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Gordon v. Prudential Financial, Inc. et

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11. 3:06-cv-02304-IEG-WMC
James "Ted" Carter mortgaged his
house to pay Veronica Aguilar and her
firm, Holben and Associates.  Sadly,
Carter's jury award was overturned by
the California Court of Appeal.

A jury awarded him $1.2 million for
doing what any mom would want a
teacher to do: reporting that a coach
had told a boy to take a body-building
substance which caused the boy's
kidneys to fail. The school did nothing
to the coach who advised taking the

But then Escondido School District do
allowed the wife of the coach who
pushed substances to fire the teacher
who reported the problem. The jury was
right, but California's Court of Appeal is
so in favor of business and the status
quo in the power structure that it
overturned the decision, saying the

Who was the lawyer against James
Carter? Daniel Shinoff, partner of Leslie
Devaney, a past board member of
CALA and continuing presence on
CALA's TV show.

Schools are disaster areas largely
because bad coaches and bad
administrators are protected by defense
lawyers, and good teachers and
administrators are fired because they
got in somebody's way by telling the
Attorney Veronica M. Aguilar
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