principal Dianne Carberry and her husband, a coach who suggested a
student take a substance that caused his kidneys to fail,  should have
been fired instead of
Carter, who blew the whistle.

Why did Daniel Shinoff and  the Escondido Union High School District
board appeal the court's award to Carter?  They should have
apologized, paid the victim, and immediately hired new administrators.  
Maura Larkins' students needed her.  They  were deprived, at a critical
time of their education, when they were undergoing a critical transition
from bilingual to English-only instruction, of a teacher who knew how
to teach them.
Who wants to
silence teachers?  
Both Arnold and

Arnold Schwarzenegger
and CTA President
Barbara Kerr BOTH want
to silence teachers.  How
do we keep free speech
in California?

1) In November
2005, this site urged
a NO vote NO on
Propostion 75.
Unions deserve to
have a voice just as
much as corporations.

2) Throw out corrupt
CTA officers Barbara
Kerr, David Sanchez
and Dean Vogel
and--even more
throw out head legal
counsel Beverly
and executive
director Carolyn
CTA should quit making demands

Bonnie Dumanis has already done enough for Barbara Kerr
and CTA head counsel Beverly Tucker by declining to
investigate obstruction of justice by CTA and SDCOE JPA in
the Larkins case.

In the Larkins case, CTA worked closely with union-buster
Libia Gil and others whom it usually opposes.  Politics
makes strange bedfellows!

Why did Dumanis decline to investigate?    She's courting
Republicans more and more these day.  

Dumanis would receive painful political retribution if she
held either Democratic leaders of CTA or Republican
leaders of SDCOE* responsible for their crimes.  Why
would Dumanis risk her neck to protect a third-grade
teacher from felony obstruction of justice?  She wouldn't.

In the Larkins case, individuals from both Democratic and
Republican parties were seeking personal power at the
expense of the institutions they represent.  

There was a time when Democrats and Republicans
worked together for the public good.  That time is past.  
Now it seems they work together only to split ill-gotten
Hasn't San Diego District Attorney
Bonnie Dumanis already done
enough for Beverly Tucker?
Open letter to
Barbara Kerr
See San Diego Union Tribune story regarding the Coach Carter v.
Carberry case
Workers need unions, but workers don't need arrogant
union bosses and lawyers! California Teachers Association
needs new leadership to protect teachers and students from
unscrupulous, power-hungry individuals who have obtained

*  * *
#1 was accomplished
on November 8, 2005.
The FBI and the SEC are investigating union
presidents in San Diego
Public Employment Relations Board)
*See PERB Decision 800.00000;
But #2 still
needs work.
"California Teachers Association, a state wide organization, is
not the exclusive representative and does not owe employees
a duty of fair representation.
" *
CTA relies heavily on the protection of this decision.  The
San Diego Superior Court disagreed with this decision in the
Maura Larkins' case, but the issue has not been raised at the
appellate level.
California union presidents agreed to and profited from a
pension scam in the City of San Diego.  
Union presidents who were on the San Diego pension board
have been indicted.  Metropolitan Employees Association
President Judie Italiano and her lawyer Ann Smith are
determined to keep the ill-gotten gains they obtained by
working closely with Republican Mayor Richard Murphy.

The FBI and SEC, in addition to the district attorney,
are investigating.
CTA dishonestly obtained over $6,000 from a teacher in an apparent
attempt to punish her for complaining about
crimes committed against
by other teachers.

CTA lawyer Michael Hersh also wrote a letter gloating over the fact that
the teacher didn't know how to defend herself from his taking such a
huge amount of her money by dishonest means.
Winner ousted after
CWA election
A little-known PERB (Public Employment Relations Board) decision allows CTA to run
roughshod over ethical teachers who try to blow the whistle on CTA wrongdoing.
CTA head counsel Beverly Tucker and executive director
Carolyn Doggett have muzzled teachers.  They have
worked hard to silence teachers in Chula Vista
Elementary School District and elsewhere.  

In 2005, then CTA president Barbara Kerr and Beverly
Tucker asked the San Diego District Attorney to
investigate an e-mail written by teachers Lillian Perry
and Larry Sand.  "It's insulting that it was sent to
[teachers] at their schools," says Kerr.

Only CTA should be allowed to tell  teachers what to
think, right, Beverly?
CTA (and MEA)
attorney Ann Smith
Unlike other California unions, CTA has no legal obligation to give fair
representation.  How did this happen?
How Did CTA Get Special Permission to Violate California Labor Law?
CTA union leaders puffed
themselves up with pride
because the voters
disagreed with
Schwarzenegger about
the need to silence
unions.  It was NOT CTA
union bosses Carolyn
Doggett, Beverly Tucker
who did it.  And it
certainly wasn't the
figurehead president
Barbara Kerr.  It was the
rank and file and the
people of California!
If the Sago mine had been a union mine, shop
stewards would have closed it down.  
here for USA Today story about the January
2006 Sago mine tragedy.
Since CTA controls local affiliates, this decision removes
almost all K-12 teachers in California from equal
representation protections.  Are the best teachers in
charge?  Not by a long shot.
These people can't tell the innocent from the guilty
CTA tells local affiliates what to do, and supplies the lawyers.  
CTA is clearly in charge, but PERB pretends it isn't.  
CTA is not required  by PERB to obey the EERA, or Elementary
Education Relations Act.  What is going on at PERB ?
*The Prison Guards Union was the most powerful until recently.
Education Association)
California Teachers
Association 2009
Carolyn Doggett, Executive Director
Beverly Tucker, Head Counsel
David Sanchez, President
Dean Vogel,
Vice Pres.
Daniel Vaughn, Secretary Treas.
Rosalind Wolf,
staff counsel
Michael D. Hersh,
staff counsel

Oct 2009
Priscilla S. Winslow, Joseph R. Colton, Beverly
Tucker, Ballinger G. Kemp, Ramon E. Romero

Brenda Sutton-Wills, Esquire
11745 E. Telegraph roadSanta Fe Springs, California

Bernhard Rohrbacher, attorney
Jim Groth                                        P

Dianne Jones in 2007)
Jim Groth was apparently chosen in appreciation of his
to Beverly Tucker and Carloyn Doggett.

