“If the appeal committee is very liberal, that will set precedent,” said Judd...

“If it's conservative, it won't be long before there are cries to make it more liberal. Who's on that
committee? If they're from San Diego, they'll support what we've done, and if they're not, they'll
be comfortable with whatever area they're from..."
--Patrick Judd
Transfer proposal sparks debate
By Steve Brand
October 18, 2006

When Roger Blake, assistant executive director of the CIF, described the proposed new
statewide transfer policy at a local athletic administrators symposium Monday, there was stone

Some would say stunned silence.
Such was not the case yesterday at the San Diego Section Board of Managers meeting, where
several members, especially Mountain Empire district Superintendent Patrick Judd, expressed
serious concerns about the proposal. Among other things, the plan allows a free move without
change in residence and without loss of athletic eligibility between a student's ninth-and 10th-
grade years.
“It's a step backward that puts a foot in the door to open the opportunity to eventually transfer
at will all four years,” Judd said after the meeting at the County Office of Education.

“It seems as if it's a fait accompli, that the commissioners decided and our viewpoint was
ignored. We've developed something in San Diego that seems to be working.”

San Diego has no provision for a free move, at any time, and when the section tried an open-
door policy several years ago, Bruce Ward, director of interscholastic athletics, health and
physical education for the San Diego school district, called it a nightmare, referring to it as the
“Wild, Wild West.”

The new policy, which will have its first hearing before a California Interscholastic Federation
council meeting Oct. 27 in Ontario, was ironed out by the state's 10 section commissioners in a
series of conferences starting back in January.

A unified state policy became much more of a focal point when the California Legislature last
spring considered two bills that would have expanded eligibility for transfers. While the bills
were soundly defeated, the message that the CIF needed a unified rule became crystal clear.

“If we don't craft a bill all of us can accept, the legislature will do it for us,” said Marie Ishida, CIF
executive director. “Even senators that voted for us told us they had issues, that they couldn't
understand why a kid would be eligible in one section and not in the section right next door.

“In the past we've passed rules to catch the sharks, those 5 percent that cheat, and in the
process we caught some of the 95 percent (that were) minnows.”

Several Board of Manager members expressed concern with the proposed process itself, which
starts with the commissioner deciding a transfer's eligibility request with the possibility of an
appeal to a statewide committee if the request is denied.

“If the appeal committee is very liberal, that will set precedent,” said Judd. “If it's conservative, it
won't be long before there are cries to make it more liberal. Who's on that committee? If they're
from San Diego, they'll support what we've done, and if they're not, they'll be comfortable with
whatever area they're from.

“I understand the state has a dilemma – I just see this as opening the door (to unlimited

Headed to college
Local athletes continuing their careers in college:
FIELD HOCKEY: Torrey Pines' Katie Griswold (Indiana).

GIRLS VOLLEYBALL: Torrey Pines' Rose Hanley (Seton Hall).

SOFTBALL: Mission Hills' Whitney Orellana (Illinois-Chicago).

BASEBALL: Ramona's Drew Muren (Cal State Northridge).
In early 2008 Mr. Judd went on unexplained leave, then retired.  Now we know why:
In the press release below, CTA doesn't mention that it worked closely with Pat
Judd's lawyers to commit crimes against a teacher and plunge Castle Park Elementary
into deep dysfunction for the past decade.

93% of Mountain Empire Teachers Vote No Confidence in Superintendent

Budget Mismanagement and Student Safety Key Factors in Vote
February 18 2005

San Diego – Citing reckless mismanagement of the district's budget and putting student and
teacher safety at risk, Mountain Empire Teachers Association President
Fred Kamper
presented the Mountain Empire Unified School District Board with a resolution of no confidence
in Superintendent Patrick Judd. The resolution of no confidence, which is supported by 93% of
all the educators in the district, was presented to the board at its February 16 meeting.

School safety was a major factor in the no confidence resolution. According to META president
Kamper, "There have been more violent acts at the Junior-Senior High School in the first half of
this year than in the previous eight years I've worked here." Kamper told the board that there
had been another fight on campus that day. At its January meeting, the board heard parent,
student and teacher concerns about safety, following a January 14 melee on the Mountain
Empire Junior-Senior High School campus. Kamper pointed out that Judd took no corrective
actions to insure school safety.

The resolution also charged that Judd had mismanaged the district's budget.

"Judd is continually shifting the district's budget priorities" Kamper said.

Currently Mountain Empire Unified School District ranks 40th out of 40 districts in the county in
teacher salaries.

During Judd's tenure teachers have gone without a raise for three years, while during the same
period the superintendent has received automatic salary increases.

