One day after receiving the 3 grievances below, CVESD
violated California law by mailing a letter threatening
dismissal to Maura Larkins.  What is in these documents
(see links below) that the district could not tolerate?

Why did PERB and
OAH look the other way?  They were trying to
help the district, or
CTA, or both.  Did they help them?  Not much.  
The district and CTA would have been better off if they had been
required to follow the law before they spent hundreds of
thousands of dollars on lawyers to keep wrongdoing covered up.

Click on the following three grievances for more information:
Stop pay
Such Good Friends!

What kind of assistance did CVE President Jim Groth give to
Asst. Superintendent Rick Werlin as Werlin violated the law and
the contract in the Larkins case?

Jim Groth
pretended to file a grievance on Maura Larkins'
behalf, but did not file it.  A copy of the grievance was given to
Larkins, but she was not allowed to attend her own grievance

Of course, this makes perfect sense now that court discovery
has revealed that the meeting never took place.

To put the finishing touches on the hoax (one of several
perpetrated through the joint efforts of CVE and CVESD),
Richard Werlin officially responded to the "grievance"!  
Chula Vista
Elementary School
District (CVESD)

Patrick Judd,
Pamela Smith,  
Cheryl Cox,
Larry Cunningham,
and Bertha Lopez

Libia Gil
Grievance #3
Maura Larkins filed this
grievance regarding
Werlin's behavior on April
20, 2001.  Jim Groth
refused to support her
effort to get a response
to this grievance from
Richard Werlin!  It was
fine with Jim Groth that
Richard Werlin ignored
the grievance.

Tim O'Neill admitted that
he also had not received
a response from Richard
Werlin to the grievance.
CVE Grievance Chair
Jim Groth's unfiled
As evidence of how closely Gina Boyd and Jim Groth were
working with the district, here is Werlin's official response to
Jim Groth's unfiled  grievance.

Werlin helped corrupt union leaders fool Maura Larkins into
believing that they were representing her.
(The Elementary Education Relations Act)  
The above hoax grievance was
mailed to Maura Larkins to
make her believe that Chula
Vista Educators were
representing her.  

In sworn testimony, Gina Boyd
testified that Jim Groth's hoax
grievance had never been
Gina Boyd's fax to Maura
Larkins in which she writes
that the hoax grievance has
been filed.
for a statement of the
allegations against Maura

This was the last thing Jim
Groth, Gina Boyd and Tim
O'Neill wanted.  

Such a statement would have
revealed the truth about
crimes committed by close
personal friends of Gina Boyd
at Castle Park Elementary.   
Groth, Boyd and O'Neill were
working closely with the
teachers who had made false
allegations against Maura

A teacher can be fired for dishonesty.  

At CVESD, however, teachers are pressured by the union and
the district to tell lies,
even when under oath!

Perhaps not surprisingly, many of the teachers in CVESD who
were most dishonest in the Larkins are also  cruel to children
who tell untruths.  

The teachers who lied caused  harm to children because  by
their actions they taught children that dishonesty pays.  The
children at Castle Park Elementary knew that Maura Larkins
was always kind to them, and never yelled at them, because
she respected them as human beings.  Teachers who don't
respect other human beings got control of Castle Park.

Castle Park will never fully recover until wrongs are righted,
and the truth is told.
How far did CVESD and CVE go to cover up their crimes?
Letter from 7-year-old
Maura Larkins, student at
Castle Park Elementary,
published in the Chula Vista
Star-News in 1956.
administrators from Seattle
administrators from Seattle
and Texas were hostile to
teachers.  teachers.
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San Diego Education
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