Not everyone dislikes Richard Werlin.  

A WCCCUSD parent posted the following on the yahoo group site West County
Parents Forum.  She wanted to defend Werlin, but apparently couldn't come up with
any examples of any good things he had done. So she decided to attack the author
of this website, apparently believing that the enemy of my "friend" is my enemy.
The posting above by lrl  is from wccusdtalk · West County
Parents Forum
Mon Mar 19, 2007 12:49 pm  #8854
The dictionary says the word
DISGRUNTLED means, "in a state of
sulky dissatisfaction;
discontent...displeased and
discontented, sulky; peevish...
grouchy, testy sullen grumpy

Someone certainly got that
wrong.  Maura Larkins is a
cheerful person--just ask anyone
who has spent a lot of time around
her.  One of her talents is finding
the humor and irony in just about
every situation--including Richard
Werlin's bullying.

Maura Larkins is also dedicated to
changing our failing school
         > > >
Some people (such as lrl)
clearly believe that a
court decision was made
that determined that
these malicious
allegations,  published  on
a public site, were true.

In fact, the quotes are
from a PERB agent's
dismissal of a case which
never heard before a

Maura Larkins' charges
were dismissed without any
findings being made.  The
allegations quoted were

Law Enforcement for
deposition passages that
prove that Richard Werlin
committed perjury, in
addition to other crimes.  
Maura Larkins' San Diego
Superior Court Case was
thrown out before it was
heard because she couldn't
keep up with the eight law
firms working against her.
In Defense of Richard Werlin
New Book about

Someone at WCCCUSD appears to
agree with Robert Sutton, author
of the new book "The No A__hole
(Sorry for the bad language, but
that's the name of the book.)

The book says that bullies
harm productivity and cause
talented employees to leave.

Many excellent employees left
Castle Park Elementary School in
Chula Vista when Rick Werlin and
a small group of abusive teachers
ruled the roost there, protected by
hundreds of thousands of taxpayer
dollars and a school board that
was willing to pay whatever it
took to cover up Rick Werlin's

Sutton "advocates a tough
zero-tolerance policy for jerks at
work, and offers self-diagnostic
tests to see whether you yourself
might be part of the problem,"
says Newsweek's John Sparks.

(March 19, 2007).
Re: re-hiring retired administrators
(by lrl)

I'm curious too, what happened to Rick Werlin,(HR)?
I had heard good things about him and was hoping he could help protect students
from abusive teachers.
Most teachers are wonderful, but sometimes you find a teacher with serious
I know he was kind of trashed on this group.
A while back Jill posted negative stuff about him that was taken from
a disgruntled teacher's personal web site.
I've put the links below from Court Documents (where this teacher lost) and links to
her website, so people can check it out and decide for themselves.

[Correction by Maura Larkins: the teacher did not lose; rather, the case was
never heard by a judge.  This was perhaps a tragedy for WCCSD, which later
hired Richard Werlin, and then experienced similar events when Richard
Werlin's malice caused him to lose all sense of proportion.  The writer, "lrl",
apparently did not bother to look at
this page. ]

Here are court documents I found online with a couple of excerpts.
Excerpts: ORDER The unfair practice charge filed by Maura Hogan Larkins in

"... When you did not respond to the telephone calls, Mr.Werlin sent you at least
five letters during the month of September 2001 directing you to meet with him
concerning your teaching assignment. ..."

Excerpt from her Dismissal letter. page 9 of PDF
"...Mr. Werlin informed you that
two teachers had filed a complaint alleging that you had behaved as if you were
going to kill someone and they feared for their safety.
Mr. Werlin informed you that you were being removed from your classroom. In
March 2001, Mr. Werlin informed you that you had been cleared to return to school.

"On March 27, 2001, while visiting your classroom you spoke with Mr.Werlin.
Following the meeting, Mr. Werlin accused you of irrational behavior and throwing
pens at him...."
• • • • •
Here is the teacher's personal website:

Excerpt: How does Richard Werlin resemble an archbishop?
• • • • •
To lrl:

I thought you might be interested in this link about
teachers in WCCCUSD:

Susan Ohanian won an award for rational discussion of public issues. It seems likely that
Rick Werlin was hired to help suppress teachers like the [Downer Five]--not abusive

You will find that Susan Ohanian also writes about the extreme right wing agenda of
Gil, who was the Chula Vista superintendent who hired and worked closely with Rick
Werlin.  No one will hire Libia Gil, although she's been looking for a superintendent's job
ever since she resigned from Chula Vista shortly after she and Werlin hired me.  (The New
American Schools job was just a face-saver.  She never even left San Diego.)  I couldn't
believe it when Werlin got hired in Richmond.

I'm guessing that the good things you heard about Werlin were basically quotes from
Werlin himself.  He does present himself well, and knows what to say to charm people.  
The trouble starts when his other personality appears.  I attended Washington School in
Point Richmond in kindergarten and first grade, so I have been following Werlin's
escapades in Richmond with special interest.  

Don't assume Werlin always tells the truth.  Both teachers who, according to Werlin, said
they thought I was going to kill them, vehemently denied this under oath.  They admitted I
had NEVER done or said anything that would make anyone feel threatened.  Werlin
committed perjury.  Then he claimed to have a heart attack and that testifying in my case
would be too stressful for him.  [Neither he nor the district wanted him] to testify in my
case.  I understand he now claims to have suffered another heart attack.  He seems to do
this right when a school district wants to get rid of him.