Eric Heins                            C

[Replacing Pixie Hayward Schickele, whose campaign to
become CTA president began in 2006.  But one of Pixie
Hayward Schickele’s chickens came home to roost, in
the person of Richard Werlin (see right
), whose illegal
actions Pixie supported as a director of CTA.  In 2006
Werlin became Asst. Supt. for Human Resources in
Pixie’s own West Contra Costa School District!  At the
time I asked, "This isn’t a problem for you, is it, Pixie?  
Within a few months, Pixie's local CTA affiliate UTR,
and UTR's president
Gail Mendes, had formed a close
working relationship with Werlin, working together to
punish and get rid of teachers who spoke out about
problems.  UTR and Werlin got carried away, and
predictably, just as it had in Chula Vista Elementary
School District, trouble ensued.  Second-grade teacher
Jenny Mo was arrested in front of her students for
refusing to be silenced regarding bullying at her school.]

Recent directors
Marc Knapp (1996-2007) CTA/NEA
David Hernandez      At-Large
(left in 2007 to become CTA staffer)

Other CTA leaders:
Marlene Scholz
Marty G. Meeden        At-large
Jim Rogers    CTA/NEA coordination
Bonnie Shatun                     I
CTA Board of Directors 2007-8   
Larry Allen                         A
Donald Bridge                    K
Paula Caplinger                  E
Dana Dillon                     D
Larry Carlin   in 2007]
Mikki Cichocki                    O
Tom Conry          N (San Diego)
Dayton Crummey               B
Michael Green                    H
Dián Dolores Hasson      J-HE
Lynette Henley         At-Large
Mignon Jackson               J-LA
Don Dawson                       F
(replaced Robert C. Nichols)
Mary Rose Ortega             J-LA
Cynthia Peña                      G
Lloyd Porter                        M
Tyrone Cabell                   L
[replaced Daniel Vaughn  in 2007]
A Troubling Pattern of supporting child abusers
who are pals of CTA leaders
CTA Covers up Wrongdoing
CTA's attitude toward
due process for teachers
Other unions
In 2002, Beverly Tucker, chief counsel of CTA, directed
new employee Michael Hersh to take the position that
local affiliate Chula Vista Educators president Gina Boyd
would refuse to testify about her actions against a
CVE/CTA member.  

aided and abetted crimes and other
violations of law against a member, Maura Larkins,
while claiming to represent her.
Are the Wrong People
in Control of
California's Most
Powerful Union?
Unlike child molester Albert Truitt, and CTA bigwig Fred Kamper,
Carter didn't get CTA representation.
Beverly Tucker, Former CTA
chief counsel--
Beverly Tucker posts
Tucker faxes
Barbara Kerr (2003-2007)
Wayne Johnson (1999-2003)
Lois Tinson (1995-1999)
Every four years, the
vice-president is automatically and
unanimously "elected" president
by the State Council by a voice
vote; after two terms, the next
person in line moves up.
CTA State Headquarters
1705 Murchison Drive, Burlingame, CA
Phone: 650/697-1400 Fax:
e-mail: webmaster@cta.org
Chula Vista Educators (CVE)
Who wants to

The California
Court of Appeal

from California Appellate
by Shaun Martin

Tuesday, August 28,

San Leandro Teachers
Ass'n v. Governing Board
(Cal. Ct. App. - Aug. 28,

I kept reading this
opinion expecting to find
a dissent. In vain.

Too bad.

Justice Swager holds
that Section 7054 of the
Education Code, which
generally bars school
funds from being used to
support particular
candidates or ballot
measures, operates to
prohibit a school union
from placing a brochure
in the mailboxes of its
member teachers at a

The teacher mailboxes
are just sitting there.
The brochures are paid
for entirely by the union.
The only thing that the
mailboxes -- which are
ordinarily used by the
school -- do is to hold up
the brochures and keep
them from falling on the
floor. That's it. It costs
the school nothing for
the brochures to be
placed therein. But the
Court of Appeal holds
that this use nonetheless
violates Section 7054.

Justice Swager says that
Section 7054 permits
the union to place the
brochures on a desk. Or
a table. Or on a chair.
Moreover, that Section
7054 allows a union
official to use a school's
desk, or table, or chair,
or even its electricity in
order to give a partisan
speech on school
grounds. But using a
mailbox, he says, is
categorically different.
That's prohibited by
Section 7054.

I'd have loved to see a

- posted by Shaun Martin
@ 4:26 PM  

More Documents from the
CTA cover-up of wrongdoing by
union-connected teachers against a CTA
member in the Maura Larkins case
from www.cta.org
School and Student
The California Teachers Association
believes that all students and
education employees deserve a safe
learning and working environment.
Local school districts and state
agencies must take all necessary steps
to make schools safe for students and
school employees.

CTA believes that discipline, order,
and safety are essential for an
environment conducive to learning. A
truly safe school setting must extend
beyond freedom from danger to
freedom from
fear of danger, which
inhibits teaching and learning as well
as participation in school and
community activities. Students must be
safe from physical, verbal, and
psychological violence.

CTA supports legislation that makes
schools and the surrounding
environment a drug free zone, and an
area free of guns and knives and other
harmful weapons. And at a minimum,
each classroom should be equipped
with an electronic device for
communication purposes between
each classroom and the school office.

Educational facilities must be
smoke-free and safe from all
environmental and chemical hazards,
including lead from water pipe systems
within schools, inadequate ventilation,
and sick-building syndrome. The
Association urges the establishment
and vigorous enforcement of stringent
standards at least equal to the private
sector standards of the Occupational
Safety and Health Administration to
ensure health and safety.

