In early 2007, Robin Donlan
was of interest to the FBI,
SEC, US Justice Department
and the IRS.  

The San Diego Union
Tribune couldn't confirm
this, but the San Diego
Education Report was able
to confirm it.   The access
logs for this site showed
that all of these government
entities had been doing
internet searches for Robin
Donlan.  The SD Union
Tribune wrote on May 4,
2007: "The Internal
Revenue Service, the FBI,
the U.S. Attorney General's
Office and the San Diego
District Attorney's Office all
would neither confirm nor
deny any criminal

Maybe the next time Robin
Donlan tells silly stories
about a fellow teacher, the
district will do an
investigation, instead of
catering to her every whim.  
CVESD fired two excellent
teachers to please Robin
Donlan and her "Castle Park
Family."  The fact that this
"family" was committing
crimes didn't seem to phase
the board at all.  Kim
Simmons, a prominent
member of the "Family" was
arrested last year for
embezzling up to $20,000
from the Castle Park
Elementary PTA.  

The CVESD board members
(Cheryl Cox, Patrick Judd,
Pam Smith, Larry
Cunningham and Bertha
Lopez) spent $100,000's of
public money to cover up
Donlan's crimes.  The board
also pressured teachers and
administrators to commit

The board was aided in this
endeavor by Donlan's close
friend Gina Boyd, former
Chula Vista Educator's
president, and Jim Groth,
current CVE president, as
well as CTA president
Barbara Kerr and CTA head
counsel Beverly Tucker.

On May 4, 2007, Robin
Donlan was served along
with her husband Vence
with a $7.7 million lawsuit
for fraudulently issuing
stock options for local San
Diego company Wireless
Facilities, where Vence
Donlan once was employed.  
Vence Donlan was in charge
of entering Wireless
Facilities' stock options data
into company software.  
Robin and Vence sold the
options at an enormous
profit, and went on a real
estate spending spree.

"The accusation that an
options administrator
defrauded a company of
stock is unusual and
suggests another avenue of
wrongdoing that has, as yet,
gone undetected," wrote
Kathryn Balint and Keith
Darce of the San Diego
Union Tribune.  

The Union Tribune was a
huge supporter of Robin
Donlan when she was
transferred out of Castle
Park Elementary.  Along
with La Prensa and the
Chula Vista Star-News, the
Union Trib published
glowing stories about Ms.
Donlan, and ugly
accusations against Lowell
Billings and Ollie Matos, the
administrators who
transferred her.  All these
newspapers knew about
Robin Donlan's crimes at
Castle Park Elementary, but
refused to print a single
word about them.
Michael Carlson and
atty        Deborah K.
Law Enforcement Blog
CVESD Report Blog
CVESD Reporter
Learning Boosters
CVESD School
District probably
expected some
gratitude from
Donlan for helping
her so much, but
they got
something very

In August 2004, when
Superintendent Billings and
principal Matos transferred
Donlan out of Castle Park
Elementary School, where
Donlan had initiated a crime
wave, Donlan and fellow
transferred teachers Peggie
Myers, Nikki Perez and
Stephenie Parker Pettit,
along with Donlan's
personal friend Gina Boyd
(President of Chula Vista
Educators) and PTA
presidents Kim Simmons and
Felicia Starr began a very
public smear campaign
against these two

In 2005 Kim Simmons was
arrested for embezzling
$20,000 from the Castle
Park Elementary PTA.

This site has long
maintained that Robin Colls
Donlan made
accusations to cover up her
own wrongdoing, which
included crimes.

Proof of perjury by Robin
Donlan's brother Michael
Carlson, regarding his and
Robin Doig Donlan's criminal
actions at CVESD, is
contained in court

Gina Boyd and CTA lawyers
Michael D. Hersh and
Beverly Tucker
documents and committed
perjury to cover up Robin
Donlan's and Linda Watson's
crimes against Maura
Did someone push Vence Donlan into committing stock
options fraud?

How did so many people who were close to Robin Donlan become involved in
criminal activity?  

