Cheryl Cox failed to
take any action to
stop violations of
law at CVESD.  

In fact, in May 2007
she voted to pressure
administrators and
teachers to commit

At least one teacher
was threatened, on
videotape, by Cheryl
Cox's lawyer, that she
could lose her job if
she testified
Cheryl Cox's political
ambitions have clearly
corrupted her, as the
ambitions of Pamela
Smith, Bertha Lopez,
Patrick Judd and Larry
Cunningham have
corrupted them.

The COMMISSION ignored evidence that  Mr. Werlin was
very hostile to Mrs. Larkins, and that he was given
complete authority by the DISTRICT to determine every
condition of Petitioner’s employment.  The COMMISSION
ignored evidence that Mrs. Larkins and any reasonable
person would fear to go into a situation as serious and
escalating as the one he created for Petitioner.  

Insubordination is not supported by the evidence nor by
the proper construction of the law.

There is no evidence that Maura Larkins’s quest for justice
was blind, nor that is was based upon a stubborn,
unforgiving nature.  

The unsigned, undated letter allegedly written by Michelle
Scharmach (Exhibit 7), contains hearsay about Petitioner.  
Mrs. Scharmach did not testify.  

There is no finding that Petitioner failed to forgive a single
action or a single person.  One would presume an act must
have taken place in order for it to be forgiven.  What acts
should have been forgiven?  False allegations?  It can't be
that, because the COMMISSION has not found one singe
allegation to be false, not even the allegation that
Petitioner had behaved as if she would kill people.          
Maura Larkins tried to
prevent harm to
taxpayers and
teachers by making
sure CVESD had every
opportunity to comply
with the law before a
lawsuit was filed.  A
lawsuit causes hurt
feelings, as the
Maura Larkins wanted
to give the district a
chance to avoid that.
This OAH hearing
exhibit proved that
Cheryl Cox knew
about wrongdoing;
later, she voted to
continue covering
up crimes.
What sort of thinking
process, if any, did
education officials
engage in to come up
with these ideas?  
At CVESD, Cheryl Cox was exactly as ignorant
as she wanted to be, but not as ignorant as she
pretended.  She's now playing these same
games as mayor of Chula Vista.
Final page of Petition for Writ of Mandate:
Dec. 4, 2001

You have been entrusted with the responsibility not only to
advance the academic and general wellbeing of the students
of the district, but to
protect the TAXPAYERS’
money from liability due to illegal actions by
the district’s administration.  

I trust you have fulfilled your obligation to the taxpayers,
voters and children of Chula Vista by
examining my
case since I gave notice of intent to sue the
district exactly two months ago.  I believe
this requires reading my
five grievances.  

For some reason the school board as a whole appears not to
have decided to demand that Mr. Werlin and Dr. Gil obey the
contract and the law (surely Mr. Werlin and Dr. Gil would
obey such an order?), but I trust you are nevertheless
dismayed that yesterday Mr. Werlin dug the district still
deeper into the legal morass that he and Libby have created.

I am concerned that our new director of Human Resources,
Tom Cruz, is being tainted by the unfinished business and
improper policies of Mr. Werlin.  

Dr. Cruz knows (or should know) that I am entitled to a
hearing regarding my suspension without pay, and that I am
entitled to full pay until after the hearing, and that a pay
stoppage that is 26-days retroactive is illegal (ten days
notice must be given!)  Yet this is happening on his watch.

That is why it is incumbent upon you and the other board
members to do so.  

It occurs to me that you, as a long-time principal in Chula
Vista, must know these things, Mrs. Cox.  I don’t recall
hearing about wholesale violations of the contract when you
were a principal.

Why haven’t you done anything about this current situation?  

I’d like to suggest that it’s time to clean up Chula Vista
School District.  The board of education needs to make it
clear to the administration that the contract and the law must
be obeyed at all times.  
“A new morality needs to be introduced into the district
office and the schools.  No more lies.  No more slander.  No
more jostling for personal political power at the expense of

“Mr. Werlin’s efforts, extreme as they have been, have
failed to cover up the facts of my case.  This failure has
made it clear that truth and justice are the only means for
solving this problem.  You owe the taxpayers and children of
Chula Vista an immediate and intensive investigation of my
--Maura Larkins’ Dec. 4, 2001
letter (Exhibit 47) to board
member Cheryl Cox
Cheryl Cox's lawyer
Kelly Angell revealed
that Maura Larkins was
dismissed for sending
letters to board
members.  Were
Cheryl Cox, Patrick
Judd, Pamela Smith,
Larry Cunningham and
Bertha Lopez angry
that these faxes
prevented them from
claiming they didn't
know anything about
SD Education Rprt Blog
OAH Decision
Page 27
"I am concerned that our new director of Human
Resources, Tom Cruz, is being tainted by the unfinished
business and improper policies of Mr. Werlin."  
(CVESD School Board Member)
from teacher Maura Larkins