Students must be safe from the time
they leave home until they reach
school, during school and on their
return. This safety must be protected
regardless of the mode of
CTA undermines
student and
teacher safety,
but talks a
different story
In 2001, in Chula Vista Elementary
School District, CTA helped stop
an investigation into a teacher
who was reported, by two other
teachers, to possibly be planning
to come to school and start
shooting.  The teacher under
suspicion begged CTA to demand
an investigation to clear her
name, but CTA and
CVE (Chula
Vista Educators) refused.
When teachers abuse students and
other teachers, CTA defends the
May 2008: On or before May 13, 2008 someone put a black box over the
transcript below.  This was not done through my computer.  I can't remove the
box from the transcript image.  So I scanned the document again and republished
it below.
Maybe CTA lawyer Michael Hersh was right when he said that nobody
cares about Maura Larkins  (see transcript below), but MR. HERSH AND
It's important that the law be followed.  Without the rule of law, we
have chaos.  It's important to remove people like those who have
corrupted CTA and PERB.  As long as CTA is out of control, education in
California is out of control.
People might not care about Maura Larkins, but they care about their
CTA regularly harms kids in order to protect the power of those with
clout at CTA.
CTA's attitude toward due process for teachers is  clearly one of
contempt, as can be seen in the transcript below from the Maura Larkins
case.  Michael Hersh, who works closely with CTA chief counsel Beverly
Tucker, faxed the deposition transcript.  Maura Larkins added the

This attitude harms education in California, frequently causing good
teachers to be replaced with less capable teachers for political reasons.
June 2007: the following page was
mysteriously erased from this website:
Lawsuit Against CTA
and Head Counsel Beverly Tucker
Wednesday, May 14, 2008
An open letter to CTA head counsel Beverly Tucker's subordinate

Hi Mike:
I just noticed that someone hacked my CTA webpage that had the quote of you saying that you and the
rest of the public don't care if my due process rights were violated.

You shouldn't be any more ashamed of your attitude than Beverly Tucker or Carolyn Doggett or the
officers of CTA should be ashamed of their attitudes. I hope they aren't making you feel bad about it.
They should be nothing but grateful to you for doing what they paid you to do.

Ironically, your hostility was actually a measure of your humanity.  You couldn't have done the job that
you were assigned to do if you hadn't dehumanized me.

You had to believe that I didn't deserve the protection of the law or my union. You had to believe this, or
it would have been impossible for you to help your clients get away with their multiple crimes against
me. So hold your head up high when you are in the presence of CTA bigwigs--and 90% of lawyers. You
might, however, want to bow your head in the presence of children.

Maura Larkins

P.S. You shouldn't be any more ashamed than
Chula Vista Educators (CVE) officers Gina Boyd, Tim
Jim Groth, or Peggie (Peg) Myers.
CTA refuses to take any
responsibility  for  illegal actions
of local CTA-affiliate officials
against members.

Yet CTA controls those local
officials when it comes to
promoting CTA's agenda!

CTA is like any corrupt insurance
company.  It will not spend one
dime protecting those who pay
premiums if it can help it, even if
it has to commit crimes to keep
the money.  However, it pays
huge amounts to lawyers like
Beverly Tucker who are in
control of CTA.
Obviously, there are bullies at Sheldon Elementary, but not all of them are children.  The
adults involved are very reminiscent of the adults involved in the Maura Larkins case in
Chula Vista, CA.  In fact, two individuals were involved in both cases!  They are Richard
Werlin and Pixie Hayward- Schnickele.
CTA director Pixie Hayward-Schnickele, who is, co-incidentally, a teacher in Jenny Mo's
district, approved the actions of
CTA in covering up violations of law, including crimes, in
Chula Vista.  

(Or maybe it's not a co-incidence that Werlin came to Pixie's district?  Maybe Pixie was
influential in Werlin's hiring?  Often there are teachers on the interview committees for
administrators.  Pixie helped cover up Rick Werlin's (and CTA's) crimes and other
violations of law committed  in Chula Vista Elementary School District from 2001-2003.  
See: CTA lawyer Hersh tried to trick court regarding Obstruction of Justice in the Maura
Larkins case.)
No, the problem is not Richmond schools in particular, although the superintendent of
West Contra Costa County Unified School District, Bruce Harter, apparently
disregarded this site when he hired Werlin in 2006.  He flunked Google.  (Or maybe
Rick Werlin was exactly what he wanted???)  
He did the same thing at Castle Park Elementary in Chula Vista Elementary School
District.  Fortunately, the teacher in Chula Vista was at home, so the police left
empty-handed.  Werlin's testimony under oath has been contradicted by teachers on
more than one occasion.  To put it simply, Werlin has a habit of making foolish
decisions, then making up false stories to justify his decisions.
Richard Werlin deposition
Sorry I'm slow in scanning
it.  It will be one page at a
time, starting with page
Link: CTA's and Richard
Werlin's Chula Vista
Donlan is part of an
by the FBI,
One might have thought that the
Maura Larkins case involved
deeply personal issues for the
teachers who were exposed as
having falsely accused Maura
Larkins.  It didn't.  Nothing about
their private lives was
revealed.  The effort to conceal
depositions was motivated only
by the effort to cover up CTA's

At right is Maura Larkins'
response to efforts of CTA and
its co-defendants to keep
videotapes secret.

Of course, the judge did not
have the authority to keep
secret the evidence of multiple
perjuries in furtherance of
spoliation of documents.
Maura Larkins' letter to CTA and its co-defendants regarding their
anxiety about the truth being revealed in her case.
In January 2007, Richmond, California second-grade teacher Jenny Mo was arrested in
front of her students when she spoke out about children bullying other children at the
school, and then refused to be silenced by Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
Rick Werlin.  