These individuals include:
Donlan's brother, Michael Carlson
her PTA friend,
her fellow teachers,
her union (California Teachers Association),
her school district, Commander Sam Gross of Santa Barbara Sheriff's
department, her lawyers, and finally, and most distressingly,
her husband, a former navy pilot and school teacher who was released from
federal prison.  He had received an almost-4-year sentence.

Robin's husband Vence Donlan was never in trouble before he married Robin.  
What caused him to begin to commit stock option theft a few months after he
married Robin?

Could it have been pressure from his wife?

That was certainly the reason that CTA, CVESD, teachers at Robin's school,
and law enforcement and lawyers became involved in criminal activities.  Robin
Donlan put them in a position where they had to violate the law or push back
against pressure.  Sadly, they all decided to break the law.

I suspect that Robin was fearful in March 2002, when she learned that her
fellow teachers had been sued, that her involvement in the wrongdoing would
eventually be exposed.  

She married Vence Donlan in early 2002, perhaps in part because she feared
that her role in the wrongdoing would be exposed, and she wanted the support
of a husband.  Possibly she expressed fear to her husband that she would
have to pay a lot of money in a lawsuit, and he felt the need to provide her with
a lot of money.
See also:
$20,000 PTA embezzlement at
Castle Park Elementary
Labor Code 432.7 criminal violations
Chula Vista Teacher Robin Donlan
Latest CVESD lawsuit:
the Danielle Coziahr
San Diego Education
Report Blog
Deposition of Robin Donlan
Robin Donlan made a lot of accusations against her fellow employees from 1999
through 2004 at Chula Vista Elementary School District.  Her major targets were
Ollie Matos,  Superintendent Lowell Billings, and fellow teacher Maura

The school district, including Cheryl Cox and the four other board members, spent
hundreds of thousands of tax dollars covering up Donlan's crimes against Maura
Larkins. The school board pressured employees to commit perjury about destroyed

among other things.  

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Office Admin Hearings

Larkins OAH Hearing
Settlement Agreement
Wireless Facilities v. Robin Donlan
The lawsuit against Robin Donlan was dismissed without prejudice, meaning that the suit can be
reinstated id Wireless doesn't get its money back.
Contd. below
$7.7 million fraud
settlement agreement--
see bottom of this page
Del Mar Fair Wireless Facilities is among more than 200 U.S. companies that have launched probes or
are under federal investigation for backdating stock options without disclosing the practice to
shareholders. It said the Donlans' “elaborate scheme” came to light during its internal review and it
notified securities regulators...

The SEC obtained a court order freezing the Donlans' assets to guard against what it said was the
“imminent danger” that they would transfer or hide proceeds from the “fraudulent scheme.”

The Wireless Facilities case accusing the Donlans of “breach of duty and loyalty” was filed Wednesday
in San Diego Superior Court, while the SEC case accusing them of violating federal securities laws was
filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in downtown San Diego.  The Internal Revenue Service, the FBI,
the U.S. Attorney General's Office and the San Diego District Attorney's Office all would neither confirm
nor deny any criminal investigation...

Vencent Donlan, a physics teacher at the San Diego High Education Complex School of Business, and
Robin Donlan, a fourth-grade teacher at Hilltop Drive Elementary School in Chula Vista, didn't return
phone messages yesterday and could not be reached at home to comment.

The SEC lawsuit describes a process in which Vencent Donlan, a former Charles Schwab broker, had
primary responsibility for entering Wireless Facilities' stock options data into company software.

According to the lawsuit, he fraudulently issued and transferred 728,229 shares of stock and options to
himself and his wife between November 2002 and November 2003.

Donlan, who was being paid $65,000 a year when he left Wireless Facilities, hid the unauthorized
transactions by creating accounts with abbreviated names of real employees' names linked to his wife's
Social Security number.

The couple made at least $7.7 million through the sale of shares and exercise of options that were
illegally transferred, according to the lawsuit...

According to court and real-estate documents, the Donlans bought the five-bedroom home in Del
Cerro in 2004 for $942,000 in cash. Earlier this year, the couple paid $655,000 in cash for a three-
bedroom home in Julian.  Since owning the Del Cerro house, the couple have added a pitched roof, a
wide second-story deck, a security gate and wall, extensive landscaping and other additions...

