Grievance Exhibit 4
To Dr. Gil Regarding Ban
October 3, 2001
Dr. Libia Gil
Superintendent, Chula Vista Elementary School District

Dear Dr. Gil:

Please send me the formal complaint packet and policy so
I may begin the process you refer to in your fax.

As long as the ban on my setting foot
on district property is in effect
for all other times except meetings, I do not feel safe having meetings
on district property.  Also, other dangerous policies, such as the
continual false allegations and the repeated calling of police, need to be
eliminated in order to protect my safety.  The policeman who
questioned my husband at Werlin's request had his hand on his gun.

I would ask you to process my report about my safety concerns before
you require me to come on district property, or are you already in
support of all Rick Werlin's actions and those of the district employees
and others with whom he has been working directly and indirectly?


Maura Larkins
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regarding Werlin's
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