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San Diego Education Report
A Brazenly Dishonest Decision
Illegal OAH
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False statement # 8
“The conduct Mrs. Larkins complained about
did not prevent her from meeting her
teaching responsibilities.”
The following sentence in LEGAL CONCLUSION 11 is simply
preposterous: “The conduct Mrs. Larkins complained about did not
prevent her from meeting her teaching responsibilities.”

What hearing were these three triers of fact attending?  

The hostile environment Mrs. Larkins complained about was the one
in which she was repeatedly placed on administrative leave any time
someone made up a story.  

This was done three times within two-and-a-half months, with two of
the three suspensions triggered by the same person.  

That person, Linda Watson, was discredited when the district brought
Mrs. Larkins back to work in April 2001.  Clearly, the district had no
confidence at all in the rationality and/or honesty of Mrs. Watson's
hysterical allegations  of February 10, 2001 when she (and Jo Ellen
Hamilton) called Werlin's home within minutes of each other on a
Saturday evening.  

Yet Mr. Werlin relied on Linda Watson's new false allegations, as well
the Smith report, to suspend Mrs. Larkins on April 20, 2001.  

Mrs. Larkins' March 27, 2001 suspension was triggered by a story
Rick Werlin himself fabricated AFTER HE TOOK MRS. LARKINS TO A
admitted that Werlin had engineered a set-up.

The tiniest bit of rational thought applied to the undisputed evidence
allows no other possible conclusion than that Mrs. Larkins was
thwarted in her ability to fulfill her responsibilities as a teacher
when she was on administrative leave.

Mrs. Larkins suffered extreme harassment.  She was taken out of
classroom due to false accusations, the most extreme of which was
that she would come to school and kill everybody.  The police were
called to create an atmosphere of fear.  The allegations have never
been retracted to this day.
What hearing were these three "triers of fact" attending?
Mrs. Larkins was repeatedly taken out of her classroom!
Judge James Ahler, Vice-principal Terry Olson, and teacher Barbara
Abeyta brazenly flew in the face of fact and reason to claim that the
harassment suffered by Maura Larkins did not prevent her from
meeting her teaching responsibilities.  
That didn't interfere with teaching responsibilities?