Vencent Donlan, reportedly a former Navy pilot, and Robin Donlan, a volunteer vice
president of events for Comic-Con International, are both science fiction fans. They were
married in March 2002 in a “Star Trek”-themed Las Vegas ceremony that was featured in an
article in Las Vegas Weekly.

Comic-Con spokesman David Glanzer said yesterday that Robin Donlan has been involved
with the group for many years. He said he didn't know anything about the fraud allegations
against the couple.

...  the company's compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 that tightened accounting practices
for public companies and adherence to generally accepted accounting principles would protect against
such fraud today.

Michael Willoughby, a professor of accounting at the University of California San Diego, said he is not
sure that complying with Sarbanes-Oxley would mean catching stock-option thefts.

Professor Marc Lampe, who teaches ethics and social responsibility at the University of San Diego
business school, said cheaters and thieves are using computers and technology to devise increasingly
sophisticated crimes.

“It almost seems like people's cheating abilities are running ahead of our cheating-detection abilities,”
he said. “It's hard to know for sure because we don't know who's getting away with this.”...
In a new twist on the burgeoning stock options scandal, the former stock options manager for San Diego-based
Wireless Facilities and his wife have been accused of fraudulently issuing company stock options and selling them at a
profit of more than $7.7 million.
Vencent A. Donlan, and his wife, Robin D. Colls Donlan, both 44-year-old teachers in local schools, were accused in
civil lawsuits announced yesterday by Wireless Facilities and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
Vencent Donlan, also 44, kept his
wife in the dark by forging her name
on several brokerage accounts and
telling her that he was “a very good
investor,” Hiden said...

Robin Donlan was named as a
“relief defendant” in the SEC suit.
Legal experts said this means the
SEC staff believes that she did not
have a hand in the crimes but
benefited from them financially...

On May 2, San Diego-based
Wireless Facilities filed suit against
its former stock-options
administrator, Vencent A. Donlan,
and his wife, Robin, accusing them
of fraudulently issuing stock options
and netting $7.7 million...

Robin Donlan's civil lawyer said
yesterday that his client knew
nothing of the fraud.  Among other
things, the Donlans used the
proceeds from the fraudulent options
to pay cash for their $942,000 house
in Del Cerro and for a $655,000
home in Julian, according to court
documents. Since owning the Del
Cerro house, the couple have added
a pitched roof, a wide second-story
deck, a security gate and wall, as
well as extensive landscaping...

Calls yesterday to Howard Frank,
Vencent Donlan's criminal lawyer,
were not returned. To defend herself
criminally, Robin Donlan has
retained Frank's partner, Steve
Hoffman, who also did not return a
reporter's call.

The suits say Vencent Donlan, while
employed as Wireless Facilities'
stock options administrator, issued
more than 700,000 stock options to
his wife between November 2002
and November 2003. Robin Donlan
was not a company employee and
was not eligible for options, which
are the right to buy company shares
at a set price.

Vencent Donlan, who previously was
a broker at Merrill Lynch and Charles
Schwab, had the primary
responsibility for entering stock
options data into company software
from August 2002 to July 2004. He
pulled off the scam by creating
accounts with abbreviated names of
real employees linked to his wife's
Social Security number, according to
the suits...

Vencent Donlan was “let go” by the
wireless network builder in 2004, a
company spokesman has said. The
former Navy pilot teaches physics at
the San Diego High Educational
Complex School of Business.

Although there has been no
announcement of a criminal
investigation, Hiden said Robin
Donlan was interviewed May 9 by
investigators from the Federal
Bureau of Investigation and the
Internal Revenue Service and by
Assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Stone.  
Robin Donlan gave investigators
samples of her signature and
handwriting, which showed that her
husband had forged the vast majority
of the documents he used to create
the brokerage accounts, Hiden said.  
“The signatures were not even
close,” Hiden said. “And much of her
personal information was incorrect.”

Officials from the federal agencies
that Hiden said had interviewed
Robin Donlan either would not
comment or did not return a
reporter's calls yesterday.

