San Diego
Education Report
page 3
MARCH 24, 2001


Mr. Werlin had no contact with Mrs. Larkins until March 24 and 25,
2001, when he called her at her home and asked her to return to
work as soon as possible.  

Mrs. Larkins was concerned because no investigation had been done
by the district, and the accusations hadn’t been retracted, and
teachers who had made the false accusation had
gotten away with it completely
.  They had destroyed Mrs.
Larkins’ reputation, and damaged her students, and had spread
rumors of guns and violence so that a growing number of (other)
teachers were frightened.  Ominously, these (dishonest) teachers
still had the full support of the administration.

Mrs. Larkins said that she would be happy to help her substitute, but
that a meeting needed to be held to discuss how she would be
protected from further false accusations.  Mr. Werlin offered a
twenty-minute meeting.  Mrs. Larkins said that would not be
sufficient.  Mrs. Larkins went to school to help her substitute on
March 26, 2001, and was welcomed by Principal Donndelinger.  
Why was accused teacher Mrs.
Larkins removed from her classroom,
then asked to return without any
investigation, if the district believed
there was
even the slightest chance
that she was mentally ill, violent
and had a gun?

An investigation was absolutely
required in this case.
The district has never investigated
this case.  They simply paid many
$100,000's to lawyers to cover up
2 possibilities exist:

CVESD administrators and officials Cheryl Cox,
Pamela Smith
, Larry Cunningham, Patrick Judd and Bertha Lopez
suborned or committed perjury over and
over again in hearings and depositions; or

2. CVESD administrators
and officials Cheryl Cox,
Pamela Smith, Larry Cunningham, Patrick Judd and Bertha Lopez
were dangerously incompetent when it
came to guarding the safety of students,
parents, and employees

Either the CVESD School Board has committed felonies, or it has
inexcusable disregard for safety--or both
The question that remains is WHY?
What motivated these actions?
The answer, is seems, is arrogance and ignorance.
A mentally-ill woman, Kathleen
Elton, made a false allegation to
police about a gun that did not exist.  
Police arrested Elton's schoolteacher
ex-sister in law, who had given the
homeless Elton a place to stay.   
Elton's false police report caused
teacher Maura Larkins to be
arrested for trespassing in her own
late father's  apartment which the
school teacher occupied as
co-administrator of her father's
An imaginary gun caused
terror, but Chula Vista
Elementary School District
never investigated.
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