Attorney Pamela Dempsey
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Breach of
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Pamela Dempsey; doesn't
work for Parham and Rajcic

U.S. Attorneys' Bulletin Vol
45 No 02, Health Care
Fraud I(PDF)
Office of the Pardon
Attorney—GS-12 to GS-15
Experienced Attorneys ...
Pamela Dempsey, Deputy
Chief, Asset Forfeiture and
Money Laundering
Section; ...
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Pamela A. Dempsey

Pam Dempsey is a partner in the Laguna Hills office of Parham & Rajcic.  Pam is a
member of the California Bar Association
specializing in school, civil and business litigation.  She was Valedictorian of her
graduating class from Western State University, where she received a Juris Doctor
degree, Magna Cum Laude.  Pam was a member of the Western State Law
Review, received five American Jurisprudence awards and was the recipient of the annual
Foundation Press and Corpus Juris
Secundum Awards for three consecutive years.  After graduation from law school, Pam
clerked for the Honorable Warren J. Ferguson, Judge, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal.  

She became an associate in the litigation department of Rhodes, Kendall & Harrington
handling litigation in both State and Federal Courts.  Her clients included lending
institutions, banks, personal property brokers, land developers and both private and
public corporations.  

Pam accepted a position as general counsel for an international licensor of technology
and construction equipment, and
handled all corporate legal matters and proprietary and trade secret technology licensing
and regulations both in the United
States and abroad.  Responsible for the entire legal department, she handled all
corporate litigation in both state and federal courts, including civil and federal claims, as
well as directing and supervising outside counsel.  

Her areas of concentration include litigation, most significantly in the school context,
where she has handled actions involving
complex constitutional and discrimination claims, business and construction law as it
impacts facilities management and
planning, tort defense and administrative proceedings up to and including judicial review.

Pam's bench and jury trials have included claims by employees and others for wrongful
termination, constitutional rights
violations, fraud  and discrimination.  In addition,  she has experience in construction
litigation where she has successfully
defended and also litigated  construction defect claims, as well as handled litigation
through both jury and bench trials.

Prior to law school, she was a legal secretary for large and small law firms in Los
Angeles and Orange counties.  Pam has a
daughter and four granddaughters who live in North Carolina.

Western State University School of Law, Fullerton, CA, 1984
J.D., Magna Cum Laude

Honors: Valedictorian, American Jurisprudence Awards in
Contracts, Torts, and Real Property

Bar Admissions
California, 1984

Orange County Bar Association
01/28/08 09:00AM C-75    

Strauss, Richard E.
Civil Jury Tria


Attorney: PAMELA A.
Attorney: JON Y.
Mountain Empire Staff
downloaded January 2008
Parham & Rajcic
CVESD lawsuit:
the Danielle Coziahr case
Atty. Pamela Dempsey for
school district
Attys. Laura Joan Farris
and Dan Carroll for plaintiff
Dec. 2007
Pamela Dempsey loses
lawsuit against CVESD
Trial in Sherbondy case:
02/19/08 09:00AM C-47     
Whitney, Richard S.            
Civil Jury Tria

02/19/08 09:00AM C-47     
Whitney, Richard S.          
P)SUE SHERBONDY             

Bizarrely, the district switched
to lawyer Stephenie
Vaudreuil, then to lawyer
Dan Shinoff, in this case.
A completely
different Pamela

Pamela Dempsey,
51; lawyer helped
children through

By Elizabeth Raftery,
June 15, 2006

In her two decades as a
lawyer for the Department
of Social Services,
Pamela Gail Dempsey
was an advocate for
abused and neglected
children in and out of the

She often kept in touch
with children after they
had been placed in
adoptive or foster homes,
giving them gifts to
celebrate their
placements and help them
through the transition.

``She took the work to a
different level," said her
daughter, Janelle
Dempsey of Somerville.
``She really cared. She
would bring them a photo
album that they could fill
up with pictures, or a
journal they could write in."

Mrs. Dempsey extended
the same caring and
encouraging attitude
toward her daughter.

``She basically made me
feel like the world was
open to me, and made
sure that I had every
opportunity that I could
ever dream of," her
daughter said. ``She lived
that way . . . and that's
kind of the way that she
raised me as well, that if
you want something bad
enough and you work
hard enough, any
opportunity can be yours."

Mrs. Dempsey died last
Thursday at her home in
Somerville of lung cancer.
She was 51.

