San Diego Education Report
The Permanente Medical Group (TPMG)
Patient and Family Centered Care (PFCC)
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Executive committee
Mary Ann Barnes, Senior Vice President and Executive Director;
Paul Bernstein, MD, Area Medical Director;
Joan Burritt, Chief Operating Officer and Interim Chief Nurse Executive;
Stephen Capon, MD, Assistant Area Medical Director;
William Cory, MD, Physician Director;
Marianne Giordano, President, OPEIU Local 30;
David Horton, Assistant Area Medical Group Administrator;
Marylynne Kelts, Director of Care Experience;
James Malone, Medical Group Administrator;
Sandy Oleson, RN, Staff Representative, UNAC/UHCP;
Pam Pressney, RN, President, Hospital KSDHCPA/UNAC/UHCP;
Annie Russell, RN, Associate Medical Group Administrator;
Donna Smith, RN, Staff Representative, UNAC/UHCP;
Jessica Stern, MD, Emergency Department;
Marion Yerxa, RN, Assistant Administrator, Quality and Patient Safety.

Steering committee
David Horton, Assistant Medical Group Administrator
Arlene Pergamit, Program Manager;
Marion Yerxa, RN, Assistant Administrator, Quality and Patient SafetySally Franz, RN, Director of
Marylynne Kelts, Director of Care Experience
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Sharon Inokuchi, MD     
Inokuchi [see right column] previously headed the unit as medical
director and at times as administrative director during the
two-year period it was plagued by botched paperwork, lengthy
delays in matching patients with donors, and other problems,
according to insiders and regulators. Kaiser said in early May it
would close the program and transfer patients to waiting lists at
other facilities.

Linda Mann, RN, formerly the medical group administrator
at its Redwood City Medical Center
Dr. Southam was a member of the Institute of Medicine's Committee on the Quality of Health Care in
America, contributing to the widely cited publications, To Err is Human and Crossing the Quality Chasm.
Dr. Southam received his medical degree and a master's degree in public health from the University of
California, Los Angeles. He received his master's degree in business administration from Pepperdine
University and his bachelor of arts degree in neurosciences from Amherst College.
Press Releases:
Southern California
May 22, 2009
Casey Hart

Kaiser Permanente
New San Diego
Area Medical Director
Paul Bernstein, MD,
FACS, Elected
to Lead
Southern California
Permanente Medical
Group in San Diego

Bernstein, MD, FACS,

has been elected San
Diego Area Medical
Director for Southern
California Permanente
Medical Group, which
provides care for nearly
500,000 Kaiser
Permanente San Diego
members – about one in
every six people who
reside within the county.

Selected by his peers,
Dr. Bernstein joins
Medical Group
Administrator, James G.
Malone, to provide
executive leadership to
the Southern California
Permanente Medical
Group here in San
Diego. SCPMG's
executive team works in
tandem with Nathaniel L.
Oubré, Jr., Kaiser
Foundation Health Plan
and Hospitals' senior
vice president and
executive director, to
ensure access to
convenient, quality, and
affordable health care
throughout San Diego

"Dr. Bernstein brings 30
years of medical
expertise and leadership
to his new role as Area
Medical Director," said
Oubré. "He is known for
his aggressive emphasis
on innovative, cost
effective care with the
focus on improving
patient outcomes and
experience, and will be a
strong addition to our
executive team."

Dr. Bernstein joined
SCPMG in 1980. A
member of Phi Beta
Kappa, Dr. Bernstein
earned his Bachelor of
Arts degree from the
University of California,
Los Angeles, graduating
Summa Cum Laude. He
received his medical
degree from the
University of California,
San Diego School of
Medicine, and
completed his residency
in Head and Neck
Surgery at the University
Hospital in San Diego.
He is board certified in
Head and Neck Surgery
and a fellow in both the
American College of
Surgeons and American
Academy of Facial
Plastic Surgery.

As chief of head and neck
surgery for SCPMG in San
Diego for more than 24
years, SCPMG's regional
chief for 14 years, and
assistant clinical professor
for University of California
San Diego's Department of
Otolaryngology, Dr.
Bernstein is a well-
respected, compassionate
clinician. His commitment
to innovative leadership
and focus on quality
improvement, efficiency,
affordability, and treating
each patient "like family"
are well suited to address
the challenges facing
Kaiser Permanente and
the health care industry.

As KP-HNS program
coordinator for the
University of California
San Diego, Navy
residency, and
fellowship programs for
HNS-San Diego, Dr.
Bernstein has been
instrumental in guiding
the education and
training of head and
neck surgery physicians
for more than 25 years.

An active member of the
national health care
community, Dr.
Bernstein has served as
chairman for the Head
and Neck Division of the
American Cancer
Society since 1987 and
is a member of the
organization's board of
directors. As Chairman
of the ACS Head & Neck
Conference for more
than 20 years, he has
helped make it one of
the most well attended
ACS educational
conferences in the
United States. Dr.
Bernstein earned the
ACS Community Service
Award in 1990 and
again in 2005.

Dr. Bernstein also has
published numerous
scientific articles in peer-
reviewed journals,
including the Single
Procedure method of
MOHS surgery. His
quality outcomes for
MOHS have set the
standard in the nation,
and he was featured on
the cover of MD

His novel, Courage to
a work of
historical fiction about
the unique and proud
history of Kaiser
Permanente's struggle
to improve health care
in America has won
numerous awards,
including first place in
the San Diego Book
Awards, Asilomar
Writers' Conference, the
London Book Festival,
and the 2009 San
Francisco Book Festival.
Royalties from the novel
go to the Sidney
Garfield Fund for Health
Care Innovation. The
novel is available at
bookstores and online
at both Amazon.com
and Barnes and Noble.

Dr. Bernstein succeeds
Arthur M. Flippin, MD,
San Diego's area medical
director for the past nine
years, who is retiring this
year and recently
accepted an appointment
with Kaiser Permanente's
regional offices in
Pasadena, California.

"Paul Bernstein has
incredible drive, energy,
intellect, and passion for
SCPMG," said Dr.
Flippin. "Under his
leadership, we can all
be certain that Kaiser
Permanente will
continue to be the
health care provider of
choice for San Diego."
Scripps, Kaiser Sign
Deal to Collaborate
San Diego Business
November 10, 2010

Scripps Health and Kaiser
Permanente have signed a
10-year comprehensive
agreement for Scripps to
provide cardiac surgery,
interventional cardiology
and bariatric services to
more than 500,000 Kaiser
members across San
Diego County.

Financial details in the Nov.
9 press announcement
were not disclosed.

Scripps also will provide
hospital services to Kaiser
members transferred to a
Scripps facility or who are
treated in a Scripps
emergency department.

“This agreement extends
our close working
partnership that has been
built over the past 30 years
around quality, medical
management and patient
satisfaction,” said Scripps
President and CEO Chris
Van Gorder.

“Through this new
agreement, we look forward
to even greater
opportunities to provide
innovative, leading-edge
cardiovascular health care,”
said Mary Ann Barnes,
senior vice president and
executive director for Kaiser
Permanente San Diego.

Scripps will break ground
next year on an eight-story,
hospital tower on the
campus of Scripps
Memorial Hospital La Jolla.
The new tower, estimated to
cost $398 million, will serve
as the hub of the Scripps
Cardiovascular Institute,
which will combine the
cardiovascular programs of
Kaiser Permanente,
Scripps La Jolla and
Scripps Green Hospital.

Scripps said it provided
cardiovascular care to more
than 45,000 patients last

— Steve Sinovic
Kaiser Kidney Failure:
News of alleged
mismanagement of
transplant lists

Scandal hit Kaiser
Permanente’s organ
transplant program when
allegations of impropriety
surfaced that alleged
mismanagement of transplant
lists led to significant health
problems and possibly even
deaths of patients awaiting
new kidneys.
 In 2004, the HMO
began a program that should
have simplified the transplant
wait process for thousands of
people throughout Northern
California, but instead of creating
a single list of patients based on
their previous position, Kaiser
Permanente transferred their
names to the bottom of the new
list or erased them from the list
entirely.  This egregious
oversight put deserving and
critical transplant patients far out
of the running for the organs
they so desperately needed.