Does the name Werlin sound familiar?  To readers of this site, and people in an assortment
of school districts across the country where he has worked, Mr. Werlin's name is indeed
Werlin most likely got an okay from Gail Mendez before he took action against Jenny
Mo.  Gail Mendez is known for her attacks on teachers who speak out.
At CTA, "ethics" is
defined as
not blowing the
whistle, no matter

At CTA, everyone looks the other
way, even when crimes are
committed by CTA against
members.  (Or especially when
crimes are committed by CTA
against members.)
I don't have a
picture of Richard
Werlin, but here is
the next best thing I
have to offer. I have
long suspected that
Mr. Werlin was
separated at birth
from former United
Nations ambassador
John Bolton.
More about Richard Werlin
Werlin and Bolton share the same kiss-up, kick-down
personalities, and the same history of fits of anger and
abuse of employees. The last time I saw Mr. Werlin, he
was sporting a mustache identical to Mr. Bolton's, but
he has bright blue contact lenses instead of glasses.
Recently, parents have been asking if those in charge of Richmond, California schools
have gone" nuts."  
Richard Werlin seems to have developed a habit of telling principals to call the
police when a
teacher even threatens to go to the media.  
CTA's favored administrator Richard Werlin and the
arrest of 2nd-grade teacher Jenny Mo
How does CTA
harm the
system in

By insisting that
teachers be
judged based
on politics
rather than
teaching ability.  

There was blatant
power-mongering in the
Joyce Abrams case,
with Joyce Abrams as
both victim and

CTA is powerful in
deciding who can
teach and where they
can teach.
How does he get rehired?  First, because anti-teacher board members and
superintendents think people like Werlin are just what they need--apparently even
though  his actions tend to result in legal bills costing hundreds of thousands of
taxpayer dollars.

But let's not forget the enormous help Werlin gets from California Teachers
Association.  CTA works with people like Werlin to protect CTA leaders from
responsibility for wrongdoing.  Werlin received an enormous amount of help from the
California Teachers Association when he was covering up wrongdoing by himself and
a small group of politically-connected (politically-connected means connected to the
union) teachers in Chula Vista Elementary School District from 2001 to the present.  

Apparently the first thing Werlin did when he got to WCCCUSD was to cultivate union
Gail Mendes, who had a personal relationship with Werlin that included
calling him on his cell phone during vacation.  
Rick Werlin, who has been pushed out of district after district (in Texas, New York,
and California), always seems to get rehired.  
Community College
faculty tries to
away from CTA.
Deja vu?  CTA
behaved like the
CIA regarding
these tapes

CTA Joined Other
Defendants in the Maura
Larkins case in asking the
judge to keep deposition
videotapes secret
CTA takes over Long
Beach Teachers
Association because
teachers tried to recall a
board member
CTA Lawyers
Emily Shieh
Beverly Tucker lawsuit
Michael D. Hersh
Michael D. Four
Glenn Rothner
In 2008, the mysterious disappearances have continued.
A mystery person put a black box over the
transcript in or before May 2008:
June 12, 2008:  I couldn't remove the black box, but someone came back
again within the past month and removed the black box.
To see this
document  clearly,
California's Most Powerful Union*
Fred Kamper case
Beverly Tucker faxes
Local Affiliates
Lawsuit Against CTA and
CVE (Donlan coverup)
Chula Vista Educators
Why Teachers Leave
Letter to former CVE
President Gina Boyd
Castle Park Elementary
Los Angeles Times
articles about CTA
CTA in Community

Southwestern College

Dec. 08: What happened
to Jim Groth?
Lawyers suborn perjury of
Chula Vista teacher
Deposition of Gina Boyd,
President of Chula Vista
Theoretically, the local affiliates have to obey the law, but
PERB has never enforced the law that requires them to give
equal and fair representation.  CTA members simply do not
enjoy the protections afforded to other union members.
Deposition of Peg Myers,
CVE President, client of
Kelly Angell Minnehan
Most of the attacks on CTA come
from the right.  This attack on
CTA  is coming from the left.   I
am a Democrat.  I am also a
teacher and member of CTA since
1974, so I suppose

Carolyn Doggett and Beverly
Tucker are my union leaders, but
in order to protect the leaders of
my local affiliate from
responsibility for their
wrongdoing, they violated the
contract and the law.

It turns out that CTA has a
curious policy.

I'm not sure, but it might be
numbered Policy Catch 22.  
It is this:  if CTA fails to live up
to its obligations to a member,
the member must not complain,
because CTA then considers the
member an opponent, and rather
than honoring its obligations to
that member, takes action
against the member.  

Some unions will pay for outside
counsel for a member when
there is a conflict between a
member and her local union
boss.  Not CTA.  

Nor can the member appeal to
PERB, the Public Employment
Relations Board.*

Even though CTA executives are
involved in every aspect of local
affiliate decision making,
has decided that CTA has NO
You might be surprised at which teachers CTA defends.  
Take a look at the
Albert Truitt and Fred Kamper cases.
Which teachers does CTA defend?  Usually, it
defends the politicians, not the professionals
It's worse in Mexico

Teachers here work in terrible conditions for little pay. This is especially true in the small villages. These
strikes have been going on for over 20 years. This year, however they have been joined by others, such
as the APPO (Asemblea Popular Puebla de Oaxaca). The PRI governor, who undobtably stole his
election is terrible, just as his predecessor was, and the one before, and bothe groups are demanding
his resignation.

The teachers union (STNE) is also very, very corrupt, at least on the national level. Their head, Elba
Esther Gordillo has got to be one of the most corrupt politicians in the state and has much to do with the
fraudulent presidential elections.

[Parent] mariachi mama on
Mon Aug 14, 2006 at 09:18:16 AM PDT
I am growing increasingly weary of the NEA's involvement in
political issues and its newfound obsession with sending me
some sort of insurance, investment or credit deal every day in
the mail.
I also grow tired of the area reps badgering us
about membership and spouting off about the "value" of
the union dues (which are going up significantly faster
than our salaries) plus "all the great deals you get
through the benefits program."