Born in Dedham, Mrs.
Dempsey graduated from
Dedham High School in
1972 and earned her
associate's degree from
MassBay Community
College in 1974. She
graduated from the
University of
Massachusetts at Amherst
in 1977 with a bachelor's
degree in juvenile justice,
and put herself through
law school at
Northeastern University,
graduating in 1981.

After working in private
practice and family law in
Orlando and Cambridge,
Mrs. Dempsey began
working for DSS in 1985.

``She had an abiding
commitment to poor kids,
abused and neglected
kids," said Jay McManus
of the Children's Law
Center of Massachusetts ,
who worked with Mrs.
Dempsey in the Lawrence
Juvenile Court. ``I think
that's why she found
herself working at DSS."

In 1989, she left DSS
briefly to work on divorce
and paternity cases with
the law firm of Lee, Levine
& Bowser, but quickly
found herself drawn back
to child advocacy.

``She hated it, basically,
because the stuff didn't
compare to what she was
dealing with at DSS," said
her daughter. ``I think she
just wanted a work that
really hit her heart, that
was difficult to deal with,
that was something that
not everyone could deal
with on a daily basis."

Mrs. Dempsey returned to
DSS in 1991 and received
the Commissioner's Award
for her work in 2005.

``She certainly took a very
strong interest in the
welfare of these kids,"
McManus said, estimating
that Mrs. Dempsey
handled hundreds of
cases of abused and
neglected children. ``Even
after the case essentially
left the trial stage, she
really was a pretty
concerned individual."

Mrs. Dempsey's devotion
to her work did not affect
her commitment as a
single parent, however.
She encouraged her
daughter's involvement in
theater and music, and
supported her desire to
attend New York

``Most parents, when their
son or daughter wants to
major in drama, they're
not too excited about it,"
her daughter said. ``But
my mom was really

Mrs. Dempsey's
dedication to her
daughter was not lost on
her co-workers.

``She was so proud of
[Janelle] and so invested
in making sure that she
had everything she
needed as a kid, and
really did a very nice job
raising her while she was
working full time," said
McManus. ``I think if
there's any lasting legacy
that most people would
remember her for, it would
be that."

Before her death, Mrs.
Dempsey stipulated that
she did not want a
traditional funeral.

``She really wanted it to
be more of a celebration,"
her daughter said. ``She
enjoyed life and all of life's
opportunities and
possibilities, and all of its

Janelle said her mother
was a ``very colorful
person" who loved
flowers, and said she
requested that anyone
who attended her
memorial service wear
``bright, vibrant, and
cheerful clothing."

``It's very her to not want
people to be so somber,"
she said. ``She's always
thinking about other
people and wants them to
be able to move on."

In addition to her
daughter, Mrs. Dempsey
leaves her mother and
stepfather, Elinor and
Richard T. Rooney of
Dedham; a sister, Janice
Munchbach of Dedham;
and a brother, John
Dempsey of Austin, Texas.
Teacher wins $1 million lawsuit

Baltimore Sun education blog


A third-grade teacher from
California has been awarded
a $1 million judgment after a
jury found the Chula Vista
Elementary School District (in
San Diego County) had
discriminated against her
when she lost her job after
becoming pregnant.

"Danielle Coziahr was a
probationary teacher at Silver
Wing Elementary School in
Otay Mesa for the 2004-05
and 2005-06 school years.
School districts can choose
not to renew the contracts of
such teachers without giving a
reason," according to an
article in today's Union
Tribune. "A jury decided
Friday that there was a
reason – Coziahr was
discriminated against. The
jury found that the school
district decided not to
continue her employment,
which would have made her a
tenured teacher, because she
is a woman."

“The money is an
afterthought,” the article
quotes Coziahr. “I wasn't
seeking litigation for
compensation. I was seeking
litigation to clear my name. I'm
basically blackballed. I can no
longer teach in San Diego
County. My teaching career
has ended.”

Posted by Gina Davis on
December 12, 2007
Blog regarding the Danielle
Coziahr case
Atty. Pamela Dempsey for
school district; (then
Stephenie Vaudreuil, then
Daniel Shinoff)
Attys. Laura Joan Farris and
Dan Carroll for plaintiff.
Feb. 6, 2008 ruling
Feb. 13, 2008 ruling
Feb. 29 ruling: new trial
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