The transplant program was so
rife with mismanagement that
California HMO regulators had to
step in and organize the
process.  In fact, David Merlin,
former head of Kaiser’s kidney
transplant unit, filed a wrongful
discharge lawsuit against the
HMO after he repeatedly
complained about the poor
oversight of the transplant
program.  According to Merlin,
Kaiser’s transplant program was
“…so poorly organized and
unprofessionally managed that it
failed to comply with state and
federal requirements and was
compromising patient care,
leading to unnecessary suffering
and possibly deaths."

This type of conduct and
mismanagement would be
inexcusable even from a smaller
medical organization, let alone
the largest HMO in the United
States.  Kaiser should have
ensured that every aspect of
their new transplant program
worked properly before risking
the lives of thousands of people
who clung to the hope that their
advanced position on the list
could deliver them from a life of
dialysis, pain, and despair.  
Investigators are also looking into
the manner Kaiser failed to
handle patient feedback, which
could itself provoke a new round
of lawsuits.
Kaiser taps new boss
for troubled kidney unit
San Francisco Business Times  
by Chris Rauber
June 15, 2006

Kaiser Permanente appointed
a new administrative director
Thursday to head its troubled
Northern California kidney
transplant unit.

The San Francisco-based unit, in
the process of being closed after
intense pressure from state and
federal regulators, had been
headed by
Dr. Sharon
Inokuchi, M.D. Inokuchi was
relieved of administrative
responsibilities several
months ago.

Kaiser officials said June 15 that
Linda Mann, RN, formerly the
medical group administrator
at its Redwood City Medical
Center, has headed the San
Francisco kidney transplant
unit, at Kaiser's San Francisco
Medical Center,
since June 12.

Inokuchi previously headed
the unit as medical director
and at times as administrative
director during the two-year
period it was plagued by
botched paperwork, lengthy
delays in matching patients
with donors, and other
problems, according to
insiders and regulators.
said in early May it would close
the program and transfer patients
to waiting lists at other facilities.

Inokuchi continues to work as a
practicing nephrologist -- a
kidney specialist -- at the San
Francisco medical center.

The management of the
transplant program "has been an
area of improvement," said
Matthew Schiffgens, a Kaiser
spokesman. "Linda's being put in
this position is an
acknowledgement that
communications and
administrative processes were an
area of improvement for us. (It's)
an indication we've taken action
to address that."

In her new role, Mann "will
have accountability" for the
operations of the kidney
officials said Thursday.
In addition, she will participate in
the process of shifting patients
from the internal program to
UCSF Medical Center and UC
Davis Medical Center.

Mann has previous experience in
leadership roles and in managing
transplant programs, according
to Kaiser. In various roles at UC
San Francisco, she was
responsible for managing its
kidney transplant program.

Last week, the federal Centers
for Medicare and Medicaid
Services issued a demand to
Kaiser to fix serious problems at
the unit or face a cutoff of
funding for transplants and other
care provided to its end-stage
kidney disease patients. CMS
Regional Administrator Jeff Flick,
responsible for the regulatory
agency's operations in California,
Arizona, Hawaii and Nevada, said
one of the agency's three major
concerns was administration of
the transplant unit and its director.

Kaiser originally had until June 15
to file a corrective action plan
with CMS, but it has received an
extension until at least June 22,
according to Kaiser.

"That's sort of a rolling deadline,"
said Schiffgens. "CMS wants the
best correction plan possible."
Was Inokuchi clueless?  Or
was she doing what
someone at Kaiser wanted
regarding kidney program?  

By failing to obtain kidneys, Kaiser
avoided the huge costs of
transplant operations and years of
follow-up and medication. That
could be why Kaiser still employs
her.  Who made the decision to
shut down the UC Davis kidney
transplant program?  Someone
higher up than Inokuchi.

Inokuchi has a degree from
Harvard.  I don't think she was
(from Kaiser website March 2011)    

Sharon Inokuchi, MD     
South San Francisco Medical

My Biography

Joined Kaiser Permanente: 2003

I joined Kaiser Permanente after
more than 10 years in private practice,
to join a team with a real focus on
quality patient care. Kidney disease is
increasing in the U.S. Slowly and
quietly the disease will progress,
damage tissues and if unchecked,
the failing kidney will change life
dramatically. Unless something
changes, this will happen to so many
of us. I believe that the solution to this
problem is to try to prevent kidney
injury, discover problems early, fix the
things we can and then protect the
kidneys from damage. This is the
right time and place to make this

Patients I see often come thinking all
is over and the kidney is dead. For
most, there is hope. Changes in
medicines, diet and behaviors can
often slow the process and protect the
kidneys. Doing this will also improve
health and help control blood
pressure and sugars. I will work with
every patient to try to make this
happen. And I expect my patients to
learn and try. We will work together.
Our goal is to make every life worth

This is my life’s work. I love to teach
and working with patients has been a

In my leisure time, I enjoy reading,
needlework and spending time with
friends and family. Taking walks and
using the treadmill lets me eat an
occasional donut and helps to keep
me fit.

Dr. Inokuchi's Credentials

Medical school         Harvard
Residency         UC San
Francisco Medical Center
Fellowship         UC San
Francisco Medical Center
Fellowship         Veterans Affairs
Medical Center, San Francisco,
Board certification         Internal
Medicine, American Board of
Internal Medicine
Eisenberg & Gray Law
Firm Files Class Action
Suit Against Kaiser
Kidney Transplant
June 5, 2006

A class action complaint was filed
today in San Francisco Superior
Court against Kaiser, who closed
their kidney transplant program
in San Francisco last month. The
lawsuit was filed by Irvine
attorneys Eisenberg & Gray LLP,
who are also lead counsel in the
transplant litigation against the
UCI Medical Center.

"It appears that Kaiser was more
concerned about the bottom line
than the health of their member
patients. They forced their
Northern California kidney
transplant patients to leave the
University of California at San
Francisco and University of
California at Davis and become
patients at Kaiser's in-house
transplant facility in San
Kaiser did not want
to pay for ongoing kidney
transplant medical care for
approximately 2,000 Northern
California patients, so they
attempted to open their own
facility but totally failed in the
" said Irvine attorney
Larry Eisenberg. "This is an
outrageous example of gross
mismanagement at the highest
Kaiser interrupted
ongoing transplant medical
care and rejected donor
kidneys, which caused
patient deaths and severely
compromised the health of
their members,"

The lawsuit alleges negligence,
fraud and misrepresentation due
to Kaiser's inability to properly
administrate the San Francisco
Kidney Transplant Program. "It is
clear that Kaiser patients did not
receive proper medical care and
kidney transplants were delayed.
There was a complete lack of
oversight in the operation and
administration of the Kaiser
program and the patients and
their families paid the price," said
CHW exec Tim
Moran resigns
by Kathy Robertson
April 7, 2011
Sacramento Business

...As president of
Methodist Hospital,
Moran guided the
facility through a
grueling fight with
Kaiser Permanente

to become a Level II
trauma center.
Kaiser won and
opened the new
center in July 2009.
Nathaniel David Durell
Director of Member Case Resolution Center
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan
Member Services Greater San Diego Area
Director · May 1997 to present · San Diego, California
A year after switch to public control,
Marin General Hospital's management
sways skeptics

By Richard Halstead
Marin Independent Journal
Posted: 06/25/2011

In 2007, Dr. Harry Neuwirth, a
Greenbrae urologist, circulated a
petition among Marin doctors and
nurses calling for the sale or lease of
Marin General Hospital.

