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November 2006
Chula Vista Police
Department 2005-06
on behalf of
Cheryl Cox
to cover up CVESD
April 2007
Cheryl Cox gets away
with suborning perjury,
but gets young man
indicted for taking
time off work
May 2007
Castle Park Teacher
Robin Donlan
 sued for
$7.7 million
For one thing, Schulman
suddenly cut off  Werlin's

Below is documentation of
Richard Werlin's
perjury--and some insight
into the behavior of current
CVESD Superintendent
Lowell Billings.

The first 39 pages of the
deposition concern
background information
such as Werlin's different
places of employment
around the country before
he came to CVESD and

This deposition regards
Maura Larkins' dismissal
hearing for Chula Vista
Elementary School District.  
Page 40
Did current CVESD Superintendent
Lowell Billings support Werlin's criminal
Page 41
This might explain
why Billings gave
Werlin a good
recommendation when
Werlin applied to
Deposition of Richard Werlin,
Assistant Superintendent for
Human Resources

Page 131

Line 1

The only thing that I know
about this is that Robin Colls,
who is a teacher at Castle
Park, was very upset with me
because I had not included her
in any meetings.  And I wouldn’
t have included her in any
meetings because I didn’t
know she had any
involvement.  I had no idea
what this was about.  

Lines 20-22

And she said to me that there
was some involvement on a
personal level that one of her
relatives, you know.

Page 132

Line 18

Did Robin Colls relate to you
that her brother or some other
family member had some
relationship with law

Line 21  

She did share that with me.

Line 22  

Was it her brother who—

Line 23   I really don’t
remember.  Because we—
again, I dismissed it.

Page 133

Q.  Did anybody ever attempt
to show you any kind of police
report or law enforcement
report that had anything to do
with Maura Larkins?

A.  ...It had no impact.  It had
no, it had nothing to do with
what we were trying to
accomplish for Maura.
Depositions of Richard Werlin and
Gretchen Donndelinger

These depositions show that Robin Donlan
gave CVESD information that her brother
illegally obtained
San Diego Education
Report Blog
Richard Werlin and Maura
Larkins' attorney Elizabeth
Schulman exhibited
some odd
behavior during this
deposition and at other times.
Deposition of
Richard Werlin
September 4, 2002
Deposition of Gretchen
Donndelinger on
September 10, 2002
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The depositions for the Office of Administrative Hearings of
principal Gretchen Donndelinger and CVESD Assistant
Superintendent for Human Resources Richard Werlin show
that Robin Donlan illegally gave them information that her
brother illegally obtained from arrest records which did not
lead to any charges.
Depostion of Principal of Castle Park
Elementary September 10, 2002

Page 80 line 19

 Did Robin Colls [AKA Robin Donlan]
ever share with you any kind of
information concerning a police report
allegedly, somehow, involving Maura

A.        Actually, that did come up at some
point when she [Robin Colls/Donlan]was
talking, but she, herself, said, you know,
you don’t want to hear anything about
 And I’m not going to tell you.  I know
that there is something, but I have no clue
what it is.  She didn’t want me to know.
[Robin is demonstrating awareness of guilt.]

So she said there’s something in the
police report?

A. It was a personal thing.

Involving something that was a non-
school matter but that Robin Colls was
aware of?

A.  Uh-huh.

Was that a yes?

A.  Yes, I do recall hearing something like
I have no details whatsoever.

Q.  Was this in a face-to-face conversation
with Robin Colls?

A.  Yes.

Q.  And what year was that?

A.  That was the year, I think she told me
about that this year, the year—

Q.  2002?

A.  Two—1999, 2000 school year.  It was
the year before.

Q.  That this occurred?

It occurred in the 1999, 2000 school

Q.  But you found out about it in which year.

A.  There was an incident that this is
referring to in my belief.  They had a
problem with a staff member the year
before and—that’s what I understood this to
mean anyway.

Q.  Exhibit 19?  [
Exhibit 19]

Page 82 lines 1-25:

A.  Yes.  It happened in 1999, September.  
[actually, 2000, September]
It was like the first week back from
 That’s when that happened, and,
I believe, that’s when Robin told me
that there was an incident, there was a
personal, a side incident, but she said
you don’t want to know about it
[because it
would be a crime to obtain this
information?].  And I said no, it’s personal,
doesn’t have anything to do with
school, I don’t want to know.

And she told you it involved some
sort of police report or law enforcement

A.        I think so, yes.

Q.        Did you ask her how she knew that?

A.        Uh-uh.

Q.        No?

A.        That was it.  That’s all she said.  She
said I have this thing going on with her on
the side.  Outside of school.  
You don’t want
to know about it.

Q.        Was it an indication that she had it
going on, that it was something personal?

A.        It was a personal issue outside of
school going on with Maura and her
somehow, and I don’t know if it was her or
her family or—but that was it.  That’s all
she said.

Q.        Did Ms. Colls, rather, leave you with
the impression that it was going
on—that somehow,
Ms. Colls was actually
involved in this personal incident?

A.        That she or her family
, you know,
she knows about it or it was—something
else going on outside of school,

Page 83, lines 1-8:

[A. contd.]  
Something to do with Robin and
or her family
and Maura.  I don’t know even
why I remember that.  Somehow somebody
told me, and I think it was Robin.

Q.        It had something to do with either
Robin or
a family member of Robin’s?

A.  Yeah.  I think if it was actually Robin I
probably would have wanted to
just natural curiosity.  I don’t think it
was against her.  
I think it was
a family member.
Richard T. Werlin
I have long
suspected that Mr.
Werlin was
separated at birth
from former
United Nations
ambassador John
Many readers want to see a photo of Richard
Werlin.  I don't have one, but here is the
next best thing I have to offer.
Werlin and Bolton share the same kiss-up,
kick-down personalities, and the same
history of fits of anger and abuse of
employees. The last time I saw Mr. Werlin,
he was sporting a mustache identical to Mr.
Bolton's, but he has bright blue contact
lenses instead of glasses.
to be continued...
Apr 3 01  to Werlin
Apr 4 01  from Werlin
Letter to Gil Werlin behavior
Offer to meet with Dr. Gil
To Dr. Gil regarding ban
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