If I want "deals" I will clip coupons out of the sunday paper, not
pay nearly $600 per year in union dues.
If NEA really wanted
to provide a service - negotiate a great health insurance
program, and scrap all the other crap they throw down our

As far as investments, they stink - a lot. Rather than
endorse a single product, why not simply promote an intelligent
investment philosophy that individual schools can implement.
Why not come straight out and say: Annuities, sold by
insurance companies, are bad nearly 100% of the time. It is
important to set up options within your school that
mutual funds.

The reason they don't say that is it would
substantially upset the partnerships they have
formed with insurance companies.
There is NO other
reason. It is either that, or the possibility that they are so
insanely stupid that they cannot recognize the difference
between a good product and a ripoff. Take your pick. But in
either case, it has nothing to do with the well being of individual

Dan Puplava talks
The Teachers Union and
Insurance Companies
The National Education Association (NEA), of which CTA is an
affiliate, has an insurance company.  Is the purpose to benefit
Sales Manager -
California Teachers
Company: Standard
Insurance Co

If you want to make a positive
difference and stand out from
the crowd, you'll fit in at The
Standard (www.standard.com).
Through our retirement plans
and insurance products and
services, we help provide
people with the financial
security and confidence to
pursue their dreams...

With operations in most
states, The Standard's three
thousand-plus employees
enjoy a vast array of career

In this exciting role(located
either in California or
Portland, Oregon) you will
drive all sales activities
aimed at a newly acquired,
very large, and strategically
critical customer, the
California Teacher's
Association (CTA). You will
lead a team consisting of 6
Sales Representatives to
drive sales growth in
premium and lives, and
long-term retention, focusing
on life and disability products
for CTA's individual
members. You will partner
closely with a dedicated
marketing team to plan and
execute marketing
campaigns aimed at new
enrollments, increases in
existing business, and

You will also manage close
working partnerships with
CTA state and local district
leadership.  This strategically
visible leadership position
will play a key role within a
new business unit formed to
support this new customer...

Primary responsibilities for
this position:
- Provide leadership to, and
manage the performance of, a
dispersed, California-based
team of Sales Representatives.
Be responsible for meeting
CTA growth and retention
metrics, with a focus on
collaboration and
partnership with CTA
and Chapter and District

Your team will consist of
Voluntary Sales
Representatives focusing on
chapter-level enrollments
and retention, and a
District-paid Sales
Representative focusing on
increasing our block of
business with districts who
provide benefits directly to
their employees.

- Serve as the principle sales
liaison for CTA's leaders at
the state and district level to
establish and grow your
team's partnership, value,
and trust. Act as a conduit for
information to and from CTA
ensuring clear expectations,
understanding of sales
opportunities, forecasting
and other metrics.

- Work with business unit
leadership, marketing and
other operational units within
The Standard to build a
cohesive sales function in
support of CTA.

- Partner with a dedicated
marketing team to plan and
execute a broad range of
initiatives and programs
aimed at increasing
enrollments and existing
business, while retaining
currently enrolled members.
Ensure successful execution
of enrollment strategies in
the field...

Contact Information
Contact: Not Available
Phone: 123-456-7890
Fax: 123-456-7890
instantly fax your resume >>
Ref ID: 6436
Posted: 6/20/2008
Quit maligning
teachers and
San Diego Union Tribune
December 8, 2008
Letter to the editor

I would like the opportunity to clarify
some misconceptions people may
have regarding education.

The primary purpose for all unions is
to prevent arbitrary mistreatment of
employees by management.

[Maura Larkins' note:  Mr.
Wolcott would be  correct if he
had changed his wording just a
little:  "The primary purpose for
all unions SHOULD BE to prevent
arbitrary mistreatment of
employees by management."

Secondarily, unions represent their
membership on a wide variety of
issues in addition to pay...
Although I am retired from the
classroom, I always spent a minimum
of one hour in classroom preparation
every night for each of my five classes;
a workday of at least 10 hours, usually
longer, all without overtime pay.

Aside from parents, teachers are
probably the most passionate people
when it comes to education. We all
want what is best for our kids. At the
same time, the San Diego Education
Association will continue to be
passionate advocates for San Diego's

Section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Service code allows
public and nonprofit employees to pay into tax-deferred
supplemental accounts to boost their retirement nest eggs,
much like 401(k) programs in the private sector.
Gail Mendes of United Teachers of Richmond has used a time-honored method of
obtaining personal power: cooperating with abusive administrators like
Werlin.  Where is Gail's support coming from?  Perhaps from another CTA
director who worked closely with the abusive Mr. Werlin:
Jim Groth and his
loyal friend, [former] chief CTA counsel
Beverly Tucker.]
Jim Groth hoax
Gail Mendes'election in 2009
Lawsuit against CTA head counsel
Beverly Tucker
Gina Boyd and Tim O'Neill forbid teacher to report wrongdoing
to CVE council
SWTA (South Bay
Union School District)
Coach James "Ted" Carter v.
Dianna Carberry case
Past Presidents
David A. Sanchez (2007-2011)
Why did CTA refuse to have a local
affiliate president testify in court about
her actions "representing" a member?
The document below was sent in 2002 by CTA
attorney Michael Hersh to Maura Larkins after Larkins
subpoenaed CVE President Gina Boyd.  