"We have no confidence that the district
can manage, or oversee the
management of a successful
community hospital," the petition
stated. There were predictions that
doctors and nurses would abandon
the hospital in droves if the hospital
returned to Marin Healthcare District

Today, nearly a year after Sutter
Health's management of Marin
General ended on June 29, 2010,
Neuwirth is a member of a new
physician group, Pacific Specialty Care,
that has entered into a joint venture
with the district-run hospital.

"I'm happy to say I was completely
wrong," Neuwirth said. "I've been very
pleasantly surprised by almost every
aspect of the transition. I've been
working very closely with the hospital."

During his first year at the helm, Marin
Healthcare District chief executive Lee
Domanico has strengthened Marin
General's financial base, forged new
alliances with local doctors and
regional health care organizations and
increased investment in efforts to
retain and attract new doctors to Marin.

Domanico said, "I would give the
hospital a pretty healthy physical
checkup after one year." Health care
industry analysts, however, say Marin
General, like other hospitals
nationwide, faces challenges coping
with lower Medicare reimbursement
rates that will be implemented as part
of Dominican University of California
the federal Affordable Care Act. And
Marin General continues to face stiff
competition from Sutter Health and
Kaiser Permanente for dominance in

In one respect, the economic downturn
worked to the district's advantage by
keeping the job market tight, said
district board member Sharon Jackson.

"Hospital employees might have split
had there been something to split to,"
Jackson said. "That was my great fear.
Instead, they stayed long enough to
find out this is really working."

Neuwirth said one of Marin General's
biggest challenges during the
transition was a lack of working capital.
The Marin Healthcare District has sued
Sutter Health in an attempt to recover
$120 million in profits it says Sutter
transferred from Marin General before
relinquishing control. Court-ordered
arbitration of that claim is scheduled to
begin in January 2012.

Neuwirth said Domanico negotiated
the cash crunch by convincing six
major managed care companies that
have contracts with Marin General to
advance the district 60 days of
payments against future services.

Domanico said the managed care
companies have been repaid, as well
as the hospital's software vendor,
which agreed to delay collection for its

"We have $30 million in cash in the
bank," Domanico said. "That's $25
million more than we had at transfer."

He said that during the first five months
of 2011, surgical volumes, emergency
room visits and overall outpatient
volumes were up. Marin General's
financial reports to the state show that
the hospital's net patient revenue in the
first quarter of 2011 was $71 million,
after the district took control, compared
with $70.5 million in the first quarter of
2010, when Sutter Health still
managed the hospital.

Sutter Health spokeswoman Kathie
Graham declined comment on how
Marin General has performed since the
transfer, because "we're not operating
it anymore." She said, "We want it to be
successful. Marin General Hospital
has always been a respected
institution in the community and
continues to be."

Sutter paid $46 million to purchase
land near downtown San Rafael. So
far, however, it has not proceeded with
its stated plan to build offices for
outpatient services on the land. Bob
Brown, San Rafael's community
development director, said Sutter has
submitted no plans for the site.

"We continue to be in a very preliminary
phase," Graham said. "No decision
about specifics has been made at this
point. We certainly don't have any
specific architectural plans."

But Wanda Jones, president of San
Francisco's New Century Healthcare
Institute and a former Northern
California hospital consultant, said,
"It's not that they haven't done anything
with it. They're doing market studies
and architectural plans. It has to stand
in line for capital with the other capital
projects that Sutter has."

Domanico said Sutter has been
aggressively trying to recruit physicians
into its medical foundation. State law
bars hospitals from employing their
own doctors. As a result, large medical
organizations, including Sutter and
Kaiser, have set up foundations that
are allowed to recruit, hire and sponsor

July 4th, 2011
Marin General’s Domanico: ‘we
defied conventional wisdom’
By Dan Vere
Business Journal

GREENBRAE — One year removed
from a protracted divorce with Sutter
Health, officials at Marin General
Hospital said the county’s largest
health care facility is financially stable
and poised to remain on the path of
being a successful, independently run

That prospect wasn’t always
considered likely.  Dire predictions
once dominated the discussion, with
skeptics doubting the Marin Healthcare
District’s ability to recruit physicians,
negotiate with HMOs or establish
favorable lines of credit if it transferred
away from Sutter.

But since retaking control of the Marin’s
only trauma center last June, Marin
General has announced a flurry a
strategic partnerships, has received
numerous large donations and has
invested heavily in new technology
while expanding services.

“Our most important challenge from a
year ago was to build confidence in our
ability to survive as a freestanding
institution and demonstrate our
leadership,” said Lee Domanico, chief
executive officer of Marin Healthcare
District. “I believe we have made
progress on both—earning the
confidence and beginning to
demonstrate our competence.”

Mr. Domanico cited in particular
formation of the Prima Medical
Foundation shortly after Sutter ceded
control, in collaboration with the Prima
Medical Group and the renamed Marin-
Sonoma IPA.

As hospitals and health care providers
nationwide race to recruit and retain a
broad mix of physicians in response to
health care reform, the new foundation
was key to Marin General, Mr.
Domanico said.

“It’s a key element of our future,” Mr.
Domanico said of the foundation. “It’s
by far the largest medical foundation in
Marin, and so I think it bodes well not
only for the future of the hospital but
also the medical community as a

The foundation has 60-plus
physicians, mostly in primary care, but
Mr. Domanico anticipates both the
number and the specialty areas to
increase over time, as physicians
increasingly look toward larger
foundation models.

Another key partnership is with UCSF,
which will work with Marin General to
provide neurosurgeons. Between the
Prima Medical Foundation, UCSF and
clinics that the health care district
formed relationships with, Marin
General is poised to become a more
integrated health system, driven in part
but not solely by the federal health
overhaul, according to Mr. Domanico.

Other collaborations are likely in the
future—the hospital already has a
purchasing relationship with Catholic
Healthcare West and
is in the process
of exploring some form of
partnership with Kaiser Permanente,
for which the details are still being
worked out, Mr. Domanico said...
Even though it's a
Kaiser has
made $5 billion in
profits since 2009
and pays George
Halvorson, it's CEO,
nearly $8 million a

On top of that, Kaiser
executives are ignoring
their own employees
who are asking for
adequate staffing levels
at Kaiser facilities, and
they're trying to cut
benefits for caregivers.

Please sign this letter to
Mr. Halvorson, asking
him to support AB 52.
This bill would give state
regulators the authority
to reject excessive and
discriminatory rate

Please sign this letter to
Kaiser asking them to
support AB 52.

We, the undersigned,
request that Kaiser
Permanente support AB
52 to give the state the
power to approve or
deny proposed health
insurance rate
increases. This bill will
give California the
power it needs to
protect consumers.

As a "not-for-profit"
company, Kaiser has
carefully cultivated a
progressive image, but
your opposition to AB 52
is anything but
progressive. As a very
profitable not-for-profit,
having made  $5 billion
in profits since 2009,
Kaiser certainly does not
need the ability to raise
rates on customers
whenever it wants.

Kaiser has a real
opportunity to lead the
industry and reform
health insurance in the
state. Please make the
right decision and
support the passage of
AB 52.

