What happened soon after Rae Corriera began to
encourage short periods of integration of two 100%
Hispanic classrooms, at the first and third grade levels,
at Castle Park Elementary during the 1997-1998 school
One of the first grade teachers who did not wish to
include bilingual children in her academic activities
was closely associated with Richard Werlin, the
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources,
according to his OAH testimony.

Werlin suddenly "laterally transferred" Rae Corriera
in the middle of the 1997-1998 school year.  
Responsibility for the problems she had been working
on was taken away from her by Rick Werlin, and
passed on to no one at all.

The following school year the Principal ordered
teachers to integrate, but they refused.
Why did SDCOE lawyer Kelly Angell (aka Kelly Minnehan) order
Castle Park teacher Michelle Scharmach to walk out of her own
deposition regarding crimes that occurred at Castle Park
She was afraid the truth was about to come out.
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