Why didn't Maura Larkins' representative
testify about her
representation of Maura Larkins?  
Why did she, instead, refuse to testify?"
San Leandro Teachers Association v.
Governing Board of the San ...
Oct 15, 2009 by Admin
California Teachers Association,
Priscilla S. Winslow, Joseph R.
Colton, Beverly Tucker, Ballinger G.
Kemp and Ramon E. Romero for
Plaintiffs and Respondents. Michael
R. Clancy and Christina C. Bleuler for
California School Employees ...
WCCSD teacher Jenny Mo
WCCSD teacher Jenny Mo
Carolyn Doggett--former
Executive Director
1995-2013  (retired in June 2013)

Leonard L. (Lee) Lipps
Assistant Ex. Dir. $439,133

Alice M. O'Brien
Assoc. Ex. Dir. $390,491

Joe Munoz
Assoc. Ex. Dir. $368,026

Rebecca Zoglman
Assoc. Ex. Dir. $353,378

Patricia Winslow
(gone to PERB Feb. 2013)
Associate Executive Director and
Acting Chief Counsel (2012--2013)

James L. Clark, Deputy  Executive Director
July 12, 2010
Jim Clark
Becky Zoglman
For a very short time in 2012-2013
Priscilla Winslow, Acting Chief Counsel
and Associate
Executive Director

Licensed to practice law in CA since 1977
See Moraga
child molestation case
2010-2012--Assistant Chief Counsel
June 3, 2011: The Legal Department, including both Emma Leheny and Priscilla Winslow has
kept the committee current on the
Reed Lawsuit concerning RIFs
2008 Acting Chief Counsel after Beverly Tucker retired
Priscilla Winslow
San Diego Education
Report Blog
Why This Website

Stutz Artiano Shinoff
& Holtz v. Maura
Larkins defamation



Castle Park
Elementary School

Law Enforcement



Stutz Artiano Shinoff
& Holtz

Silence is Golden

Schools and Violence

Office Admin Hearings

Larkins OAH Hearing
CTA-approved lawyer
Marianne Reinhold
Reich Adell & Cvitan
3550 Wilshire Blvd #2000
Los Angeles, CA, 90010
My concern is that my union, the
California Teachers Association,
is far from democratic.  I know that
other unions do a much better job
at democracy, and I believe that
these institutions deserve to have
a strong voice in government.  I
am concerned that CTA officials
often work better with insiders in
both the union and school district
offices than they do with the
teachers they are supposed to
represent.  Also, I believe that
voters want school boards to care
about students first, and to
evaluate teachers based on
performance, not politics.
--Maura Larkins
CTA  forbids member to make complaint about unethical
Teachers Association of Long Beach versus CTA ex-president Barbara Kerr
A hacker placed a black box in the middle of a document on this page (see bottom of page).
Joyce Abrams and Joyce
PERB decision
Digging up dirt
Teachers abusing
CTA locals--Gail Mendes
California Teachers Association (CTA)
Site map for CTA--California Teachers Association
[Maura Larkins comment: normally this wouldn't be news, since CTA officers
tend to be automatically reelected.
However, in 2009 there was an
unexpected deviation in the pattern of automatic promotion of the top three
executive officers to the "elected" position one step above. Secretary
treasurer Daniel Vaughn was ousted by Gail Mendes in March 2009, and many

wanted to contest Mendes' transition to vice-president in 2011 (blog
post).  Many were sorry they voted for Mendes because they had intended
their votes as a token of protest, and never expected Daniel Vaughn to lose.  
2009 CTA election: Gail Mendes voted CTA secretary/treasurer

From CTA website

CTA's State Council of Education elected San Pablo elementary teacher Gail
Mendes as secretary-treasurer. Mendes, who is past president of United Teachers
of Richmond, [taught] fourth grade at Bayview Elementary School. A veteran
educator for more than 30 years, Mendes has also taught preschool, special
education and adult education... Mendes will assume office on June 26.
<< < Ms. Kelly Angell (now
Minnehan) was the lawyer for
Chula Vista Elementary School
District, which refused to
investigate bizarre antics by
powerful teachers at
Park Elementary School, leading
to a virtual
meltdown of the
school.  Larkins was fired for
refusing to go back to work
after extreme harassment by a
group of teachers.  In 2004 the
district transferred several of
the teachers involved in the
harassment of Larkins in a
belated attempt to restore law
and order at the school.  The
bullies who were transferred
showed no appreciation for the
$100,000s of tax dollars the
district had spent defending
them.  CTA wished to protect
the bullies from responsibility
for their actions.  One of the
ringleaders, Peg Myers, is now
NEA alternate director (see
above) and president of
Vista Educators.
Blog posts CTA
Legal department
Ethics Complaint
Carlos Perez GLS Attorney
Reich, Adell & Cvitan

Richard Schwab GLS Attorney
Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad
President  Dean Vogel (2011-2015)
Current President
Dean Vogel (2011-2015)
Next President
Eric Heins
Secretary-Treasurer Mikki Cichocki
Vice President Eric C. Heins
2011 CTA election: Gail Mendes voted out as vice president;
replaced by Eric Heins
In a very unusual step, but a wise one, CTA tossed out Gail Mendes in 2011.  She was
close to
Rick Werlin.  Normally, succession is automatic to the office of vice president
once a person has become secretary-treasurer of CTA.
Board of Directors
Justices Weigh Public-Sector Unions' Political Fees
By Mark Walsh
Education Week
January 10, 2012

The U.S. Supreme Court appeared inclined on Tuesday to rule against public-employee
unions by requiring that they provide nonmembers with additional opportunities to object to
special assessments or dues increases to fund political goals.

But members of the court also are weighing whether the case before it is moot—a question
that dominated roughly half of the oral argument in Knox v. Service Employees
International Union, Local 1000 (No. 10-1121).

The case involves the intricate area of labor law involving "agency fees," or service fees,
that public-employee unions charge non-union members for collective-bargaining benefits
and other permissible costs. Several of the Supreme Court's key precedents in this area
involved teachers' unions, though the case argued Tuesday involves a unit of the SEIU that
represents California state government employees.