Kaiser Permanente's
Health Connect
information system is as
prone to generating
conflicts as any other
information system
probably more so, in fact.
In the paperless world of
Kaiser's system, reliance
upon the data in the
system is virtually 100%,
so the data needs to be
100% correct, or conflicts
and tragedies can ensue.
Kaiser Permanente has
incurred litigation for
numerous wrongful death
claims and was fined
$500,000 in 2001 for not
referring a 19-year-old
patient with muscular
dystrophy with muscular
dystrophy to the UC
Davis Medical Center for
needed care; the boy
died six days later
(Robertson). Conflict in
terms of inconsistent
data and also in terms of
Kaiser and

This research paper
discusses trends
regarding the use of
alternative dispute
resolution techniques
(ADR) as a means for
handling claims in the
health services industry,
especially medical
malpractice matters. In
response to alarming
increases in the size and
incidence of medical
malpractice claims, the
health service industry
has experimented
through legislation and
private contractual
arrangements with
various forms of ADR.
The use of binding
arbitration clauses is
currently in favor among
major health care
providers such as health
organizations (HMOs) as
a means of limiting their
liabilities. The specific
results achieved by ADR
have rarely met the
expectations and claims
of its adherents. The use
of binding arbitration
does tend to serve the
interests of the HMOS,
but fails to do much for
the medical community or
the public and in fact,
may fall into disfavor as
public and judicial
sentiment shifts away
from the current
tendency to enforce such

Background and
development of medical
and health care ADR

ADR developed in
reaction to the litigation
explosion of the 1970s
and 1980s in product
liability, medical
malpractice and other
areas. In the health care
area, its fundamental
premise is "that the
traditional litigation
system is inefficient and
inequitable, that is, that it
fails to provide a prompt
redress to those
interested as a result of
medical neglig
Kaiser Permanente executives, administrators and chief
(with focus on California and San Diego)
"The good liars
are out running
Top 10 Secrets
of Effective
Extreme Fear Blog
by Jeff Wise
May 3, 2010

As I've written earlier,
human beings have an
innate skill at dishonesty.
And with good reason:
being able to manipulate
the expectations of those
around us is a key
survival trait for social
animals like ourselves.
Indeed, a 1999 study by
psychologist Robert
Feldman at the University
of Massachusetts showed
that the most popular kids
were also the most
effective liars. Just
because our aptitude is
hardwired doesn't mean it
can't improve with practice
and skill. Here are ten
techniques that top-notch
liars use to maximize their
effectiveness. (By the
way, this information is
offered as a way to help
detect deceit in others,
not to practice it yourself.

#1 Have a reason.

"Prisons are filled with
bad liars," says
psychologist Charles
Ford, author of the
Lies! Lies! Lies!.

"The good liars
are out running

So what's the big
difference? Basically,
says Ford, the trick is to
lie as little as possible -
only when you actually
have something to gain.
"Pathological liars can't
stop themselves from
lying, so they tell a lot of
little lies and wind up
getting caught," he says.
Truly expert fabricators,
on the other hand, save
their ammunition - they
don't bother to lie unless
it's going to get them
something they really
Mary Ann Barnes--FORMERLY Senior Vice President
and Executive Director Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and
Hospitals in San Diego County
July, 2009--April 2014--at which time she became
regional president of Kaiser Permanente Hawaii region
Barnes succeeds Nathaniel L. Oubré, Jr. who has gone on to greater things
in Oakland (see top of page).
Steven Herbert Goldberg, MD
AAMD--Assistant Area Medical Director
former Chief of dermatology department (thru 2011)
Mike Sirota Writing Services
...Courage to Heal (Sunbelt Publications, $14.95, paperback) is scheduled for release... Dr. Paul
Bernstein has his first "legitimate" publisher. It won't be his last. Congratulations, Paul and Jennifer. As
for the rest of you: always remember to "acknowledge" your writing coach...  
[Maura Larkins comment:
I'm hoping Dr. Bernstein's next novel will be called Courage to Reveal, about a fearless administrator
who steps in to do the right thing
when Kaiser Permanente doctors falsify medical records to cover
up mistakes.]
On August 3, 2011 Dr. Paul Berstein was provided proof of
falsification of medical records.  
Dr. Bernstein asked Dr. Andrew Golden to handle the issue of falsification of records to cover up
malpractice.  Dr. Golden apparently understood that Dr. Bernstein did not want any action taken in this
matter.  Clearly, Kaiser is trying to raise profits by denying that patients have health problems.  (Even
though it's a "not-for-profit" company, (Kaiser has made $5 billion in profits since 2009 and pays George
Halvorson, it's CEO, nearly $8 million a year.)  

(See continuation of this story in Andrew Golden, MD article just below, beneath Jenny Devitt.,)
Kaiser Permanente Names New Senior Vice President and Executive
Director for San Diego
Former CEO George C. Halvorson
Chairman of the Board and the chief executive
officer of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and
Hospitals turned over his post to Mr. Tyson
Even though it's a "not-for-profit" company, Kaiser makes billions
in profits and paid George Halvorson, it's CEO, nearly $8 million a
1 Kaiser Plaza
Oakland, Ca. 94612
Nathaniel L. Oubré, Jr.
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals' senior vice
president and executive director
"...SCPMG's executive team works in tandem with Nathaniel L. Oubré, Jr., Kaiser
Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals' senior vice president and executive
Formerly in San Diego:Nate Oubre, Chief Executive Officer, Kaiser
Permanente, San Diego
1971 Buick GS 455 - Blowing the Off-Brand Owner: Nathaniel
David Durell  Hometown: Ramona, California, the sticks of
San Diego
Paul Bernstein, M.D.
San Diego Area Medical Director for SCPMG
since May 2009
Otolaryngology--32 years experience (as of August 2011)
Kaiser Permanente San Diego Medical Center
4647 Zion Ave
San Diego, CA 92120
More on Dr. Paul

Comment by DoubleFixed

Kaiser Permanente's
Best Medical Director
Is a Powerless Patient

Dr. Bernstein has treated
me for twenty years. He is
exactingly competent,
compassionate, and
committed to patient care.
The Kaiser Health Plan,
Medical Group, and the
California Department of
Managed Health Care
Kaiser's best Medical
Director by imposing
illegal, unethical
financial and
constraints that render
him powerless to
advocate for the best
interests of his
patients’ individual
medical needs.
Permanente’s mass
medicine = car wash
health care. Kaiser
review process has
been rigged to permit
disruptive doctors to
duck discipline and to
harm patients
. I
submitted a written
complaint to him that has
gone unanswered for 7
months. Original
investigations are posted
Robert Finney PhD  

[Maura Larkins'
comment: it sounds like
Dr. Bernstein may have
sold out to get to an
executive position.]
Yvonne Hanzen--(no longer in this position in
Department administrator for Dermatology and Urology in
San Diego
Involved in making
x-rays unavailable to doctors--even
ER doctors--just days after x-rays were performed.
Dr. Rhee emails
Sharon Levine: "Inept"?  "Do-nothing"?  

"Sharon Levine, 65, of Palo Alto, was appointed to the
Medical Board of California by Governor Arnold
Schwarzenegger in 2009
and has been [re]appointed by
Governor Brown.  

She has been the associate executive director at
Permanente Medical Group
since 1991 and served as
a pediatrician from 1977 to 1991. Levine also served as chief of
pediatrics and chief of quality assurance between 1977 and
1991.  Dr. Levine earned her medical degree from Tufts
University School of Medicine.

[She works for Kaiser and she "investigates" Kaiser doctors for
the State of California.].  
Jeffrey A. Weisz, MD  
Executive Medical Director and Chariman of the Board SCPMG 2004-12
Jan. 2012 went to Northwest Permanente Medical Group
Kaiser executives seem to spend only a short time in each position, perhaps
to escape responsibility for
Post-graduate Fellowship in Health Care Administration
Benjamin K. Chu, MD, MPH, MACP
Octover 21, 2015:
Does the National Academy of Medicine base its membership on political clout?
Updated 04/08/2014:
Executive vice president, Kaiser Foundation
Hospitals and Health Plan;
Group president, Kaiser Permanente
Southern California and Hawaii;
President, Kaiser Permanente Southern California
Former President of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan
and Hospitals, Southern California Region
Former COO
Benjamin K. Chu, MD, Named Chair-Elect
of American Hospital Association
SAN DIEGO, July 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/
-- Benjamin K. Chu, MD, MPH, MACP,
group president for Kaiser Permanente
Southern California and Kaiser Permanente Hawaii,
has been chosen as the American Hospital
Association's chair-elect designate.  He will become the top elected official of the national organization
representing America's hospitals and health systems in 2013.
Robert Pearl, MD
Executive Director and CEO
The Permanente Medical Group (Includes SCPMG,  
Northern and Central California, and 8 other states)