Robin Donlan, who claims to “not be
a money person,” asked her
husband on a few occasions –
including when he told her they
would be paying cash for the Del
Cerro house – about the source of
their sudden wealth, Hiden said...  
Robin Donlan described her five-
year union to Vencent Donlan as a
loving, trusting marriage, Hiden said.
He wouldn't comment on the current
state of their relationship...

Hiden said Robin Donlan, who
teaches fourth grade at Hilltop Drive
Elementary in Chula Vista, is
cooperating with federal
investigators to an “unprecedented
degree.” He said she has waived
attorney-client and spousal
privileges and agreed to informal

“We are being so informal with this
because of her innocence,” Hiden
said. “We don't want her to have to
litigate her innocence and go
bankrupt in the process.

“I'm very, very confident that at the
end of the day that no charges will be
filed against her – and Vencent will
be held accountable for all of this.”
Del Cerro couple sued in $7.7 million fraud
Wireless Facilities, SEC file civil lawsuits in case
By Kathryn Balint and Keith Darcé
May 4, 200
Lawyer says ex-
manager's wife
blind to [$7.7
million] Wireless
Facilities fraud
By David Washburn
May 18, 2007

Robin Colls Donlan had no clue that
her newfound wealth in recent years
was the result of an elaborate
scheme by her husband to issue
fraudulent Wireless Facilities stock
options in her name, one of her
lawyers said yesterday.

Donlan thought she had married a
crackerjack stock investor until the
afternoon of May 3, when she was
notified of a suit filed by the San
Diego company accusing her and
husband Vencent A. Donlan – the
company's former stock options
administrator – of a multimillion-
dollar fraud, lawyer David Hiden said.

“This came as a complete shock to
Robin,” said Hiden, who is
representing Robin Donlan, a 44-
year-old schoolteacher, in two civil

“She knew absolutely nothing; she
is truly an innocent bystander,”
Hiden said.
[Maura Larkins' comment: I
believe that Robin didn't
know, when she opened a
bank account in her
previous name so that her
husband could place
millions of dollars in it, that
all the money was
fraudulently obtained.   

But here's the thing.  When
a newly-married woman
opens an account in her
previous name, it's normally
for the purpose of keeping
money AWAY FROM her new
husband, not for him to put
money into.  Why would her
husband want to put money
in her previous name?  A
joint account would make
sense, but this arrangement
makes no sense--unless
Robin thought that there
would be tax advantages to
pretending that the money
was hers.  I suspect Robin is
guilty only of trying to dupe
the IRS.  See article at left
about tax oddities with
Robin's other venture,
Robin Donlan needs our
help again
The following email was sent to this website a few
months after Robin Donlan's husband got out of prison
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 09:14:47 -0800
Subject: Question for you
From: J Corwin <>

Hello there,

I was wondering how difficult it might be in obtaining the Court transcript
of the Federal trial of Vence and Robin Donlan that happened a couple of years ago.  
The reason why this is important is
I might have an email that could put Robin
Donlan away for a while.

Please let me know if this is possible

Thank you

A Fan of your blog
Maura Larkins comment: A fan of my blog?  I doubt it.  And I
doubt that the name given of the sender, "J. Corwin", is
accurate. Notice the email address of the sender: "fpilot in
hell".  Fighter pilot in hell?  Vence Donlan was a fighter pilot,
and perhaps prison seemed like hell to him.  What was the
sender of this email trying to accomplish?  Here's the response I
Maura Larkins comment:

Ironically, the head of Wireless Facilities is a leader of CALA, Californians Against
Lawsuit Abuse.  Why is he suing?  Apparently, it's just people other than he whose
lawsuits aren't meritorious.

Adding to the irony is that
Leslie Devaney is also a leader of CALA (when she's not
suing public entities on behalf of clients).  One of the clients of her firm was none
other than Robin Donlan.  
Robin Donlan blog posts
Vencent Donlan blog posts
date        Sat, Feb 20, 2010 at 7:52 PM
subject        Your email

You should contact the authorities if you have evidence of a crime, but why
would you be so anxious to put someone away for a long time?

