Robin Donlan responded to
only one interrogatory--eight
months after it was
propounded, after she had
been dismissed from the
case, and after Maura Larkins
had paid a detective to find
out the information!
Angell refuses to respond
Regarding Discovery Referee
June 23, 2003          CVESD and Stutz rely on illegal decision
December 17, 2004           Stutz wants depositions kept secret
Stutz coverups
Personal attacks by  
Lisa Corr, Attorney at Law
CVESD and Stutz
silence all
CVESD employees  
regarding Larkins case
Illegally hiding the truth, including
intimidation of witnesses and
subornation of perjury
Kelly Angell told the court again and
again that discovery "would be
dangerous to her clients."
Perjured declaration that
Stutz used to get Maura
Larkins case dismissed,
and letter from the Sheriff
of Santa Barbara saying
that the declaration is false
Stutz got deposition date changed at ex
parte regarding issue that had been
resolved, after Larkins had complied
with all requests necessary for resolution
Documents in Larkins v.  CVESD
(CVESD hired Stutz law firm to
represent the interests of those who
engaged in illegal actions)
Missing CVESD witnesses
Ex-parte conference Sept. 27, 2004
Application served
on Larkins by Stutz
at 3:45 p.m. on Fri.
Sept. 24, 2004
although Kelly
Angell knew since
Sept. 21, 2004
that Sept. 27,
2004 would be the
hearing date.

Also, Angell did not
serve the last 16
Stutz hides the truth
from the court
Daniel Shinoff:
Not a public figure?

This is what CVESD and SDCOE-JPA paid Stutz law firm to do:
Chula Vista Elementary School District
Stutz, Artiano Shinoff & Holtz