3/27/2014 Forbes Magazine article by Robert Pearl
Offshoring American Health Care: Higher Quality At Lower
Story of father's death used by Robert Pearl for advertising
purposes April 18, 2008
Dr. Golden says he forwarded the problem to the Quality Review Department, which
apparently has understood his lack of leadership to be an indication that he doesn't want
any action on the problem.  Is this how one rises in the ranks at Kaiser, Dr. Golden?
Update #1: September 19, 2011
The author of this website has an appointment with Dr. Golden at his administrative office
Do I have any takers on a bet as to whether he will give me the VUCG images
I ordered over two months ago?  I'm betting that he will, but I'm an eternal optimist with a
tendency to lose every bet I make.
Update #2: September 19, 2011
I lose!  Dr. Golden did not give me the VUCG images.  
At first Kaiser said that a series of x-rays had never been digitized, but that five
x-rays had been saved on thermal paper!
Then two more images magically turned up.  How could that be, if only five x-rays had
been saved, and none of them had been digitized?
One of the original images turned up with altered information in its label.  Finally
two doctors and an administrator
admitted that the images had been digitized, but
Kaiser still refused to release all the images
in response to a written request for
medical records.
 Kaiser would not even release them to a non-Kaiser doctor so
that the patient could get a second opinion at an August 19, 2011 appointment.
In early August 2011, Medical Director Paul Bernstein (above) asked Doctor
Golden to deal with the problem of
missing x-rays, x-rays saved only on thermal
paper, and falsified medical reports.  As of September 2, 2011 the saga of the x-rays
has become more and more bizarre.  
Thank Heaven for Insurance
Companies blog
John Mattison
assistant medical director
chief medical information officer for Kaiser
Permanente Southern California.
 September 19, 2011
He does most of his work in San Diego.
San Diego
Updated 2014: Kaiser has 528,000 members in San Diego County, with 24 medical
office buildings throughout the region and a major hospital on Zion Avenue in San
Diego.  The organization includes 1,100 local doctors and 7,700 employees.
Teresa Stark
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan lobbyist
Minnesota Attorney General investigation of Kaiser
Permanente CEO George Halvorson and others
James G. Malone
Medical Group Administrator
Malone heads SCPMG in San Diego, but the only
address I can find for him is:
393 E. Walnut St.
Pasadena, CA 91188
updated April 2014
Lynette Seid
San Diego Area Chief Financial Officer
updated April 2014
UPDATE: Ms. Seid personally produced
this bizarre set of
Ms. Seid tells me she in charge of medical records in
addition to being CFO. You would think that medical records
would be pretty straightforward, but it seems there is a lot of
subjective decison-making when it comes to "striking out"
(Ms. Seid's word) undesirable records and creating new
records.  But what I find really odd is that Ms. Seid says it will
2-4 weeks for her to find out what happened to my
VUCG images.
Rodger Dougherty
Director of Public Affairs at Kaiser Permanente
Associated with Kaiser Foundation Hospital
Studied Psychology at Arizona State University
From Denver, Colorado

Rodger Dougherty:
"Getting ready for #health2con tour at KP's
Garfield Speacialy Care Center..." 21 Mar 2011
Andrew M. Wiesenthal, MD, SM is Associate
Executive Director of the
Permanente Federation for
Clinical Information Support.  From 1983 until April 2000, Dr.
Wiesenthal served as a pediatrician and pediatric infectious
disease consultant with the Colorado Permanente Medical
Group (CPMG). He also led CPMG’s quality management
program and served as Associate Medical Director for
Medical Management, with responsibility for quality
management, utilization management, regulatory compliance,
risk management, credentialing and physician performance,
and informatics.  He joined the Permanente Federation in
April 2000.
Rhianne Steins
Rhianne R. Steins, Director of Diagnostic Imaging

Eric Beauregard
Assistant Director of Imaging Services at Kaiser Permanente
Feb 2009-
updated 2014

Suzanne St. Clair
Assistant Director

Debbie McNamara
Clerical Services Manager,
Diagnostic Imaging File Room,
San Diego Service Area
4307 Vandever
San Diego, Ca 92120
Four ways to stem the rumor mill
If you don't share info, others will do it for you
AUGUST 15, 2008
By Debbie McNamara
In a large organization, the rumor mill never sleeps. In fact, it is many people's main source of
information. As a senior records clerk for 16 years at Kaiser Permanente, I certainly got my share of
news through the grapevine. Too often that was my only source of news.  But as a manager or team co-
lead, part of your job is to share info and provide an alternative to the rumor mill. That's been especially
true in our department. Because our Service Area is moving to digital imaging, we'll be downsizing the
department—and the rumors are out there.
Having worked both sides of the desk—for the
past seven years as a manager—I do four things to stay
ahead of the mill.
Don't sugarcoat the news. Members of my department know I don't just tell them what they want to hear,
that I'm not hiding anything. I want staff to have as much information as I do, so they can make good
decisions. For instance, I keep people updated on when each of our clinics is moving to digital imaging,
and what it means for us. If you have a history of trust it is easier to deliver—and to hear—difficult
Hold open forums. Every month I invite three guests to meet with our staff—Annette Baxter of OPEIU
Local 30, which represents the radiology clerks;
my supervisor, Director of Diagnostic Imaging
Rhianne Stein
s; and a HR manager. We take an hour to discuss what's happening in our area, answer
questions, hear people's ideas and concerns, and sort fact from fiction. We can't answer every question
on the spot, but when I get back to folks with real information, it cuts down on wild rumors.
Have your ducks in a row. When I started as a manager, I would share almost every new idea I had.
Sometimes I ended up disappointing people when a plan they were fired up about couldn't go forward.
Now, I still try to get out information and ideas as quickly as possible. But I wait to have all the facts and
try to anticipate questions people might have before I raise their expectations or anxieties. You have to
strike the right balance—but remember, if you wait too long to share news, the rumor mill will do it for
Listen, don't just talk. Recently, we were able to head off a potential conflict about work flow and job
assignments within our department. When I heard about the problem, I called a meeting between all the
affected parties and we came up with a process that everyone is satisfied with. Sometimes listening is
the best way to lead.
What should be
done about
Kaiser's tactic
profits by
denying needed
health care?

Kaiser should be
required to allow patients
to pay for care that
Kaiser says they don't
need.  Patients could pay
a significant portion of
the bill, say 50%.  The
care would most likely be
given by doctors outside
of Kaiser (since Kaiser
doctors would have
already indicated that
they were not interested
in dealing with the
Cindy Guinto--updated 2014
Director of Hospital records
Mar 10, 2011 – Cindy Guinto, Director
Of Health Information at Kaiser Foundation Hospitals
CA Wildfires: Operation Evacuation
By Ainsley Maloney November 19, 2007
...Helping the transition even more was the fact that Kaiser Permanente contracts beds with Pomerado-the only acute-
care hospital in the Eastern part of the county. This meant that some patients evacuated from Pomerado were actually
in the care of Kaiser physicians, and already had their medical information loaded in the hospital's electronic medical
record (EMR), KP HealthConnect.

"We had the ability to access some of the patient's medical records both ambulatory, previous discharge summaries,
histories, physicals and consults," Dr. Cory explained. "The transition was about as seamless as you could hope for."

Cindy Guinto, RHIT, director of hospital records/transcription for Kaiser, explained that discharging Pomerado's patients
once they were able to return to the hospital went equally as smoothly as taking them in. At the end of their stay, the
complete packet of information-from the paper they came in with to anything generated at Kaiser-was assembled to a
permanent record, and transfer summaries were dictated and transcribed accordingly, Guinto explained.

