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Larkins OAH Hearing
Tim O'Neill the executive director of South County Teachers United (CTA),
informed Maura Larkins in December 2002 that
she was forbidden from coming
before her union affiliat
e (Chula Vista Educators) Board of Directors or
Representative Council to make a complaint about unethical behavior on the
part of the president
because the president herself refused to allow it!

Tim O'Neill was acting in this case under the supervision of the top officials at
CTA, inluding head counsel Beverly Tucker and executive director Carolyn
Doggett since 2001.

Maura Larkins' request and Tim O'Neill's response;
PERB complaint at bottom of page.
"She [Gina Boyd] has
directed me to
communicate to you that
your request is denied."

In her
deposition, Gina
Boyd contradicted Tim
O'Neill.  She claimed she
did not make decisions
alone, but made them
"with" Tim O'Neill.
San Diego Education Report
San Diego
Education Report
CVE violated bylaws
<<<  Letter from Tim O'Neill denying request
to address the Representative Council.

O'Neill pretends that only those against whom a union
committee has taken action can address the council.  This is
brazenly false.  

In fact, the by-laws clearly allow members to address the
"on any issue":

"All members shall have the right
to appear before the
Representative Council or the
Board of Directors on any issue"

--CVE bylaws 12.1(c)

O'Neill says that Gina Boyd herself denies my request to
make an ethics complaint about Gina Boyd!

Notice that Mr. O'Neill is willing to accept a teacher's
money even when denying the privileges the teacher has
paid for.

Surely teachers deserve a more ethical union than this one.
Former CVE president Gina
see her deposition here
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