1  Letter to Gil
regarding Werlin's
2  Offer to meet
with Dr. Gil
4  To Dr. Gil
regarding ban
3  To Werlin
regaring ban
Grievance re CVESD's Refusal to Respond to
Previous Grievance
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Chula Vista Elementary School District
Jim Groth has been on CTA's board of directors since 2007, perhaps as a
reward for his actions covering up wrongdoing by teachers and
administrators at

Chula Vista Educators' grievance chair Jim Groth came to the grievance
meeting at the district for the grievance below and announced that
Vista Educators did NOT support this grievance. (Jim Groth is now a
member of California Teacher Association's Board of Directors.)

This grievance merely asked that the district RESPOND to a teacher's
grievance.  Why didn't Jim Groth (now a member of the state board of
directors of California Teachers Association) do this?  

Well, that question seems to answer itself.  It appears that the directorship
may be linked to Jim Groth's otherwise inexplicable decision to get in his
car and drive to the district office to prevent any investigation of events at
Castle Park Elementary.
Jim Groth ignored the following letter, and refused to talk when Maura Larkins
called him.
June 9, 2001 grievance
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Grievance regarding
Article 7 (Page 1 of a total
of 6 pages.)

The district violated
contract Article 7
(Grievance Procedure)
on December 3, 2001,
when it failed to respond
to my June 9, 2001
grievance.  Section 7.3.4
c of the contract states,
“The Superintendent’s
designee shall, within six
duty days after meeting
with the grievant, render
a written decision and
the reasons therefore, in
writing, to the grievant
and the Association.”

Through my lawyer, I had
agreed in June to waive
the time line for
responding to this
grievance, but I
rescinded the waiver on
all grievances on
November 21, 2001, at
which time I discussed
the main points of the
June 9 grievance with
Werlin for the first time.  
Werlin said on
November 21 that he did
not remember the
grievance, but that he
would respond if he
could find a copy!!!  To
help him out, I faxed him
a second copy on
November 23, 2001. On
December 5, 2001 I
brought his failure to
respond to his attention.  
(My December 5 letter to
him is enclosed.)  Werlin
seems to be in deep
denial about his
obligation to honor the
contract and the law, but
he is not alone; Libby Gil
and the School Board
also seem to be in deep
denial regarding this

I am enclosing a copy of
the June 9, 2001
grievance with this

Proposed remedy to

1.        For too long Libia
Gil has abdicated
responsibility for this
case, leaving Werlin to
act alone regarding
issues on which only
she has authority to act,
and in which Werlin has
a grave conflict of
interest.  Dr. Gil has
allowed this situation to
deteriorate to a shocking
degree.   Gil should, as
requested in the
enclosed letter to her
written by Tim O’Neill last
July 18, have taken
responsibility for my
grievances long ago.  
Now, at long last, she
should own up to her
responsibility for the
current state of affairs in
its entirety.  Her constant
refrain, “Your request is
denied,” is an
inadequate response to
a deeply serious

2.        The district should
respond to my June 9,
2001 grievance.

December 5, 2001
June 9, 2001 grievance
Here is the grievance that someone wanted to conceal:
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