"Everyone did a great job in making the transfer summaries available right away, from the doctors getting them dictated,
to MTs getting them transcribed timely so the patient could go back to the facility as soon as possible," Guinto
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals and Permanente Medical Groups are theoretically
separate, with Kaiser being non-profit and Permanente being for-profit.  But they are so closely related
that both groups call themselves "Kaiser Permanente."
“Working for Kaiser
may in fact kill you”
Sep 27, 2011
Kaiser Permanente Human
Resources Manager in
Sacramento, CA:   
(Past Employee - 2011)


If you plan to get a job at
Kaiser, make sure you get
hired on the ...PMG
[Permanente Medical Group]
side of the house.

The KFHP/H entity treats its
managers like crap and makes
its people pay higher co-pays
and deductibles than TPMG
managers. Additionally,
KFHP/H managers at KP do
not get big bonuses
like their
TPMG counterparts.
Larkins comment: Perhaps this
is necessary in order to pay
CEO George Halvorson almost
$8 million a year.]


They used to have a lot of team-
building activities back in the day
(employer-paid BBQs, etc.) but
not anymore. Expect a "watch
your back" culture, too, as
everyone that works for Kaiser is
too afraid to tell senior
management anything...
CA Wildfires: Operation Evacuation
By Ainsley Maloney
November 19, 2007
Just as Pomerado was moving patients
out, eight hospitals in the region were
gathering resources to take them in. Kaiser Permanente San Diego Medical Center was
one that accepted nine acute-care patients from Pomerado and 10 from the skilled
nursing center. Physicians from Kaiser Permanente spoke with ADVANCE about the other
side of an evacuation-what happens when a hospital agrees to take evacuated patients in.

Kaiser Permanente San Diego Medical Center ran a 24-hour emergency operations
center during the week of the wildfires to deal with the influx of calls.
William C. Cory, MD, assistant area medical director for Kaiser Permanente's San Diego
Medical Center, was there on Monday Oct. 22 when patients from Pomerado rolle
d in...
Dave Horton
David H. Horton
Superior of Rhianne Steins, Diagnostic Imaging
Kaiser Permanente censorship
* Kaiser Permanente promotes
CIO Philip Fasano to EVP
* Kaiser Permanente names
Bernard Tyson president/COO
Chief of Psychiatry Department
San Diego
Med. School:
Albany Medical College,
Albany Ny 12208
Grad. Year: 1973
Asst. Clinical Professor
Linda Shinabarger Thornton LCSW
Department Administrator, Psychiatry Dept San Diego
Clinical Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine
3420 Kenyon St
San Diego , CA - 92110
Joel Hyatt, MD
SCPMG's Assistant Associate Medical
Director/Clinical Services since 1990
(one department administrator ("DA") for both urology and dermatology
Diagnositic Imaging/Radiology
William C. Cory, MD, assistant area
medical director for Kaiser Permanente's
San Diego Medical Center
Medical Records
Andrew Myers Golden, MD
Director of Service for SCPMG San Diego

A conflict of interest that subverts the law?

In this position, Dr. Andrew Golden represents SCPMG
(Southern California Permanente Medical Group) as
liaison with Member Services.  Member Services
required by law to be part of
Kaiser Foundation Health
Plan and Hospitals (which is
the insurance company part
of the Kaiser/ SCPMG partnership)
.  But here's the
problem:  Dr. Golden also signs decisions for Kaiser
Foundation Health Plan in his position on the Medical
Center Review Committee.
Medical Center
Member Services/Dispute Resolution
Public Relations
Andrew Golden, MD
Cases and news
Blog: Kaiser Permanente
Kaiser Permanente links
Other--Permanente Federation
Kelly Cook

Ken Hudson

Jaime Crippen
Team Lead San Diego Member Case Resolution Center
Vandever Ave, San Diego, Attention: Jaime Crippen

Jon Stieglitz
Team Lead San Diego Member Case Resolution Center

Andrew Jones, Senior Case Manager
Southern California
Permanente Medical
Group (SCPMG)
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan & Hospitals
Primary Care
Michael Jeffrey Lalich, MD
Chief Physician for Family Medicine
On Oct. 10, 2011 I sent Mr. Dougherty an email asking for the names of the
Department Administrator and the Chief Physician for Primary Care in San Diego.  
He never responded, but I've discovered the information by other means.
TPMG and Medical Board of California
Dr. Michael Lalich
Dr. Silverio T Chavez

Margaret D. Shepherd
Yvonne Hanzen--replaced by Eli Cueto
Department administrator for Dermatology and Urology in
San Diego
Involved in making
x-rays unavailable to doctors--even
ER doctors--just days after x-rays were performed.
Dr. Rhee emails
(one department administrator ("DA") for both dermatology and urology
Eugene Rhee, MD
Chief of urology department
Chief physicians and
their department
Dr. William Keen
Chief Physician for Internal Medicine
Dr. Martin M. Bartolac
Area Physician Leader
La Mesa
Dr. Jay P. Mongiardo
(Physician in charge--East County)
Elected board members (about 2011)
Siegel, Jonathan, MD
Southern California Permanente
Medical Group
San Diego Medical Center
Acute Care-med/surg Department
4647 Zion Ave
San Diego, CA 92120
Annie Russell RN, MSN, MBA
Associate Medical Group Administrator
(updated 2014 April)
Formerly Service Area Assistant Administrator
Department Administrators report to her
April L. Moon
Service Area Assistant Administrator
Assistant Medical Group Administrator/Urology
Bertha Aviles
Service Area Assistant Administrator
Medical Office Records
Hospital Medical Records
Liza Zinola Webb
Service Area Assistant Administrator
Stephen Capon, AAMD
Assistant Area Medical Director
(Marina Baroff was the Service Area Assistant Administrator for Radiology
files in July 2009, but she has chosen to move to UCSD.)
Service Area Assistant Administrator Dave Horton
Lab and pathology
Dave Horton
Service Area Assistant Administrator
Naomi R. Buckwalter, MD.
LAB DIRECTOR: SAN DIEGO - Parkway La Mesa Med Group Lab
Kaiser Department of Pathology
Graduated from Indiana University School of Medicine
Dave Horton
Service Area Assistant Administrator
April L. Moon
Service Area Assistant Administrator updated 2011
Ed Littlejohn, FORMER Chief Operating Officer  
left Kaiser for a position as chief operating officer of Tenet
Health Care in Orange County
San Diego Metro Magazine
Apr 7, 2011 –. Kaiser Permanente Appoints Chief Operating Officer
Kaiser Permanente San Diego has appointed Edward Littlejohn as chief
operating officer, leading the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and hospital
operations in North County. Littlejohn previously was the chief operating officer for
Hospital Corporation of America-John Randolph Medical Center in Hopewell, Va.,
where he oversaw a 147-bed acute care community hospital. During his tenure he
developed an urgent care center, established a Hospitalist Program, and
launched an ASC joint venture with local physicians. Littlejohn earned a master’s
degree from Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree from California State
University, Northridge.
Ed Littlejohn, Chief Operating Officer 9/15/2011    
Michelle Gibson
La Mesa DA
Marie Mutuc-Wurst, MD
Dr. Marie Paz Mutuc-Wurst
Assistant Area Medical Director--AAMD
(re outpatient performance)
graduated with an MD 15 years ago.
San Diego Magazine Top Doctors 2008
Internal Medicine
8080 Parkway Drive La Mesa CA, 91942
Grad School   
Creighton University
Class of 1996 · M.D.
California State University, Los Angeles
Class of 1992
College        UCLA   Class of 1989
High School   Schurr High  Class of 1985
As Kaiser Workers Face
Cuts, Execs Have
Enjoyed Lavish Benefits
Dave Jamieson
Huffington Post

