In a better world, inadequate school administrators and teachers would be educated in
how to perform their duties. They would be taught to understand their obligations under
the law.

Unfortunately, many public office holders, school administrators and union leaders in
California value their personal careers over the future careers of children.
Why I Created this Site
Chula Vista Elementary School District (CVESD) in San Diego County, California, is
one of many districts where this has happened.  Problems at CVESD were caused by
the Big Three on the school board (Patrick Judd, Pamela Smith, and Larry
Cunningham), and by former administrators Libia Gil and Richard Werlin, who  
worked closely with corrupt
teachers' union (CVE) Presidents Gina Boyd and Jim
Groth and their personal friends and allies.  These individuals harmed students and
teachers at Castle Park Elementary School, in violation of the law, and with callous
disregard for students, parents and teachers.
We need to fix our schools!
by Maura Larkins
Some people in these positions have  
worked together to permit each other to
violate the law and to keep the status quo
because it protects their power.

Unfortunately, keeping the status quo
prevents improvements in education.
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Lawyers are paid this money to prevent documents from being produced in court
cases, to prevent depositions of individuals with knowledge of wrongdoing, and to
perpetrate frauds on the court.

"Don't prepare a paper trail, and if you do, don't release it even if the court demands
it," seems to be the advice to districts of SDCOE Joint Powers Authority lawyers.

While there are many excellent teachers and administrators in
Chula Vista Elementary School District, the fact remains that individuals who have
violated the collective bargaining agreement, the Labor Code, the Education Code,
and other California Codes, for the purpose of maintaining their personal power, are
still calling the shots in the district.

When will this change?
When we replace
corrupt school board members & corrupt teachers union leaders
with citizens who are not in anybody's pocket.

Maura Larkins

Former student (in the 1950's) and teacher at Castle Park Elementary School, Chula
With the help of the now-infamous San Diego Municipal Employees Association  
("MEA") lawyer
Ann Smith, who advised Tim O'Neill on how to violate labor law and
get away with it, they covered up their wrongdoing.

Those in power continue to this day to practice rigid top-down control, and are
determined to preserve the current balance of power at any cost to the taxpayers,
students, teachers and themselves.

Speaking of cost, in several court cases each year, hundreds of thousands of
taxpayer dollars which should have gone to educating children have been misused
by San Diego County Office of Education's lawyers to protect the guilty.
I saw the harmful aspects of school culture during three decades as an
elementary school teacher.  Teacher culture is a very large part of the reason
that schools are failing.
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P. S. If my case had been a fluke, I wouldn't have pursued it in court.  In fact, my
case is the direct result of an unhealthy power structure in schools that devotes
huge amounts of tax dollars to preserving its power.  The system that  CVESD and
similar districts relies on mediocre (or worse) teachers who use politics to keep their
positions.  They are loyal to administrators and board members with shockingly little
understanding of education, finance, or the American legal system.  The only thing
they seem to understand is that their lawyers will help them get away with just about
anything--if they paid enough.
Distrito escolar de
Chula Vista
insistió que la
profesora Maura
Larkins regresara
a trabajar aún
siendo peligroso
para ella
. . .

Reporte de Maura
Larkins de Castle Park

Yo fui despedida porque
falté a trabajar. Mi razón
era que mi escuela era
peligrosa para mí por
acoso en mi contra.

Yo dije al distrito escolar
de Chula Vista en 2001
que era necesario que
hicieran una investigación
sobre el reporte de las
dos maestras en mi
escuela que me
acusaban de que yo las
iba a matar. Claro que el
distrito debía de haber
investigado algo tan
serio. ¿Dos profesoras
reportando que temían
por su vida?

Pero el distrito nunca

Ahora, después de siete
años, todavía hay
problemas enormes en
Castle Park Elementary.
El problema NO es que
alguien va a matar a

Eso fue mentira.

La realidad del problema es
que profesores sin
honestidad y sin respeto
están arruinando la
escuela. Han tenido 11
directores en 11 años
1997-septiembre 2008).
Los profesores están fuera
de control.

Ahora el distrito CVESD
debe de hacer la
investigación para que
Castle Park Elementary
pueda funcionar

En 2001, sin investigar
nada, el distrito me invitó
a regresar a trabajar.
Obviamente, eso es una
prueba de que no creyó a
los maestros. Yo regresé
y una de las mismas
profesoras que mintió la
primera vez, hizo otra
queja falsa, y me
mandaron a mi casa. El
acoso continuaba.

Luego el distrito quería
que yo regresara otra vez
sin ninguna investigación
y ninguna garantía para
mí. Pero yo tuve miedo de
que los maestros hicieran
más mentiras contra mí,
por eso no regresé.

Luego yo hice una
demanda en contra del

Entonces el distrito me
despidió en contra de la
ley, Labor Code section
1105.2. También fue en
contra de la constitución
de nuestro país, que dice
que todos tenemos el
derecho de pedir ayuda
del gobierno cuando
alguíen nos hace daño en
contra de la ley.

Ahora ya es tiempo de no
seguir ocultanco la
verdad. Es hora de
resolver los problemas, y
de que la verdad salga a
flote. ¡Nuestros niños de
Castle Park Elementary lo
agradeceran! ¿Si los
maestros tratan así a
adultos, cómo tratan a los
niños? Urge una solución.
My reason for maintaining this website is not the events of 2001-2010.  Those events
merely gave me the opportunity and the courage to talk about something far more
important: what I learned from 1974 to 2001.  I saw the willful failures of adults in schools
to teach children, and the unwitting mistakes of adults who simply have not been given
the opportunity to learn and understand what is needed to educate our children.

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I witnessed a  unique confluence of circumstances, and at the same time it was  a typical
experience in the system that prevails at many schools across the United States.  This
system values politics and personal loyalty among adults over the duty to educate and
protect children.  Teacher culture is surprisingly similar to
high school girl culture.   Adults
in the school hierarchy value each other above taxpayers and students.  Administrators,
of course, are usually former teachers, and masters of school politics.
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If we want to fix schools,
we have to think
carefully about OUR
politicians on BOTH
who care more about
personal power than
they care about the
education of children.
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San Diego Education Report
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I taught grades 1 through 6 at Chula Vista Elementary School District from 1974 until
2001.  Some people are alarmed by the costly and illegal tactics of several board
members, administrators and influential teachers at CVESD and
Castle Park Elementary
School, but I am more concerned by what I saw in classrooms and teacher lounges over a
period of 27 years.