The Supreme Court has sided with anti-union forces on related issues in several recent
cases, and the new case could be highly relevant as teachers' unions and other public-
employee labor organization gear up to respond to state legislative measures aimed at
curbing their collective-bargaining rights. The National Education Association has filed a
friend-of-the-court brief on the SEIU's side, as has the AFL-CIO, of which the American
Federation of Teachers is a member.

The SEIU case involves a 2005 special assessment—or temporary dues increase, as the
union characterizes it—charged to union members and non-members alike for certain
political activities, including to fight two anti-union ballot measures backed by then-
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The union approved the "Political Fight-Back Fund" for what one union document called "a
broad range of political expenses, including television and radio advertising, direct mail,
voter registration, voter education, and get out the vote activities in our work sites and in
our communities across California."

Those who refuse to join public-employee unions must still pay "fair share" or agency fees
because they benefit from collective bargaining. Under a 1986 Supreme Court decision
known as Chicago Teachers Union v. Hudson, public-sector unions must provide an
accounting to non-members and give them the chance to object to political spending or
other non-bargaining-related costs (and thus not pay for them).

In its June 2005 "Hudson notice," the SEIU local reported that those nonmembers who
objected to paying for costs that could not properly be charged to them would pay 56.35
percent of the full dues rate as their fair share fee. The union's full dues rate was 1 percent
of gross income.

In September 2005, the union approved the temporary dues increase to 1.25 percent of
gross income. It did not provide an additional Hudson notice to nonmembers, and it
continued to charge objectors the same proportion of dues as before the increase. The
union considered that some of the additional money raised would go for political activities
and some for collective-bargaining. The next year's accounting under Hudson determined
that only about one-quarter of the increase went for chargeable collective-bargaining
expenses, meaning that the objectors got some of their money back.

Later that year, some non-members filed a class action backed by the National Right to
Work Legal Defense Foundation, based in Springfield, Va. They argued that the special
assessment was unconstitutional in the absence of a new Hudson notice and a chance to
object to any political spending.

A federal district court ruled largely for the non-members, but a panel of the U.S. Court of
Appeals for the 9th Circuit, in San Francisco, held in 2010 that the June 2005 Hudson
notice was sufficient to protect nonmembers' First Amendment right of association. The
panel also held that not all political expenses would automatically be non-chargeable to
objectors, and that one of the California ballot propositions was sufficiently related to
collective bargaining to allow the spending to fight it to be chargeable.

After the Supreme Court granted review of that decision last year, the SEIU decided to offer
non-members a 100 percent refund of the temporary dues increase. That meant the case
was now moot, the union argued, because the class had received all of the relief it had
sought in its suit.

Not so fast, said the National Right to Work Foundation. The "eleventh-hour" move "is a
classic attempt to manipulate the [Supreme] Court's jurisdiction to insulate a favorable
decision from review," the group said in court papers.

The mootness issue was clearly on the minds of several of the justices during oral
arguments on Tuesday.

"Why did you give up once the case was granted here?" Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.
asked of the lawyer representing the union, Jeremiah A. Collins, of Washington. Collins
said the union's leadership, which has changed since 2005, "thought about the situation
and came to the realization that they have no stake in the procedures that are at issue
here. This is a local that had never done a mid-year increase in the past."

William J. Young of the National Right to Work group, says the case is not moot because
"the union would be free to return to its old ways.

"The union made this wonderful and meaningful policy change" and "this argument was not
raised until we were before this court," Young said.

On the merits, Young said, "We believe a that a new Hudson notice is required whenever
there is a material alteration in the obligations that are imposed upon non-members."

Collins said challenges to special dues increases have been rare, and thus the need for
special Hudson notices have been a "non-event in the real world."

"What we have here is ... a temporary dues increase which became permanent and which
simply increased the total flow of dues and fees into the general treasury and which went
for the usual, the kinds of activities the union had always funded," Collins said.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor wondered why an extra Hudson notice would be burdensome for
the union. Collins said each notice could lead to disputes and litigation and add to the
union's costs.

Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. flipped the situation on the union, asking Collins what would
happen if the proponents of the anti-labor ballot initiatives came to the SEIU seeking an
interest-free loan "because we want to use this money to persuade the electorate to enact
these, but don't worry, because we're going to pay it back right after the election, when
we've achieved our electoral ends. Would the union provide the money because it's all
going to come out in the wash?"

Collins appeared dumbfounded, saying, "I really can't answer the question. I don't know."

"Well, gee, I really doubt that it would," Alito said.

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy jumped on Collins as well.

"You're taking someone's money contrary to that person's conscience," Kennedy said.
"And that's what the First Amendment stands against."

Kennedy said the high court should consider whether an "opt in" requirement would be
preferable to the current system. The idea of reversing the status quo—having non-
members opt in to paying fees, rather than requiring objectors to opt out each year—is
anathema to public-employee unions. Because the current system requires affirmative
action on the part of objecting non-members, it is usually just a minority who object to their
agency fees. (Only 10.5 percent of non-members objected to the SEIU local's 2006 Hudson

Justice Stephen G. Breyer appeared most sympathetic to the union's position.

"The virtue of the present system" is that while it may result in some objectors making
"forced loans" to the unions, "it does wash out in the wash, and it ends up being fair to the
objectors," he said. "And it's simply hard to think of a better system that doesn't provide
more administrative problems than the existing one."

A decision in the case is expected by late June.
Late 2012
Emma Leheny leaves her job as head counsel at CTA;
Priscilla Winslow steps in again as temp chief counsel

I discovered the following on the CTA website:

"The Legal Services Division is directed by Associate
Executive Director and
Acting Chief Counsel Priscilla

Priscilla Winslow also acted as temporary Chief Counsel
when previous head counsel Beverly Tucker retired in
2008.  Then Winslow went back to being Assistant Chief
Counsel.  On behalf of CTA,
Winslow represented child
molester Charles Bateman, helping him keep his credential
for six years.  CTA spent far more on  Bateman than it was
obliged to spend.  CTA has refused to pay to defend teachers who refuse to be quiet
about illegal actions by union officials and school administrators who are in league
with them.  (See next news item below.)

