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and production of documents April 25, 2007
Why did Judge Judith Hayes deny this motion?  
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Maura Larkins wins in Court of Appeal re Judge Judith Hayes unconstitutional
injunction in Stutz Artiano Shinoff & Holtz v. Maura Larkins defamation lawsuit
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Update Aug. 5, 2011:
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Note from author of this website: Injunction issued
by Judge Judith Hayes in
Stutz v. Larkins

I have been trying to figure out for the past four years what I am allowed
to say and what I am forbidden to say by
Judge Judith Hayes' April  
6,2009 injunction.

The injunction says I am forbidden from publishing statements
accusing Stutz law firm of illegal,unethical,intimidating or
incompetent behavior.

Sound pretty simple and straightforward, right?  Apparently not.

Here's how Judge Hayes explained this injunction in June 2012 when I
asked if I was allowed to say, "Dan Shinoff trains school attorneys":

"I'm not giving you permission to put anything on [your

In other words, in Judge Hayes' mind, this injunction that
appears to be quite narrow is exactly the same
injunction that was found "exceedingly broad" by the
Court of Appeal in 2011.

Both Judge Hayes and the Court of Appeal refused to say whether
the injunction forbids me from publishing public court records

such as the document(s) that used to be on this page.

Until I have time to edit out passages that might be forbidden by the
injunction, I am de-publishing these documents.