You think like Robin Donlan: both of you seem to have an urge to destroy
others' lives.

If you're emailing Robin, you might ask her when she's planning on apologizing to me.
Question to Robin Donlan: What is normal skin?  As opposed to scales?  Fur?  Feathers?  Are you saying that white skin is
normal?  Brown or black skin is not?

::: LATIDOLL :::
This is G o o g l e's cache of as
retrieved on Jan 9, 2007 22:13:31 GMT.

Title  Question about White dolls
Name  Robin Donlan
Date 2005-11-27

I was wondering if you will be having a normal-skinned girl doll in the white line? I would very much love a tiny little girl :)
Thank you :)

Comic-Con is a "charity"?  For whom?  Do Comic-Con officers like Robin Donlan live
high off the hog on Comic-Con expense accounts while paying no taxes and no
business license fees?

Comic-Con—With Net Assets of $7 Million—Pays No City
License Fees
By Ken Stone
La Mesa Patch
June 15, 2011

Avoiding a cliffhanger ending, Comic-Con met a city deadline of June 2 to submit an
application for a business license—after operating on Allison Avenue five years without one.

According to city records, the San Diego Comic Convention—with offices at 8330-8340 Allison
Ave.—is doing business as “Comic-Con International & WonderCon & APE.”

...But Jolene Cayas, the La Mesa’s business license officer, said Comic-Con paid no
fees with its license.

That’s because the operation—which prepares for the world-renowned July
convention at the San Diego Convention Center—is considered “exempt” from fees
since it is legally a nonprofit organization, meeting IRS rules for tax-exempt status.

It pays no state or federal taxes.

Comic-Con—a 501(c)(3) organization—files annual Form 990 reports listing its revenues,
expenses, director and employee compensation as well as the mission that qualifies it as a

According to the latest Form 990 available—filed in July 2010 for the tax year ending Aug. 31,
2009—Comic-Con “is a nonprofit educational corporation dedicated to creating awareness of,
and appreciation for, comics and related popular art forms, primarily through the presentation
of conventions and events that celebrate the historic and ongoing contribution of comics to art
and culture.”

Comic-Con had
revenues that year of $9.17 million and expenses of $8.21 million for an
“excess … for the year” of $955,456, according to IRS filings (attached).

The operation’s executive director, Dona Fae Desmond, made $84,742 that year, averaging
50 hours a week. Among its directors, President John Rogers was paid $18,000 for workweeks
averaging 9 hours.
Vice President Robin Donlan made $14,418 for 14-hour

Comic-Con has had nonprofit status since 1975, which is well-known.  But since nonprofits
generally have some charitable purpose, Comic-Con has raised eyebrows for years.
Why wasn't Robin Donlan fired from CVESD for illegal snooping?
Because her friend, CVE President Gina Boyd, got CTA to protect her and work
to get her victim fired.
 Castle Park Elementary was almost destroyed by the
further problems caused by Donlan and friends.

Kim Kardashian’s Privacy Breached: Hospital Staff Fired
For Snooping
July 13, 2013

Five staff members and one student research assistant at the hospital
where Kim Kardashian gave birth to baby North West
have been fired for
snooping through her medical records and possibly leaking information
the media, the L.A. Times reports.

Kardashian's files were “inappropriately accessed” along with those of 14 other
patients between June 18 and 24, according to the paper.

Kim and boyfriend Kanye West welcomed their daughter on June 15 and stayed
at the hospital for about a week.

Sources told TMZ that the Kardashian family suspected a privacy breach after
information about the child was leaked to the media. Kim was reportedly notified
of the issue by the hospital and is happy with the way Cedars handled the
San Diego Education Report
San Diego
Education Report
Robin Donlan says she didn't know that account she opened for her
husband in her maiden name would be used to hide $7.7 Stock Options
Fraud against Wireless Facilities

Donlan, ironically, was sued by Jim Edwards, board member of
Californians Against Lawsuit Abuse.  So it's not lawsuit abuse when you
file a lawsuit, eh, Jim?
Robin Donlan and the Castle
Park Five