Maura Larkins
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007

The PERB board could not possibly have believed Werlin's false statements.  His story made
no sense at all.  He was contradicted under oath by teacher after teacher. But PERB's
decision was a foregone conclusion; they are beholden to CTA.  But I trust that you  are not!  
After all, you've seen what happened to the Downer Five.

I'm interested in WCCCUSD since I attended school in Richmond as a child, and
one of the
most important people in my case also played an important role in WCCCUSD.
 I guess
Werlin will be moving back here to San Diego.  It's a small world, isn't it?

Maura Larkins
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007

Subject: About throwing pens and killing people

But I suspect that there were no good things about Werlin
to write, so your only option in your effort to defend him
was to attack me.

Werlin seem to lie almost as easily as he breathes.  

Werlin has UTR wrapped around his little finger.  That's
exactly what he did in San Diego.  Although most teachers
are honest, most union leaders are not.  They want power
more than they want to deal with the truth or obey the law.  

This type of teacher has created a teacher culture that
causes good teachers to leave and bad teachers to stay.  

Werlin violated the Education Code by putting me on leave
without giving a reason in writing.  The reason he gave orally
was that two teachers said I acted as if I was going to kill
them.  Under oath, both teachers denied that they said any
such thing, and denied that I had ever acted in such a way.

You might want to look at this page in my site to understand
how bad teachers obtain power by destroying good


My case is about how incompetent and power-hungry
administrators and teachers get rid of good teachers.  
That's the big problem in education.  Until you fix that
problem, you'll never fix education.

The mess that education is in--just like the mess the world is
in--is due to human nature, and there's not much you or I
can do to change that.  But one thing we can do is to work to
make sure that the truth and the law are respected in the
field of education.

Sat, 24 Mar 2007

After trying so hard to make information available to
parents and acknowledging that the district doesn't
keep you informed, it seems a pity for the members of
the WCCCUSD parents forum to start keeping your own

You have clearly become disgruntled by the very mild
and limited free speech that has taken place on the
WCCCUSD parents forum.  

I believe public school decisions should be made openly
and honestly, not behind closed doors,  How can voters
know which board members to vote for if they don't
even know what's really going on?  The cover-up of
Richard Werlin's actions at WCCCUSD is just the type of  
maneuver that voters and parents should oppose.

If you go to
you will get a clearer idea of what happened at the
hearing to dismiss me.

Maura Larkins

Thu, 22 Mar 2007

I remember that I peed in my seat when I was in first grade because I was so terrified of my teacher at Castle Park
Elementary.  Thank goodness she left to get married after a few months.

Unfortunately, many teachers use the bathroom as some sort of moral test of kids--if you need to go, you are morally
inadequate.  Union leaders are often the most rigid and authoritarian teachers.  I was criticized by other teachers for
being too nice to kids.  I'm afraid you won't get rid of this teacher unless the union leaders dislike her.

I (Maura Larkins) created this
webpage when I  realized that
many people probably believe
these false allegations.  

I must confess that I assumed,
for example, that the horrible
allegations that came out last
year about Lacrosse players at
Duke University must be true, or
no prosecutor would have
charged those boys.  

I am ashamed of myself for not
knowing better.  I believe the
prosecutor, Mike Nifong, should
be prosecuted for his cynical use
of the justice system to gain
votes.  He severely damaged the
lives of four young men to win his
reelection.  Those who damage
children in cynical power plays
should be removed from schools
and judged as ordinary citizens
for their crimes.
To lrl:

I'm the teacher whom Rick Werlin accused of "irrational behavior."  

He made up the story.  Not one single word of his story was true.  Rick Werlin is capable of
things you would not expect from someone in his position.  I assure you, he never protected
kids from abusive teachers at my school--and there were several abusive teachers.  

Werlin was very much on the side of the abusive teachers.  He harmed my students
terribly.  They were lost without me.  They had a series of substitutes who simply did not
know what to do.  One of them hadn't even done her student teaching!  I still tutor several
of those students all these years later.  

Three years after I left my school, the district transferred out several teachers who had
bullied me and made false allegations and cost the district a lot of money.  Those teachers
were friends of the union president, which is why the union did not support me.  That is why
I lost my PERB case.  To support me, CTA would have had to admit that the CTA local
affiliate president had covered up serious violations of law.  
PERB goes along with CTA to a
shocking extent.  (See the Turlock case.)  PERB has a rule that CTA does not owe
teachers a duty of equal representation.  Can you believe that?  I do not believe any other
union in the state gets such special treatment.

Also, the
PTA president of our school, who was closely associated with the five ousted
teachers and the CTA local president, embezzled $20,000 during the 2004-2005 school

Rick Werlin helped create a culture of lawlessness at Castle Park Elementary.

I'm wondering where you got the impression that Rick Werlin was somehow helpful to kids
who had been abused by teachers?  

Maura Larkins
March 22, 2007
Friday and Saturday
March 23-24, 2007
West Contra Costa Unified School District
WCCUSD parents want to know why Richard Werlin,
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources,
disappeared in February 2007, right after teacher
Jenny Mo was arrested in front of her students.
Maura Larkins' responses to "lrl"
Apr 3 01  to Werlin
Apr 4 01  from Werlin
Letter to Gil Werlin behavior
Offer to meet with Dr. Gil
To Dr. Gil regarding ban
To Werlin regaring ban
Link: Jenny Mo was arrested in front of her students.
Gail Mendes, CTA
Director from
Richmond United
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