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Tim O'Neill the executive director of South County
Teachers United (CTA), informed Maura Larkins in
December 2002 that she was forbidden from coming before
her union affiliate Board of Directors or Representative
Council to make a complaint about unethical behavior on
the part of the president because the president refused to
allow it.
What kind of union is CTA?  It's the kind that
doesn't allow members, or even directors, to
file official complaints about local affiliate

This page is about Chula Vista Educators, but
Teachers Association of Long Beach was also
targeted by CTA and its lawyers who were
determined to silence complaints.
Instead of advising President Gina Boyd, Executive Director Tim O'Neill, and Grievance Chair Jim Groth
and the CVE Board of Directors that they had an obligation to allow a member to present a complaint about
unethical behavior on the part of the president, CTA provided one of its lawyers, Michael D. Hersh,
Esquire, to fight to keep wrongdoing covered up.
Chula Vista Educators (CVE) Violated Its Own Bylaws
President Gina Boyd and Executive
Director Tim O'Neill refused to allow
Maura Larkins to address either the
Representative Council or the Board of
Directors when Larkins made a written
request to do so.

Chula Vista Educators has become a deeply
corrupt organization.  The Board of Directors
has aided and abetted the illegal actions of
Gina Boyd, Tim O'Neill and Jim Groth, and
has continued to help cover them up.

Gina Boyd worked very closely with
Werlin, Assistant Superintendent for Human
Bylaws of Chula Vista Elementary Education Association
CTA Charter Member since 1949

 All members of the Association
shall be guaranteed
the following due process procedures:
All members shall have the right to appear before the
Representative Council or the Board of Directors on any issue
and by a majority vote of either party, the Board of
Adjudication shall be convened.
"[CVE President Gina
Boyd] has directed
me to communicate
to you that your
request is denied."
--Tim O'Neill
San Diego Education Report
San Diego
Education Report
Workers need unions, but
workers don't need arrogant
union bosses and lawyers!
California Teachers Association
needs new leadership to protect
teachers and students from
unscrupulous, power-hungry
individuals who have obtained

*  * *
Public Employment Relations
*See PERB Decision 800.00000;
"California Teachers Association,
a state wide organization,
is not
the exclusive representative and
does not owe employees a duty
of fair representation.
" *
CTA relies heavily on the
protection of this decision.  The
San Diego Superior Court
disagreed with this decision in
the Maura Larkins' case, but the
issue has not been raised at the
appellate level.
A little-known PERB (Public
Employment Relations Board)
decision allows CTA to run
roughshod over ethical teachers
who try to blow the whistle on
CTA wrongdoing.
Unlike other California unions,
CTA has no legal obligation to
give fair representation.

How did this happen?
Since CTA controls local
affiliates, this decision removes
almost all K-12 teachers in
California from equal
representation protections.  Are
the best teachers in charge?  Not
by a long shot.
CTA tells local affiliates what to
do, and supplies the lawyers.  CTA
is clearly in charge, but PERB
pretends it isn't.  
CTA is not required  by PERB to
obey the EERA, or Elementary
Education Relations Act.  What is
going on at PERB ?
Theoretically, the local affiliates
have to obey the law, but PERB
has never enforced the law that
requires them to give equal and
fair representation.  CTA
members simply do not enjoy the
protections afforded to other
union members.
Strangely, CTA is the only
union in California that
doesn't have the
obligation to fairly
its members.
PERB complaint against CVE and CTA: Unfair Practice Charge
Chula Vista Educators
Gina Boyd testified
during her deposition that the
grievance was never filed,
even though this grievance
was sent to Maura Larkins by
the teachers union.
Depositions of Castle
Park Five teachers

Robin Donlan deposition

Robin Donlan $7 m fraud

Peg Myers (CVE
President) deposition

Peg Myers and the SDUT
Deposition of Maura
Larkins (target of
Robin Donlan, Peg
Myers and Gina Boyd.
Stephenie Parker-Pettit new
Also see:
Tim O'Neill, former executive director of
South County Teachers United (CTA) led
CVE and
into a string of illegal actions.

The California Teachers Association backed him
up.  Why?  It's
CTA policy.  See the Truitt case.  
And for a case that's not nearly as outrageous,
but closer to home, see the
Fred Kamper case.
Former CVE president Gina
see her deposition here
Tim O'Neill retired from his job at California Teachers Association in
October 2010.
<<<  Letter from Tim O'Neill denying
request to address the Representative

O'Neill pretends that only those against whom a union
committee has taken action can address the council.  This
is brazenly false.  

In fact, the by-laws clearly allow members to address the
"on any issue":

"All members shall have the right
to appear before the
Representative Council or the
Board of Directors on any issue"

--CVE bylaws 12.1(c)

O'Neill says that Gina Boyd herself denies my request to
make an ethics complaint about Gina Boyd!

Notice that Mr. O'Neill is willing to accept a teacher's
money even when denying the privileges the teacher
has paid for.

Surely teachers deserve a more ethical union than this one.
Tim O'Neill wrote, "[Gina
Boyd] has directed me to
communicate to you that
your request is denied."

In her
deposition, Gina
Boyd contradicted Tim
O'Neill.  She claimed she
did not make decisions
alone, but made them
"with" Tim O'Neill.
Gina Boyd forbids ethics
Legal violations--civil and
criminal, and contract
violations by Tim O'Neill,
News, information and ideas about our
education system
by Maura Larkins