Leheny is still listed by the
State Bar Association as working for CTA.
San Diego Education Report
San Diego
Education Report
CTA local indemnifies a school district (Jurupa Unified)

Why on earth would a union promise to pay an employer for all legal costs if an
employee sued?

I would guess that there is some behind the scenes dealing between the union and the
district that benefits the personal agendas of both  union and district hot shots.  
Teachers, students and the law are clearly not the priority.
Albert Truitt molestation case
Fred Kamper molestation case
2010-2011 Board of

Dean E. Vogel        President       

Eric Heins       Vice President        

Mikki Cichocki   

Larry Allen        District A

Don Dawson        District B

Terri Jackson   District C

Dana Dillon     District D

E. Toby Boyd   District E

Elana Davidson        District F

Gayle Bilek        District G

George Melendez        District H

Leslie Littman        District I

David Goldberg   J-LA

Mary Rose Ortega       J-LA

Theresa Montaño        District J-HE

Donald L. Bridge        District K

Tyrone Cabell       District L

Kendall Vaught  District M

Michael Stone  District N

Jose Alcala  District O

Jim Groth        District P

KC Walsh        CTA/NEA

Marty G. Meeden   At-large

Curtis L. Washington   At-Large
CTA Board of Directors in 2011
Emma Leheny,
former chief counsel
Legal Services,
Burlingame (April
Former Acting Chief Counsel
Priscilla Winslow
(gone to PERB in 2013)

Burlingame Office

Joseph R. Colton  (gone in

Laura Juran (replaced Diane

Ballinger Kemp

Ramon E. Romero

Santa Fe Springs Office
11745 East Telegraph Road,
Santa Fe Springs, California

Michael D. Hersh--since 2002

John F. Køhn

Robert E. Lindquist

Brenda E. Sutton-Wills

Rosalind Wolf (gone in 2011?)

Jean Shin (working in 2011)
2010 CTA  Department of Legal Services

Chief Counsel Alice O'Brien

Assistant Chief Counsel Priscilla
FEB. 2013
Emma Leheny is back as CTA chief counsel!
CTA head counsel Emma Leheny

California Teachers Association's website
has (once again) been changed to say,
"The Legal Services Division is directed
by Chief Counsel Emma Leheny."

Emma Leheny recently stepped away from the helm of CTA's Legal Services,
apparently during some kind of a power play by Priscilla Winslow (perhaps with the
assistance of former head counsel Beverly Tucker and Executive Director Carolyn

It looks like Governor Jerry Brown stepped in to help. He appointed Priscilla Winslow to
PERB, the Public Employee Relations Board. Now that Winslow has gone to PERB,
Emma Leheny has resumed her position.
FEB. 2013
Priscilla Winslow appointed to PERB Board
Emma Leheny
Chief counsel
2010-2012 and 2013-present
I have been a member for 15 years
403(b) Forum bWise Forums   
Jul 12 2007

I have been president of our local association and chief

However, I too am very frustrated with this entire
"Members Benefits" program.
I am not saying there is
never a deal to be had via this program, but as often (or more
often) the "deals" they list are not that great. They can
construct the paperwork any way they want, but
to say that
Members benefits is 100% seperate from NEA is just not
true. THere is no way that they are just doing this out of
the goodness of their hearts - they do it to make money,
plain and simple
. I joined the union for one reason, the
representation in negotiating a contract to work under, and
the continued support to uphold those conditions.
A. Eugene Huguenin--Formerly
in Burlingame office--Huguenin
became a
PERB board member.

Huguenin is Facebook friends
with Tim O'Neill, former CVE
exec. dir. who violated
teacher rights
"These days [Dan
Puplava] runs a 403
(b) plan he devised for
San Diego County’s
Office of Education..."

Costly Lessons
Forbes Magazine
April 25, 2005

"...Mutual back-
between insurers
and unions is
ubiquitous with 403
(b)s, says Daniel
Puplava, who sold
the NEA’s
Valuebuilder in
when it was
run by Nationwide.

“When I did work at the
union, I had to pay for
tables, provide door
prizes and dine labor
people to market in
their territory,” he
says. “I felt like a

"These days he runs a
403(b) plan he devised
for San Diego County’
s Office of Education..."

[Blogger's note:
Puplava was exposed
by the San Diego
Union-Tribune as
receiving $325,000
outside income a year
while he was running
the SDCOE program.  

From what I know of
SDCOE, it's deeply
corrupt.  What's worse
is that it is part of
Taxpayers have no
choice; they
participate whether
they want to or not.]
Executive Director Joe Nuñez
July 2013--

Former Santa Maria teacher and CTA
Governmental Relations Director
Executive director and
legal department
(not "elected" officials)
Teachers and healthcare
A new policy maker at CTA:
Joe Nuñez, executive director

Joe and chief counsel Emma Leheny will be setting policy
for executive officers Dean, Eric and Mikki.  They will
promote it with their hearts and souls.
January 2014
California Teachers Assoc.
Director Jim Groth--see also
Jim Groth's hoax grievance
More than 10 years later, hackers are still
trying to conceal the 2001 actions of
director Jim Groth, asst. superintendent
Richard Werlin
and board members at  
Chula Vista Elementary School District.
This site has been hacked again by friends of CTA.  This
time the mysterious
black box does not quite cover the
June 26, 2015
New President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer

BURLINGAME – A new CTA leadership team takes office today as
Pittsburg elementary teacher
Eric C. Heins begins a two-year
term as 55th president of the 325,000-member CTA.

California State University, Northridge, professor
Theresa Montaño
becomes CTA vice-president.

Los Angles elementary teacher
David Goldberg takes the reigns as CTA