The no confidence resolution called on the board to "no longer abrogate management
responsibilities to Superintendent Judd in order to settle the labor dispute and make
educational excellence a priority."
Patrick Judd, in a manner
reminiscent of MiraCosta
College's Victoria Richart,
didn't want to testify in the
Larkins v. Robin Donlan
case involving Chula Vista
Elementary School District

And CVESD, which defended

Donlan and Linda
Watson, didn't want Judd to

To add to the similarities, Judd
and his school district had the
same lawyer as MiraCosta
College: Daniel Shinoff of
Stutz, Artiano, Shinoff & Holtz.

What were Judd and CVESD
trying to hide? I believe it was
evidence of crimes committed
Castle Park Elementary.

The Robin Donlan case was
thrown out of court, but now
that Daniel Shinoff has sued
Maura Larkins for defamation
(for statements on this
website), the case is opened
up again.  Maybe I'll get to
depose Patrick Judd at last!

(See Judd's Objection to his
subpoena, left)
Objection filed by Attorney
Jeffery Morris
on behalf of
CVESD to prevent deposition
of board member Patrick
(See court documents
Patrick Judd of
Mountain Empire (and
Chula Vista) school
districts takes leave
San Diego Union-Tribune
January 27, 2008

Mountain Empire's
superintendent on leave

PINE VALLEY: Patrick Judd,
superintendent of the Mountain
Empire Unified School District,
has taken medical leave for an
undisclosed condition.

[In 2011 it has become clear
that the reason was: multiple
accusations by female
employees of sexual
harassment.  Interestingly, this
story has been removed from
the San Diego Union-Tribune
archives, and the 2011 trial
for sexual harassment has not
been covered by the SDUT.]

Judd, reached by phone
yesterday, declined to
comment on his condition or
his status with the rural East
County district, which he has
led since 2003.

The board voted Wednesday to
hire Donald Haught as a
consultant to fill in for Judd
while he's gone. Haught's
contract runs through
February. Haught last year
served as interim
superintendent of the
Grossmont Union High School

Judd's contract is to expire
July 31. The board has not
decided whether to extend it,
said Ken Northcote, president
of Mountain Empire's district

Northcote said he knew little
about Judd's condition. “He
asked for a leave for medical
reasons. I didn't get into it
with him,” he said.

The board met in closed
session at the Wednesday
meeting to discuss
potential litigation, which
Northcote said did not
involve Judd.

Judd is also a longtime
member of the
Chula Vista
Elementary School District's
board of trustees.
Pat Judd avoided
deposition in Larkins
Mr. Judd was elected to
the Board of Education in
November 1988 and
reelected in 1992, 1996,
2000, and 2004.  His term
expires in December 2008.  
He has a Master’s Degree
in Curriculum and
California Teachers Association (CTA) counsel, including in-house
lawyers Michael Hersh and Beverly Tucker and out-house lawyers
Emma Lehany and Bernard Rohrbacher,  were involved in the
cover-up of illegal actions at CVESD (see service list).
The San Diego Union Tribune and
Chula Vista Star- News protected
Judd from
this ad in 2004.
Feb. 26, 2008

Patrick Judd is a board member
of Chula Vista Elementary School
District, which recently lost the
Coziahr case.

Judd is currently being sued as
superintendent of Mountain
Empire School District by Sue

I asked Sue Sherbondy's attorney
Jon Y. Vanderpool to let me know
when the trial starts. He didn't
answer, and now I know at least
part of the reason.

I've learned about what is going
on in CVESD regarding Pamela
Dempsey. The board members
blamed her for losing the Coziahr
case, and fired her. They should
have fired Lowell Billings, Tom
Cruz, and Alex Cortes.

Since Patrick Judd is the most
powerful member of the CVESD
board, I assume he also fired
Dempsey as his lawyer in the
Sherbondy case, in which he is
being sued as superintendent of
Mountain Empire School District.
If I'm right about this, I imagine
the court will give the new lawyer
a good deal of time to get ready.

Judd and the rest of the board
apparently expected Dempsey to
behave like Mark Bresee, the
former Chula Vista Elementary
School District lawyer who helped
employees as they committed
perjury, prepared "notes" about
events that had occurred long
before, and altered documents.

The fact that these things were
not done in the Danielle Coziahr
case is a testament to the
growing decency of Tom Cruz and
Pamela Dempsey. At least, I'd like
to think so.

Apparently CVESD is asking for a
new trial. Perhaps Patrick Judd,
Larry Cunningham, Pamela Smith,
Bertha Lopez and David Bejarano
are hoping that a new lawyer will
be as helpful as
Mark Bresee, and
lots of "new" evidence will
appear. And perhaps the new
lawyer will instruct school
employees to intimidate
witnesses, as Asst. Supt. Richard
Werlin did at the behest of Kelly
Angell Minnehan and Stutz law
firm, and there will no longer be
any witnesses to support Danielle.

