Stutz Threatens
Defamation Lawsuit
Stutz, Artiano, Shinoff & Holtz lawyers Daniel Shinoff, Kelly
Angell Minnehan, Jeffery Morris and their law firm, took
$100,000s of taxpayer dollars to cover up crimes at Chula
Vista Elementary School District.

They succeeded in getting Maura Larkins' lawsuit thrown out
of court because Larkins didn't file a motion to compel.  
Larkins is delighted that Stutz wants to reopen the case.
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Report Blog
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November 2006
Chula Vista Police
Department 2005-06
on behalf of
Cheryl Cox
to cover up CVESD
April 2007
Cheryl Cox gets away
with suborning perjury,
but gets young man
indicted for taking
time off work
May 2007
Castle Park Teacher
Robin Donlan
 sued for
$7.7 million
Below is the letter sent to Maura Larkins
by Ray Artiano on August 6, 2007
threatening a lawsuit.
On May 15, 2007,
someone was able to
blank out the following
page on my site:
Lawsuit Against CTA
& Head Counsel
Beverly Tucker re
cover-up of Robin  
Donlan crimes (MEA
Ann Smith
assisted the coverup)
Decision against School
District and School
District and Albert
TruittAlbert Truitt
Stutz complaint is odd in that Stutz would not have been chosen by
Keenan & Associates, Diane Crosier of SDCOE-JPA, and school
superintendents and school boards if it fought fair.  Stutz should be proud
of this blogger's true allegations about the firm.  These actions are the
precise reason that Stutz has managed to grow so large.  Stutz is the
darling of many southern California public entities.
Stutz filed this lawsuit on Oct. 5, 2007.
Apparently someone
is bothered by the
information on this