...Halvorson's package
included a $1.2 million
payment to his
non-qualified retirement
plan." More than 40 other
officers and employees
received payments to such
retirement stashes --
several of them in the
hundreds of thousands of
Kathy Dundovich
Area Administrator for East County
Kathy Dundovich. Department Administrator of Pediatrics. Kaiser San Diego April
1998 TWIN Honorees
Nutrition Education 2006
Jennifer Baldivid
Director of Member Services in San Diego; office at Vandever.
Jenny Devitt, MD
Assistant Area Medical Director
Southern California Permanente Medical Group
San Diego Medical Center
Hematology/Oncology Department
4647 Zion Ave
San Diego, CA 92120
Frederick D. Walker, Jr.
Former Chief of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine,
Kaiser Hospital--seems to have retired at end of 2011
Bertha Aviles
Complaint--how to file
Tom Meier, Kaiser's senior vice president and corporate treasurer
CFO Kathy Lancaster
Kaiser's executive vice president and CFO
updated 04/08/2014
May 17, 2007
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals
Announces Promotions of Kathy Lancaster, Arthur M. Southam, MD, and
Bernard Tyson... to executive vice president positions...Kathy Lancaster, who
has been senior vice president of strategic planning and chief financial officer
since 2005, has been promoted to executive vice president and chief financial
officer of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals...
updated 04/08/2014
Former COO Bernard Tyson
President and chief operating officer, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Kaiser Foundation Health Plans.  
[Mr. Tyson took control of Kaiser on Jan. 1, 2014--see above.
 I can not find the name of any new COO.  
Perhaps the duties have been given to more than one person and the position eliminated.]
Arthur M. Southam, MD
Updated 04/08/2014
Executive vice president, Health Plan Operations
Joined Kaiser Permanente in 2001 as senior vice president, Product and
Market Management
Before joining Kaiser Permanente, Dr. Southam was president and chief
executive officer of Health Systems Design Corporation, a developer of
software systems to support health plans and health care providers. From
1996 to 1998, he was vice chairman, president and chief executive officer of
Health Net, a large California-based health benefit plan. Before joining
Health Net, he was chief executive officer of CareAmerica Health Plans. He
is past chairman of the California Association of HMOs.
Raymond J. Baxter, PhD Senior VP, Community Benefit, Research, and Health
Former CEO Dr. David Lawrence
Kathy Swenson, former Chief Marketing Officer
Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., and their respective
subsidiaries (KFH/HP)
Dr. Ames Daniel Ressa
Ames Daniel Ressa, MD                
Surgery: General         
Garfield Specialty Care Center
5893 Copley Dr
San Diego
Emergency Room
Dr. Daniel L. Meltzer
Chief physician

Keven J. Porter
Department Administrator
San Diego gynecology department even falls short compared to other Kaiser
see rankings
Dr. Jenny Devitt

Jenny Devitt, MD
Assistant Area Medical Director
Southern California Permanente Medical Group, San Diego Medical Center
Hematology/Oncology Department
4647 Zion Ave, San Diego, CA 92120
Charles Henderson Miller, MD
Chief physician as of Dec. 2011
La Mesa Medical Offices
8080 Parkway Drive
La Mesa
Dr. Charles Miller
Urology problems at new San
Diego Garfield Specialty
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan & Hospitals administration
Gregory A. Adams
Susan Ryan
Sr. VP, Area Manager at Kaiser Permanente
Took over as top administrator at Fresno Kaiser Hospital
in 2005; forced to resign in 2008 as fall guy for Hamid
Safari scandal
Photo from http://photogallery.fresnorotary.org
Southern California
Dr. J. Brian Bronson
Chief of Kaiser Permanente Vandever Medical Offices
Primary Care Department
Family Practice Department
4405 Vandever Ave
San Diego, CA 92120
Ames Ressa, MD
Kaiser Permanente Transplant Program
Oscar Bronsther, M.D.
Vycor Medical Appoints Oscar Bronsther, M.D.
to Board of Directors
PRWEB.COM Newswire
November 29, 2011

Vycor Medical, Inc. (OTCBB-VYCO) (“Vycor”) announces that Oscar Bronsther, M.D., F.A.C.S was
appointed to Vycor’s Board of Directors with immediate effect. Dr. Bronsther is currently Clinical
Professor at George Washington University, Washington, DC.

Dr. Bronsther has served as Clinical Professor at George Washington University since 2002. He had
previously served as an Associate Professor at the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY (1994-2001),
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA (1989-1994) and University of California San Diego (1984). He
also serves as the Chairman, Section of General Surgery at Inova Fairfax Hospital.
Since 2002, he
has served as a Board Member, National Board Member and
Director of
Transplant Services of Kaiser Permanente Medical Group...
would have made him the boss of Sharon Inokuchi--see below.]
Suzanne Estelle Afflalo, MD
In 2003, I was chosen to be the clinical chief of our
family medicine department, which currently has
140 physicians.
From Wikipedia article:
U.S. News and World Report,
in its 2006 annual ranking of
US commercial health plans,
ranked Kaiser Foundation
Health Plans as follows, out of
246 rated plans:[47]

45. Northern California
57. Colorado
65. Georgia
67. Ohio
90. Southern California
94. Hawaii
106. Mid-Atlantic States
121. Northwest
Dr. James Zhou, Physician in Charge/
Primary Care/Vandever Medical Offices
Dr. Adriana Bedoya, Chief Pathology San Diego Medical
Center as of Dec. 2011
Dr. Peter Custis
Keith Schmidt
ADA Assistant Department Administrator (updated 2014)
Scott Morgan:  Executive Director, National Compliance
Privacy and Security Officer
Kaiser Permanent
Donna Lupinacci
Compliance officer for Kaiser Permanente in San Diego
Kaiser links
Emily Chou
Asst. Chief Internal Medicine
Oceanside Medical Offices
3609 Ocean Ranch Blvd
Gay Westfall, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Kaiser
Foundation Hospitals and Health Plan
2012 Dr. Weisz  
transferred to Oregon
SCPMG's Executive Medical Director Jeffrey Weisz left in Jan. 2012, but
the company did not publicly announce a replacement.
 Jeffrey Weisz  
was still listed on every directory and press release I could find on Feb. 24,
2012.  I tried to call SCPMG offices in Pasadena, but no live operator
answers.  To access the system, you have to either have a mail box in the
system, or know the extension of the person you wish to talk to.  
Kaiser covers up for another negligent doctor,
whistleblowers retaliated against — AGAIN
October 16th, 2007
Kaiser Thrive Exposed joins Justen Deal in his demand for the resignation of The Permanente
Medical Group CEO, and lead obfuscater, Dr. Robert Pearl.
“I’ve been telling these guys for years that he was going to kill someone,” said Dr. Gilbert Moran, the
former ob-gyn chief. “And no one would listen.”
By Tracy Weber and Charles Ornstein, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers
Diane Keefer Director Revenue Cycle, San Mateo Service Area Kaiser Permanente since 2004,
Alan Burnett human resources manager and Debbie Taylor--(lawsuit)
LinkedIn San Francisco Bay Area - Admitting Department at Kaiser Hospital
Todd Sachs, MD, FACS, Assistant Area Medical Director for
the Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles Medical Center
It was announced in 2012 that
Bernard Tyson
, Kaiser Permanente
president and chief operating officer
(see below), would replace Mr.
Halvorson in 2013.  He would assume
the role of CEO in May and become
Chairman at the end of 2013.
San Diego Education Report
San Diego
Education Report
Mid-Atlantic Kaiser Permanente
Edward Ellison, MD
Kaiser kept mum about who would replace Dr. Weisz.  UCLA was  
the first to release the name of Edward Ellison, referring to him as
"Medical Director Elect" on January 25, 2012, when Dr.
Ellison spoke at the "The Health Forum" at UCLA. If Dr. Ellison
was the "Medical Director Elect" on January 25, 2012, then why
does Kaiser indicate that he assumed his job on January 1, 2012?
Edward Ellison
SCPMG CEO/Executive Medical Director
Lisa Hone, area operations manager for San Diego Kaiser Permanente
Diane Gage Lofgren Senior VP, Brand Strategy,
Communications, and Public Relations