Ah, such thoughts must give
much pleasure to a daydreaming
CVESD board member.

But reality interferes. What judge
in his right mind would give them
a new trial?

As a longtime lawyer for
California Teachers Association,
Vanderpool is in a bit of a pickle in
the Sherbondy case. The more
you attack Mr. Judd, the more you
weaken a longtime
co-conspirator of CTA. (CTA and
CVESD relied on each other not to
tell the truth in my case.) But I
would be SHOCKED, SHOCKED if
he undermined a client to keep on
the good side of CTA. He's no
Elizabeth Schulman, after all.
Pat Judd fires his
lawyer, Pamela Dempsey

Judd prefers lawyers who
intimidate witnesses, suborn
perjury, and submit falsified
Lawyer Jeffery Morris of Stutz, Artiano, Shinoff & Holtz helped Judd avoid being deposed in the
Maura Larkins v. CVESD case.
More about Judd and CTA
Pat Judd in the Chula Vista Star-News
stands by  
his record
Oct. 8, 2004
(contd. below)
Note to Mr. Judd:

is "broke."  How can you not
have noticed?

Obviously, we need someone
other than you to fix Chula
Vista schools.

You can't turn back the clock
to a century ago.  We have to
adapt to the world we live in.  
If you can't adapt, you can't
2008 Election results
Sue Sherbondy wins versus
Mountain Empire School District
Blog posts re Pat Judd and The
Accelerated School
HP CEO Hurd Resigns After
Sexual Harassment
By Kathryn Glass
August 06, 2010

Hewlett-Packard Co. (HPQ: 46.27 ,
-0.08 ,-0.17%) shocked Wall Street
Friday afternoon with the
announcement that its chairman and
chief executive, Mark Hurd, is resigning
immediately in the wake of a sexual
harassment investigation that revealed
ethics issues.

The company also announced better-
than-expected fiscal third-quarter
preliminary results and boosted its full-
year view after the market closed.

Hurd’s announcement follows an
investigation by outside legal counsel
regarding a sexual harassment claim
by a former contractor against Hurd
and the company, according to a
release from the company. H-P said
there was no violation of its sexual
harassment policy, but the
investigation did unveil violations in H-
P’s Standards of Business Conduct...
Web page Accelerated School
San Diego Education
Report Blog
Why This Website

Stutz Artiano Shinoff
& Holtz v. Maura
Larkins defamation



Castle Park
Elementary School

Law Enforcement



Stutz Artiano Shinoff
& Holtz

Silence is Golden

Schools and Violence

Office Admin Hearings

Larkins OAH Hearing
CVESD lawyers protected Judd from being deposed in Maura Larkins
case (see document below), then
Pat Judd protected CVESD lawyers
See also news clippings at
bottom of this page.
Service list
Pat Judd and Fred Kamper case
Pat Judd 2011 Sexual harassment
CVESD lawyers protected Judd
from being deposed in Maura
Larkins case (see documents
below), and in turn,
Pat Judd
protected CVESD lawyers
Ex-Principal Says Superintendent Sexually Harassed Her
Diane Young Says She Was Fired As Retaliation For Her Claims
Channel 10 News
August 2, 2011

SAN DIEGO -- A former principal at an East County high school said she lost her job for reporting rampant sexual
harassment by a school district superintendent.  Closing arguments wrapped up Tuesday at the El Cajon
courthouse in a civil trial that lasted nearly three weeks.

Diane Young gets anxious when describing her alone time with former Mountain Empire School District
Superintendent Patrick Judd when she was principal of Mountain Empire High School in Pine Valley.  In late 2006,
less than a year into her job, Young said a meeting in her office turned awkward.  "He said his wife wasn't giving
everything he needed, and he wanted to know if I would go to a hotel with him," said Young.  Young said she
turned him down, but he approached her several more times, using an obscene euphemism to ask for oral sex.

In one specific incident, Young said she was preparing to go in for reconstructing surgery related to breast cancer
when she claimed Judd approached her with another request.  "He stated he'd really like to see the before and
after pictures," said Young.

Young said in all, six other women came forward with similar accounts. In one case, Young said, "She
said he came up behind her and touched and rubbed against her and actually touched his genitals to her back."  
An investigation followed, and Judd retired.

Fifteen months later, Young said she was told by the new superintendent she was out as principal.  She later filed
a lawsuit, and said, "I absolutely think it was retaliation. He was friends with Mr. Judd."  In court documents, school
district lawyers said Young had "difficulty following district policies, was not properly controlling the school budget,
and was not properly managing the employees under her supervision."
Because it is a bench trial, the judge will render the verdict within a month.
Chula Vista Elementary School District board member  (Judd lost election in 2008)
CEO The Accelerated School (left in 2010)
Patrick Judd, superintendent & board member
Young said those claims are baseless, and she pointed to rising test scores and attendance her first two years, a
petition drive organized by students and hundreds of letters supporting her.  The school district pointed out test
scores dropped overall, but Young said that was because of the final year of test scores and students irate over
the controversy of her removal.  Lawyers for the school district declined to say much about the case.