Chuck Columbus Senior Vice President
and Chief Human Resources Officer
Kaiser Leadership
Sharon Levine's
"a danger to
the community"  
(Los Angeles Times)
Bernard J. Tyson Assumes Role of
Chairman of Kaiser Permanente
By Kaiser Permanente
Jan. 2, 2014

OAKLAND, Calif., /PRNewswire/ -- Kaiser Permanente
today announced that Bernard J. Tyson officially
assumed the role of chairman of the boards of
directors of Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Kaiser
Foundation Health Plan, Inc., America's largest
non-profit integrated health care provider.
Tyson was
originally named by the boards in November 2012
to be the organization's next chairman and CEO,

and he has been serving as CEO since July 2013.
assumed the role of chairman on Jan. 1, 2014...
Phil Fasano
Mark S. Zemmelman--CHIEF COUNSEL
Senior vice president and general counsel
updated April 2014
Mark Zemmelman
Chief counsel
was appointed director of the California Department of
Managed Health Care in Aug. 2011.
Dana Gascay
Associate Medical Group Administrator  
Carlsbad, California (Greater San Diego Area)
(downloaded 04/08/2014)

Mary Hanshaw
Director of Radiology

Stephanie Ritter
added April 2014
John (Jack) Cochran, MD, FACS
Executive director,
The Permanente Federation, LLC
(added to this page 04/08/2014)
Gregory A. Adams
Executive vice president,
updated 04/08/2014
Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Health Plan;
Group president, Kaiser Permanente Northern
California and Mid-Atlantic States;
President, Kaiser Permanente Northern California
Formerly Associate regional president and chief operating officer of Kaiser
Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals in Northern California
Phil Fasano Executive Vice President and
Chief Information Officer--updated April 2014
Donna Lynne, DrPH
Executive vice president Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Health Plan, Inc.; Group
president, Kaiser Permanente Colorado, Northwest and Georgia; President, Kaiser
Foundation Health Plan of Colorado (added April 2014)

Anthony A. Barrueta
Senior vice president, Government Relations( added April 2014)

Raymond J. Baxter, PhD
Senior vice president, Community Benefit, Research and Health Policy
Photo of Chuck Columbus (added April 2014)

Chuck Columbus
Senior vice president and chief Human Resources officer (added April 2014)

Amy Compton-Phillips, MD
Associate executive director, Quality, The Permanente Federation (added April 2014)

Daniel P. Garcia, February 2014
Senior vice president and chief compliance officer, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and
Health Plan Board of Directors (added April 2014)

Chris Grant
Senior vice president, Corporate Development, Care Delivery Strategy and Venture
Investments (added April 2014)

Jed Weissberg, MD
Senior vice president, Hospitals, Quality and Care Delivery Excellence, Medical director,
Medicare Advantage, Cost and Prescription Drug Plans
Photo of Scott Young, MD.

Scott Young, MD
Associate executive director, Clinical Care and Innovation, The Permanente Federation,
Senior medical director and executive director, Care Management Institute
Annie Russell RN, MSN, MBA
Associate Medical Group Administrator
(updated 2014 April)
Formerly Service Area Assistant Administrator
Department Administrators report to her
David Horton
Assistant Area Medical Group Administrator
updated 2014, 2016

April Moon [Waara]
Assistant Medical Group Administrator at Kaiser Permanente updated 04/08/2014
updated April 12, 2016 office 4511 Orcutt, San Diego, CA 92120
Dana Gascay
Associate Medical Group Administrator  
Carlsbad, California (Greater San Diego Area)
(updated 04/08/2014)
 Oversees release/non-release
of diagnostic images
Earlier Kaiser cases
Blog posts Kaiser malpractice
Recent Kaiser cases
2014 Lawsuit charges Jeffrey Weisz:

"...Dr. Jennifer Lycette claims quality of care took a nosedive when Northwest
Permanente Medical Group hired Jeffrey Weisz as its president and executive
medical director in 2011. Weisz had previously worked for Kaiser in Southern

"'During Dr. Weisz's tenure (in California), he established a reputation as a
ruthless administrator who found ways to minimize payrolls by shrinking staff
while patient loads skyrocketed, often leaving the remaining staff members
trying to cope with impossible patient demands which ultimately harmed Kaiser's
' reads Lycette's lawsuit, filed Tuesday in Multnomah County Circuit Court...."
JULIE WILSON retired around the end of
2012--replaced by Melinda Ramsay
Supervisor, Hospital Records
Release of Information Unit Nov. 2012
San Diego State University; San Diego Mesa College
Aug. 17, 2011   Julie Wilson, manager of Medical Records, was
person who
denied complaint and request for digitized VUCG
images; of course, she was required to do so by Lynnette Seid
Lynette Seid, CFO
and chief
administrator for
medical records
Jane Finley senior vice president and
executive director of Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and
Health Plan in San Diego replacing Mary Ann Barnes

Finley began her career at Kaiser Permanente in 1984.
She has advanced through a variety of positions and
was promoted to senior vice president and service area
manager of the Valleys service area in 2004. Two years
later, she moved to Downey where she helped to complete
the construction and opening of the new Kaiser Permanente
Downey Medical Center.

Finley earned a bachelor’s degree in medical technology from the University of
Missouri, Columbia and a master’s degree in health service administration from the
University of Michigan. She will assume her new position in
June 2014.
Max Villalobos chief operating officer of North County
for Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Health Plan, replacing
Ed Littlejohn in June 2014

Previously senior vice president and area manager of Kaiser’s
operations in Napa and Solano counties in Northern California,
which includes hospitals in Vallejo and Vacaville.

Villalobos holds a master’s degree in health services
administration from the University of Southern California.
Lynette Seid, CFO, involved in
medical records hoax, later  
exposed in 2014
Eric Beauregard
The turnover of administrators at Kaiser
Permanente is remarkably rapid,
but I try to update
as often as I can.  Why does this constant change
The upside for Kaiser is that It's hard for patients to
follow up on a complaint regarding someone who's not
there anymore.
Eli J. Cueto
Department administrator Urology (updated 2014)
Melinda Ramsay
Daniel Stain
Department administrator
updated 2014
January 12, 2016
Dr. Eugene Washington, Kaiser board
Jan. 11, 2016

Eugene Washington, MD is the former dean of UCLA
Medical School and UCLA vice chancellor who was
scrutinized in 2014 in the wake of a successful $10
million whistle-blower lawsuit brought by a doctor at
UCLA regarding ethics kickbacks and retaliation.

It's pretty clear why Kaiser Permanente is
delighted to have him as a new member of the
Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Health Plan
boards of directors. He'll fit in well with Kaiser's
culture of pursuing profits (without paying
taxes) at the expense of patients.
Eugene Washington, MD, Joins Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. and Kaiser
Foundation Hospitals Boards of Directors
“The current toxic corporate culture is the antithesis of the Thrive marketing plan
and the quality of patient care being compromised.”  

Turnover of executives is staggering. “In nine years, San Francisco had six Senior
Vice Presidents/Area Managers and two interim Senior Vice Presidents/Area
Managers. Of those, three are still there, three were fired, two “retired”.

Jeffery Sterman, Public Affairs Director and voice of Kaiser Permanente in San
Francisco for ten years.  June 5, 2008 /PRNewswire/
Former Calif. DOMC Attorney Agrees to
Fine for Assisting Kaiser in Audit
California Healthline
January 13, 2016

...In September 2013, National Union of
Healthcare Workers filed a complaint against
Kaiser alleging that the
company hired Marcy
Gallagher to impede an investigation into its

Gallagher previously served as an attorney
with the California Department of Managed
Health Care's enforcement division.

Kaiser hired Gallagher in 2012 while she
was investigating the organization's health
Stephen Capon, MD, Assistant Area
Medical Director
Involved in Outside Referrals
updated April 2016
Stephen M. Capon
Joanne Goldenberg
Managed Care Service Director
Contracts Administrator
Outside Referrals
updated April 2016