"Was it retaliation?" asked 10News reporter Michael Chen.  "No," answered
Daniel Shinoff, lawyer for the
Mountain Empire School District. "We have a complete disagreement with their perspective."

Young, who is suing for emotional distress, said her perspective is simple: "Women should be able to speak up
and feel safe and feel that their job is not at stake."

Because it is a bench trial, the judge will render the verdict within a month.

Judd told 10News he denies any sexual harassment occurred.
Proof of service--signature page
Harassed Principal Diane Young Wins against
Patrick Judd and Daniel Shinoff
Judge Rules In Favor Of Ex-Principal In Harassment Case
10 News
August 22, 2011

PINE VALLEY, Calif. -- A judge has ruled in favor of a former Mountain Empire High
School principal who was let go months after she accused the school district
superintendent of sexual harassment...

"It was so painful that for the first time in my life, I ended up taking anti-depressants," said

After the trial, the judge awarded Young $150,000 for emotional distress. The ruling came
five years after Young said Judd asked her to go to a motel with him while she was
principal at Mountain Empire High School in Pine Valley...

Shortly after, Young says several more women came forward with similar stories.  "How
many more are there in the district this happened to that did not speak up?" she asked.

Judd later resigned. More than a year later, Young was told to leave by a new
superintendent. Young called it retaliation.  "He is a friend of Mr. Judd's," she said...

After San Diego Superior Court Judge, Joel R. Wohlfeil ruled in her favor, he stated in
court documents that the $150,000 award "...will not replace the sense of fulfillment
[Young] was retaliatorily deprived of as a principal."

"It is just a relief that this is finally out and acknowledged," Young told 10News.
10News called Judd to get his reaction to the verdict. He told 10News, "No comment."

10News also reached out to Daniel Shinoff, the attorney for the Mountain Empire
Unified School District for comment, but 10News' phone calls were not returned.  
Video of Young and Shinoff]
Does the SDUT favor
Patrick Judd?

Why didn't the San Diego
Union-Tribune cover the
sexual harassment trial and
the verdict against
CVESD board member and
Mountain Empire USD
superintendent Pat Judd in
July/August 2011?

Probably for the same reason it
refused to accept this
political ad.

The mad Watchdog also didn't
mention that Lowell Billings hired
Patrick Judd, his former boss at
CVESD, as director of The
Acclerated School in Los Angeles
when it wrote scathingly about
Russell Coronado hiring
Francisco Escobedo, a fellow
employee in South Bay School
District, as superintendent of
Chula Vista Elementary School
District.  To make it worse, the
SDUT actually quoted Billings in
the article about Escobedo.  

Did the SDUT take its January
27, 2008 story about Judd out
of its archives?

Searched for: patrick judd mountain
empire AND date(1/5/2008 to
Returned: 1 displays of 1 matches
1.)  Title: SHORT TAKES
San Diego Union-Tribune, The (CA)

Publish Date: January 26, 2008
Word Count: 634
Document ID: 11E776BC1A1EFF18

Public vote sought on fire-protection tax

CAMPO: The Campo Fire Department
is seeking a public vote on a tax to pay
for fire protection in the backcountry
community, although voters have
rejected a tax four times.

The county Board of Supervisors is to
vote Wednesday on whether to
authorize a mail ballot that would be
due by May 6. The proposal would
need two-thirds approval among 813
voters in county service area 112,
which covers Campo.

The cost of the election, about

Interestingly, the SDUT also endorsed
Patrick Judd:
Interestingly, the SDUT
also endorsed Patrick
Judd for CVESD board

And the U-T
endorsement goes to ...
By Union-Tribune
April 28, 2010

...But just who is the
editorial board,
And how are its
endorsements decided?
The board is composed of
Ed Moss, the publisher;
Jeff Light, the editor;
William Osborne, the
managing editor for editorials and
Dialogue editor
Pat Flynn,
editorial writers Chris Reed,
Ruben Navarrette Jr.
[laid off
less than a month after this was
and Don Sevrens;
and editorial cartoonist Steve

Ultimately responsible for virtually
everything at the Union-Tribune,
Moss pays attention without
playing a heavy hand. Light does
not tell the board who or what to
endorse so much as he insists we
have clear and transparent
standards for our endorsements.
<<< [Maura Larkins
comment: Perhaps this
quote, "The facilities will
always be at the forefront,"
helps explain some of Judd's
campaign contributions from
San Diego Education Report
San Diego
Education Report
Mountain Empire School District Superintendent